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🧈 Like a Beurre Blanc but with Red Wine 🧈

Welcome back so today's technical day We're going to be talking about sauce Making and if I'm mentioning the word Bur Blan I'm sure that you've heard this Before right it is the white butter Sauce used in French cooking you serve With white fish but did you know that The bur Blan actually has a sibling Called the bur Rouge there are two Butters in fact two butter sauce you got The bur blown and the bur Rouge the bur Rou is not talked about that much but For some reason in recent time it's kind Of making a comeback and in this video We're going to learn how to make it Let's go so what on Earth is the bur Rouge in French it means the red butter The bur blond means the white butter so The both butter sauce same technique a Warm emulsified sauce in which is a Reduction of wine red or white with Aromatics and then you whisk in cold Pieces of butter in there to create your Sauce the biggest challenge with this One and I think this why it's not that Popular because you need a really big Reduction of wine typically 40 C of red Wine and reduced is just a few Tablespoon and the second thing is the Problem with the color ideally you want To have a dark Source a dark red Source The problem you have to make something Red with something white and when you do That you get something that's pink so

It's very hard to get that really deep Color so we're going to try to go and Use different techniques from different Chef and I I'll take you through to see What kind of things are being done uh by French chef and even so American Chef to Try to get that color for the Ingredients of course you're going to Need need wine I recommend a French full Body don't go buy expensive stuff byy Bottom of the share French wine they're Always good for cooking no problem uh if You want optional some Ruby Port you'll See why this is a technique from Thomas Keller actually that we talk about and For the rest we got some mushroom Carrots shallot bit of tomato paste That's an addition from a French chef Aromatics and of course the butter Butter has to be cold you keep it in the Fridge but not too cold and not too soft It's a bit of a thin line but we'll see This through the demonstration let's Start immediate With the reduction so I've talked about The problem with the color of of the Sauce here but there's also another Problem with that sauce with a difficult Issue I say and that is to have a proper Taste if you just reduce wine with just Shalot it's going to be blend and if Your wine is not complex enough and Doesn't have enough fress it's not going To be up to scratch so I'm using

Different technique from different chef And let me show you what we're going to Have here we're going to start with the Flavoring so we're going to add some Shot taste we're going to have a bit of Mushrooms we're going to have a bit of Carrot all this are cont with junip PE Berries pepper corn crushed garlic we're Going to have some time in here we're Going to have some parsley Stokes bay leaf and even Here a bit of tomato paste why tomato Paste this is going to really improve The color now we got plenty of herotic It's going to make that sauce very Floral it is very important If I Only Had sh out it would be really boring Another problem here is the acidity Lots and lots of wine really acidic so Typically Thomas Keller for instance one Of his tricks because he understand the Techniques he know it's going to be Acidic so instead of adding sugar he's Using Port this something I'm going to Do I'm going to mix all kinds of Techniques okay I'm not using much Because it's sweet a French chef what he Does he adds a pinch of sugar in there Which I'm going to do as well half P Half sugar and then comes the wine the Wine 400 Mil this is a b omog they're super cheap At the moment it's a blend of Cabernet Merlo sometimes you can have some s

That's going to bring complexity we're Then going to just put the heat on bring This to a Lo boil and start the Reduction mix a bit in for the tomato Paste and off we Go so there we have it my red wine is Now boiling this is the first part it's The first reduction where we're trying To accelerate the process of reduction By using a large pan like this if it's Very narrow like a sauce pan is going to Take forever so we're going to reduce This at least by half and that step is To really flavor your wine and start to Get off with the reduction so we we're Going to be halfway there now the fumes When you smell your one you want to Smell Fragrance of you know floral notes you Know like here we've got the mushrooms The carrots the branches of parsley the Spices you want to have that and you Know it's going to be a good base a good Reduction if you mix just smells like a Horrible acidic vinegar kind of thing uh It means your wine is terrible and you Don't have enough aromatics and I will Tell you stop right there because you're Not going to get anything good out of That so you really want a lot of taste And aromatic into your reduction because That is going to Define your Source Timing here by half is going to a good 10 15 minutes maybe not high heat but

Medium high it's been actually just 10 Minutes and look at this you see how Dark that is still plenty of liquid but The first stage is now finished I'm Going to turn my head off and we're Going to get rid of all the Aromatics it's very simple what we're Going to do is to change pan I'm going To take my other Pan okay take another pan and I'm just Going to Filter everything and then press my Garnish through in there so I've put all The little garnish in there and I'm Going to use a spoon make sure we get All the wine out okay and in the pan [Music] So you see nothing complex when we're Here going to put the heat back on but This time on medium maximum medium to Medium low and we're going to gently Reduce this until we've got two to three Tablespoon of liquid left maximum it Needs to be kind of syrupy that's what We're looking for syrupy consistency so This is the kind of boiling that you Want to you want to have you can reduce A little bit it's very gentle and as you Can see there's not much left and slowly It's going to get syrupy so you need to Take your time perfect so I've just Turned my heat off and my recommendation When you get three tablespoon just stop The heat because it's going to continue

