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Alsatian baeckeoffe recipe: Make this traditional dish at home with this tutorial

Welcome back this week I'm gonna satisfy Two subscriber requests the first one With someone asking if the dish we're Making today will be included in how one Pod series yes and the second one was a Funny request for Mike D challenging me To say can you find a recipe that does Not contain mushroom because of French It's true we use mushroom but it was Quite funny actually and guess what this Is it let me introduce you to the bacon Hoof I think it's pronounced like this It's an assassin dish that is only made With white wine usually from others a Riesling three types of meat onion and Potatoes there's no mushroom rejoice [Music] Here real recipe of the day is the back Enough back enough you know how to Pronounce it use the comment section Because I'm not too sure but what I know Is that baconov translate as the baker's Oven and The Story Goes that back in the Days ladies working in the fields you Know in The Villages in the Eastern Front in others they will come in the Morning to the bakery with this An earthenware with all the ingredients And give this to the baker so that he Can put this in the oven when it's done For the day turn the oven off and move The residual heat that will be slow Cooking for the entire day and it will Pick it up at the end of the day with a

Piece of bread and it was dinner's made Now of course it sounds very picturesque For one or two parts but the poor guy Imagine that was half the women's Village turning up with peach forks and Pots can we still make a place And whoa you know it doesn't be quite Intense but uh apparently there's no way To do it so we're just going to do it of Course the classic way we're still going To use the Earth and where and we're Going to do something quite special Today which is done as well by the baker Is that we put a bit of bread dough All Along The Edge to totally seal the pot To have our slow cooking okay so now That's on the recipe and let me show you The ingredients enough for the Ingredients to make our bacon off here We need three things the first one is Onions you're gonna have to peel the Onions wash them and then cut them the Way you want this is how they look like A little sliced onion that's the first Thing second Or the potatoes one kilo of potatoes and You're gonna use a knife just by hand And we're gonna cut these let me show You here in thick Slices that kind of slices easy not Super thin because that has to cook for Three hours so you're going to slice all The potatoes like this and then reserve Them in water the third thing we need to

To have of course is the meat but the Meat is a little bit special I need to Show you that And here we are this is the meat and This may come as a surprise you because It is meant to be simple one pot etc etc But let me explain the reason I have to Show you this like that already made Because the marinade has to be made the Day before okay for sure it has to be Made the day before and the reason we Are marinating the the meat here is that There is nothing else to do in the dish Away from that this is virtually the Dish there's no cooking involved nothing At all or what we need to do is to cut Our onions cut the potatoes and then We're going to be layering things like That in our pot and put it into the oven That's about it so here we've got three Types of meat we've got pork shoulder Lamb shoulder and beef chuck cut in Large pieces we've got one onion Some they live and time I've added some Juniper berries black pepper we've got a Bit of salt and some garlic you will Find all the ingredients in the video Description but like I said this is all What you have to do for the dish okay so Now let me show you how to do layering And now for the assembly as I said There's no cooking involved it is just a Layering Affair so you need a Nerf and Aware with the glaze bottom if you don't

Have one you can use a cast iron pot not A problem you're gonna start with a Layer of potatoes And by the way you can coat your dish With lard if you want to do the you know The things the proper way but I don't Have any at hand so I'm going to put Some potatoes in here okay potatoes First and then you follow with a layer Of meat so you take them out Of the marinades And you put a layer of meat Okay so remember there's three types of Meat and we've got pork shoulder lamb Shoulder and beef chuck and when you add The meat you can add for instance a Piece of bay leaf you try to grab some Of the onions and the garlic that's in There a bit of time it doesn't hurt when You hear it is time to add a layer of Onion okay so some onion And we're going to press the whole lot And we're going to continue to stack Things up I think my pot is a bit small There but we'll see how we go You know what my pot is way too small I finished the layering and I'm gonna Add some pepper in here And of course some salt To finish we're going to pour all of the Marinade over all right so I'm not even Gonna filter anything I'm just gonna pour the whole thing over And this is wine and by the way you have

To use an Alsatian reasoning if you can It was just a Riesling would do fine And we're going to top up with a little Bit Of water but we don't want too much now Ideally you only want to use wine but I Think if you use I may have drink too Much of it before pulling in but uh oh You see the water is just coming on the Edge that's enough because there is one Last step that needs to happen for that Dish the baker's job is not done because When the pots were given to the baker he Had to make a dough which is called a Patellite which is like a Bread flour with a bit of water and We're going to use to make a joints to Totally seal I have brought here to make some kind of A pressure cooker kind of thing I'm going to use my hand should be good Look at this You would think it would be making the Baguette right but we're not this is not Something we're gonna eat this is just This year so we're gonna make the dough And roll it like like a baguette a Little bit and make a long string we're Going to use as a join for the pot and It's quite a fun exercise to make these People do all right so the pot is back And the idea Is to make Uh how do you call that

