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7 hours confit Lamb with maple and orange glaze | Easter special

Now you got to love Easter in France and Everywhere in the world because there's Lots of goodies to be eaten of course When you're kids the chocolate eggs and The bunnies hidden in the garden as an Adult you got a good Friday just fish But what I like is the Easter Sunday Lunch in France where we have the spring Lamb okay This is the time when you have to show Us the best quality lamb you can get so I went to a local farm and I managed to Source a leg of lamb that's been cut in Half and we it's really ethical organic Pasture phase really top quality and I Want to try that I'm gonna braise this With a special method called lenyo the Setter the seven hours leg of lamb where The meat's gonna fall off the bone and Melt in the mouth I'm using the classic Aromatics carrots onions some you know Fragrant herbs I'm adding Madeira wine And orange juice so I have my special Stiff and starch so are you ready let's Make this Yeah Let's dive in so I did mention the half Leg of lamb that's not really common but Actually since I've seen it I think it Is super handy because you can make it In a pot that is not too large so you See the leg is actually cut on here Where the bone is you see this usually It's like that so they've cut the bone

Here so it's handy and retracted on the Side so you can pack the whole thing Like that or detach the leg and roast it For the juice and then you get that nice Chunky piece of meat this is brilliant But that's just a piece of meat I think That's quite handy but now for the other Good news this recipe is actually super Simple to make I've just show you that With the half leg you can use any pot That you want but the preparation or the Mison plus use very very chunky bits so There's no tiny cutting to do you can do A rough chop of everything the carrots We got some shallots some onion I've got Of course aromatics and the garlic you Don't even need to peel it super super Easy and now for the season nothing Complex I'm just gonna Put some salt everywhere a little bit of A rub in a plate like this I'm not doing This in my dish because I always going To be too salty okay so just some salt And then we're gonna follow with the Pepper for the pepper same thing you Don't have to put tons of it but I like To have a little bit of it to accentuate The flavor a bit Spy things up for the herbs I went in my Garden look at that we're gonna get some Fresh nice Rosemary bit of flour on There and I've got also some fresh thyme That I've just picked and beautiful is Going to have some nice flavor and you

Need to have a little bit Half a liter of chicken stock I'm using A store-bought product it's good if you Make your own it's better but that's it We've got the garnish the juice the Madera the chicken stock I've seasoned My lamb we're ready to go on the stove And we're gonna start by searing our Piece of meat first The first step like anything braising is The Searing so to get some fat in there I'm gonna use that little Piece of of bone that I've got because There's a layer of fat and I'm gonna Gently let it sear and generate some Fats before I see the other piece here Perfect now there's not too much but you Know it's a little start and then Immediately I'm going to take my piece Of meat on the fatty side And boom searing time All right so you don't spend you know Two hours doing it's just you know five Three four minutes on each side let's Have a look Oh look at that cross it's crusty I love It other side Snap just turned again My piece of meat and look at this Savings I'm doing here on the side but You get the juice all around a good Searing Perfect look at that oh tender I think We're known I've got a nice sea

Everywhere and that's it I'm gonna Reserve the pieces and put it back into The plate and we're gonna put the Garnish As soon as the meat is out super simple What do you do All the garnish in I'm telling you this is the simplest Recipe of all reduce your it a bit like Medium I'm Gonna Leave This To infuse to sweat just for a few Minutes Capture some flavors That looks good I'm gonna now raise my Heat to high because we're gonna do a Deglazing with the Madeira That should do it With a matter of wine Or 20 or 30 seconds to reduce [Applause] Let's have a look Nicely we use this kind of semi syrupy Let's add a little bit of fruitiness With the orange juice Same thing here I'm gonna wait For the whole thing to reduce a little Bit and concentrate the flavors That's perfect now I'm gonna start to Place my meat back into the pot Followed by the stock Okay And I'm gonna add all of the aromatics That's and why not adding some of those