To reduce you can see that syrupy Consistency see how it's coat the spoon It's a wine syrup so when you have this You're good to go as I said it will Continue to thicken so don't be scared To stop when it's still is be liquid Because you're just going to get that Right consistency okay and now when We're here basically that's it we've got The reduction we're ready to take the Butter out the butter has to be in the Fridge and has to be nice and cold and Then we're going to start to make the Emotion and now let's make the sauce so If you're scared of just using butter Because it's a very unstable sauce you Can add a little bit of cream that will Stabilize the Emulsion in terms of the Heat you need something that is really Low okay so you see that heat there I'm Taking like a medium to medium low you Don't want any boiling and simmering or Whatever but you want enough heat so the Butter kind of melt the butter has to be Cold not too cold not too soft all right And we going to incorporate this little Bit at a time so it looks something like That you put your cubes of butter and It's kind of a continuous whisk so we Have to Multitask and keep on whisking until Everything emulsifies you can see at the Beginning if it's a bit too uh not hot Enough the butter doesn't seem to be

Melting here you see because I was Stopping with the camera and stuff like That so I'm going to raise my heat a Little bit just to accelerate the Process but not too much see I want to Get to that temperature that things Start to disappear and as soon as my Butter blocks kind of start to go away And disappear I'm going to add More and that's o is you can put up to 150 gr of butter in there okay so don't Like a mayonnaise don't over don't add Too much and wait for the butter to Disappear and then you keep on Going you see it's thicking I'm adding More and more and I'm just going to keep Going until all the butter is gone it Doesn't take long just a few minutes and You're going to be Done that's it all the butter is in this Is my sauce I'm going to reduce my to Very very low if you put your heat to Too high the emotion is going to break The butter is going to melt it's going To disassociate you're going have a soup Okay so this it looks like very quickly I'm going to take my spoon and I'm Showing you this is the end result this Is the bou I look like and we managed to Keep a very dark color why because we've Used this Chef technique using this Technique is very important when you're Cooking to understand what make things Works you know and that's what a big

Chef always do on a daily basis and you Follow these guidelines you got Something like this look at these colors Beautiful now of course final step the Finishing touches you got your sauce do Not put the heat high it's going to Break it need some salt we didn't have Any salt so I've tasted this is nice and Sweet a little bit of salt in in there And you want plenty of pepper all these Red one sauces sered with game with duck With anything needs lots and lots of Pepper it is up to you so you're going To be mixing everything like that okay In case you can see some smoke I'm going To turn my heat off to make sure nothing Bad happened to my sauce take it off the Heat and I'm going to taste all Right look at beautiful sauce honestly Okay so here's my little Spoon it's actually very nice I think a Little bit of more salt and I think I'm Going to put more pepper in there let's Go and that's it a whisk and we're done Let me talk about how to keep this warm The best way to keep that sauce is to Use a Buari and so I didn't make much okay I'm Going to transfer everything so this is A double boiler basically unless you're Ready to serve immediately but I'm going To cook a piece of fish you can serve This with fish or meat which is quite Interesting now for the final note it's

In the Bamari look at this this is the bur Rouge and The Sibling of the bur blon Goes with meat and fish I'm going to use A piece of fish on here and of course We're going to be tasting I've added Lots of pepper because I like that for This kind of Sauces it's well balanced I think the The Buttery rounds the whole thing nice And peppery I can feel the tanins of That a medok very dry very tanic it is Done you know on purpose typically use a Dry red but I think for someone that Doesn't like a dry one or like this kind Of dry tenants I would use maybe Something else you could go with a Pino But you're going to need lots of it to Really get that color but away from that This is how you make a beautiful bur Rouge with the right color because a lot Of time if you don't use the right Technique it can turn pink instead of That dark red now let's play it so there We have it for the plating it is very Simple I'm just showing you on that Picture you place the sauce and you put Either a piece of fish or a piece of Meat on there the fish surprisingly it's Really really good a fish with a red Wine sauce is the first time I think I've tried that it's actually really Tasty but meat grill meat any steak a Seared steak will go perfectly in keep

In mind that if you have a steak with a Herb butter is delicious right so here Is the same thing but you have a red Wine butter so I can't even TR to Imagine how good that must be so very Very Stile sauce not difficult to make Just remember the types of one you want A dark full boded one if you want to Achieve that kind of color and that's For the taste I would add my personal I Think I'm going to up the amount of Shallot so you have something a little Bit more shoty like the B BL I think That's the only thing that's was missing If you want you can sprinkle some extra Parsley in the sauce as well and for the Rest this is something I would advise You to try absolutely if you're a fan of The bur blon you've made it over and Over again you want something new this Is the ticket I Leave You with that Picture anyway and I'll see you next Time on the French Cooking Academy for Another video take care all Byebye baby you mece [Music] And you g me wind and [Music] Rainf [Music] Babip up [Music] My don't leave me [Music]

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