Culinary Lavender for Cooking

Our Culinary Lavender is a wonderful spice that can be used for cooking. A small amount of flowers suffices to enhance your favorite biscotti recipes, tomato sauce or brew a relaxing afternoon Lavender tea. Great companion to Pork and Fish … Read More

What it Means to Be LOCAL

Do you remember the taste of the tomatoes you grew from seeds? How about the delicious apple of your own apple tree? And the clean and unforgettable taste of the lettuce that you just dug out from your own vegetable … Read More

What it Means to Be FREE

Have you ever wondered why most of the Vinaigrette in the grocery store are made with 10, 20, sometimes even almost 30 ingredients? I remember growing up in Provence watching my mother whipping vinaigrette before every single dinner. She would … Read More

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