An edge or something all around it could Be too much there All around there To really seal everything to make sure You've got enough Dough because then What I'm going to do here is I'm going To take my leads That's there and try to Seal that thing In here so it's totally You know kind of tight I've just Realized something we have a little Rogue hole here it was meant for the Steam to escape In that pots I'm gonna have to roll so I'm gonna be a little spaghetti of a Piece of dough And put it in there attached a hole make Sure no steam comes that could act as a Security thing if the thing wants to Explode I don't even know what's going To happen in that oven kind of scary to Be honest And here we are so this is the big Enough with the uneven seal that I've Got to run here but at least we've Respected the tradition so what needs to Happen we're gonna put this in a cold Oven at 150 degrees Celsius I put the Equivalent Fahrenheit on the screen and That has to slow cook apparently for Three hours now I've got no way of Knowing what's going to happen with that Boat I hope it's not going to crack a

Burst open this is supposed to be Cooking as well and we can only reveal By breaking the dose you will have a Seal Of the recipes you know I'm not cheating Or anything when it's going to be out of The oven we're going to break this Together and see what's inside and can't Wait And here we are The pot is here but There's been a little spillage on the Side I don't think this is ah this is Really hot well some juice came out And I'm not sure how this is gonna be Looking inside I've got some tools on Here Um So look let's let's try to break that Thing open This is the hottest Rock I think I would need a hammer for that Thing Okay This is not going anywhere Okay we're gonna have to chip at this Wait wait wait wait wait it's coming It's coming Seems to be some Some progress we're making some progress Look at this look at this there we go Okay better do this by hand But let me tell you that I believe that The juice would have been really really

Almost gone from there and that worries Me Oh actually there's still juice in there Wow Let's zoom in now that looks like a bomb Site What I've done here if you do this in Front of a guests don't you like me Because but you know what look If I look look at this the steel Plenty of juices so let me uh tell you One thing here that this this dish it is Supposed to have that kind of clear Broth in there and it's not supposed to Be sealed like like you've seen we've Done virtually nothing But put the stuff in the pot So what I'm trying to see here is oh Yeah see after that long The potatoes are still holding but they Really really fall apart so super Fragile and most importantly the mid Test Oh you see it's falling apart but but Could have been cooked a bit longer All right So anyway this is the first look I'm gonna put this into a plate and We'll test it out All right so Here we go again for the tasting this is The bacon off oh it sounds like back off Maybe when the ladies were taking the Pots back from the oven like back office

My part But this is it I mean it is quite simple The meat here I've got no idea Which one is which and these are cones Of meats here mid pieces they've been Cooking three hours but like the baboon Was really falling apart I think this is A little bit more tough but let's look At the flavors Mm-hmm That's a beef As a piece of beef this one Oh come on that's a piece of beef as Well So the first thing I can say First off is surprisingly really tasty Because The three types of meat mixed in there With the juice Really makes the dish and there is only Onion and this flavory of herbs you know The time on the juniper berries and These potatoes But it's surprising how tasty that thing Is I mean it's not pretentious it doesn't Try to wow you with like you know super Special flavor but it all banks on the Meat onions and potato like a simple Trifecta like a combination of meats That goes into the sauce And it's more like a kind of a broth It's not like the volcano I can feel the Wine but it's much more subtle but it's

Really just distaste impregnated in the Potatoes The Onion Hmm It's juicy juicy meaty But simple but it works okay And here it is the bacon off in all its Glory with the cross so first off I Think that dish is a great party trick Because opening that cross in front of Your guests even if you struggle like me It's still you know create an excitement And it does deliver when you put this Into the plate in terms of taste it's Got that kind of Franco German style Food I would definitely drink beer with That dish that would be beautiful and You have the potatoes you know you could Serve something else on the side but to Be honest maybe a side of lettuce or Something and you order highly Recommended if you try it leave me a Comment in the comment section tell me What you think now next week we're gonna Try to go for something different and Try to use some vegetables and see what I can dig out for a 1.3 CP for all of You vegetarian out there but that's it For me for this week I'll leave you with This beautiful picture again of the Bacon of and I'll see you next time for Another one part video take care bye Foreign [Music] [Music]

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