» What do I use the Herbs de Provence with?

What do I use the Herbs de Provence with?


Our Herbs de Provence are made with the authentic mix from Provence. Each ingredients create a wonderful aroma that will enhance most of all your favorite dishes. One of the  best application is with Tomato sauces. It is wonderful with any kinds of Marinades. It can be used on almost anything that goes on the stove, in the oven or on the grill; poultry, beef, lamb, pork, fish, shrimps,. etc.. It is an essential part of any gourmet arsenal of spices.

Jean-Louis Eck

Have you ever wondered why most of the Vinaigrettes in the grocery store are made with 10, 20, sometimes even almost 30 ingredients? I remember growing up in Provence watching my mother whipping vinaigrettes before every single dinner.  She would mix in a giant bowl, delicious extra virgin olive oil, a robust aged vinegar (the flavor would depend on the main dish), sea salt and pepper and voila! I decided to do the same thing for my family and friends more than 20 years ago here in this beautiful country. And Provence Kitchen® was born. Stay tune for more articles and wonderful family recipes..

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