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APYT (Always Press Your Tofu)

We need to press our tofu so even though It's extra firm I want to still press Any extra liquid that I can out of there Cuz that means a crisper tofu and it Also means that it leaves room to suck Up some of that delicious kungpow sauce That we're going to be tossing it in I'm Going to plop it right in the middle and Then I'm going to roll it you want a Couple of layers of paper towel around The tofu cuz that's also going to help Soak up some extra liquid pop that on a Plate and then I just just pop my press On top then I transfer this to a fridge I want it to press for at least 10 Minutes if you're kind of pressed for Time best is an hour but you can let it Go overnight if you've got the time tofu Has been pressed

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