So we are done and this is what you Should have you've got your piece of Lamb that is nicely seared you got all The vegetables all the aromatics we've Added the orange juice the madurai we Did a reduction and you've got all the Flavors we need I'm gonna wait for very Very light simmer to come back in my pot Before turning the heat off we are gonna Preheat the oven out 120 degrees Celsius It's very low so I'll put the equivalent Finite on the screen and all what needs To happen now is to cover that piece of Lemon with a piece of parchment paper Put a lid on and we're gonna put this Into the oven and let it cook for hours And hours and hours now usually it's Seven hours But there's a smaller piece that I've Got so I'm counting that perhaps in five Hours each should be done but we're Gonna be checking it every two or three Hours to make sure there's enough liquid The liquid very important do not go any Further than halfway it is a braised Meat it is not a stew okay very Important but that's about it let's get The parchment paper Just before I cover the meat here if you Don't have stock by the way lamb is very Strong you can use water in here and not Use stock at all that will be enough Flavor trust me that is full of like After seven hours you will have a nice

Sauce and this is what we're going to See at the end how to make a juice it's Gonna be good but for now parchment Paper and in the oven of course they Don't know So my lamb here has been there for three And a half hours or something like this And what you want to do from time to Time you open the leads and you check The lamp And you take some of the juices and You're gonna moisten Or based The meat to avoid any further drawing Okay what I can see on here Is that The meat start to loosen up around the Bone here which is a very very good sign And it's kind of nice and tender it Starts to loosen up but as the hours Pass this is going to be totally falling Apart it's going to be a melt in the Mouth kind of meat it is so delicious But plenty of ours too piece of lamb is Finally cooked and I'm telling you it's Hard to recognize but it is Look at this Everything is just falling oof I touch It it's just falling apart this is look At easy you can do this with a spoon Okay so what we're gonna do here And now we need to make the juice So I'm going to carefully try to get That all that meat out

Re and we're going to talk about the Next step which is making the sauce and Perhaps glazing or caramelizing that Piece of meaty things I'm Applying here this is a glaze where I've Put maple syrup and orange juice just to Give a little bit of a sweetness a Little caramelization and I'm gonna put This under the grill To firm up the Flesh in there okay but This is optional you don't need to do it If you want you can just detach the meat And start serving if you like but I'm Gonna go the extra mile here And now let's make the sauce or it's Called I'm gonna scoop off all the Garnish and Salvage what I can put this Carefully into a bowl and then we're Going to filter the sauce into a pan And now let's talk about sauces what you See in front of you it's called the Jude Brezzar which is the cooking juices from Your lamp and as you can see it's quite Liquid and The Taste already great but There is a need for a reduction to Improve the consistency make it a little Bit thicker and also concentrate The Taste now this is the time as well that The cook with lots of skills and not Know about sauces can actually modify That sauce and transform into all kinds Of things so the plain vanilla option is Just to reduce and have the juice as is Now if you want it if you had the skills

You could add tomato into there tomato Paste make a kind of a demi-glass style You could add Port you could add Madeira You could add some more orange juice Anything you want but this is where the Skills are coming into play when it Comes to the cooked that does the Everyday thing and the cook that has the Knowledge and is able to go that little Step further and these kinds of Knowledge are what we're teaching In-house source so I'm not going to go Into details for this if you're at home And you want something simple Reduction first just for about three to Four minutes up to five minutes and you Can thicken the sauce with a little bit Of cornstarch or perhaps some arrowroot That will do the job Everything is ready the shoe has been Reduced the meat has been glazed I've Added a little bit of machine silence It's just a serving suggestion imagine You've got the piece of lamb coming to The table and what you can do in front Of the guest or whatever or what you Need to do now is to shred that meat Over here With your fork with a spoon and reveal All of that lovely and moist Deliciousness of lamb okay so you see The fibers on here and what I like to do Because you know it may have still a bit Of a dryness on here then you can take

The juice And pour it over Just To re-moist the thing and this is glaze With orange juice Maple syrup and the intonation of Madeira are still in the meat on here it Makes a perfect addition for it's like a Pulled pork you know you've got on the Side the mash on here and Actual idea try it Let me try a little piece here He's just falling apart I can feel the Orange Can I take my fingers Did you do this you have to dip in the Mash like this Now this is lamb On a whole new level and this is my Comfy style of Lem of seven hours Here is the lamp in all its Glory seven Hours of cooking time it is a pool pork Style it's falling apart and if you look At that picture that glaze you see with The orange and Maples you have worked Really well and the zoo is also slightly Flavored with the orange juice and the Material and that combination works a Treat and if you're looking at making Something a little bit different with a Leg of lamp now this is the ticket but That's it for this video I'll see you All next time for another delicious French cooking recipe take care

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