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Better Than Takeout: 20-Minute Black Pepper Beef Stir-Fry | NYT Cooking

I just want to make sure I don't have Food in my teeth no one cares okay Great Natural hi I'm suie I'm a contributor to New York Times cooking and we are going To make black pepper beef and cabbage Stir fry pepper beef is such a takeout Thing this is sort of a riff on that you Can pretty much put it together in like 20 minutes and have a very nice dinner And feel very satisfied [Music] Let's make the marinade you can Certainly use already cracked black Pepper for this recipe but I really Recommend that you start from fresh Black pepper corns because it really Adds like bit of a floral component a Little spicier you can really add to Your dish you can crush it two ways you Can take the bottom of a bowl or a cup And then you can Just do this but another way to do it is And it's the way I like to do it at home Crack it with the side of my knife go Like This if my toned arms are popping a Little it may seem like I'm putting a Lot of pressure but I'm not and as you Can see I'm not like chopping it's like A slicing motion through It Okay this may seem like a lot of Pepper but it's not trust me if it's a Little spicy it's a little spicy the

Rest of the marinade brown sugar Cornstarch help to tenderize the meat 1 Teaspoon of salt and great of garlic Here in the recipe I said to use sirloin Another great cut can be boneless short Rib that can be delightful and I'm Slicing it thinly about 1/4 in thick I'm Cutting it against the grain cuz it Makes the meat more tender when you cut Against the Grain means like you can see All these pieces of the flesh like this All the all the seasonings will go in There I'll show you a piece with the Grain see how look at how there's you Don't really see the holes anymore that Doesn't that's not going to be right I Just know that when you cut Against the Grain it tastes better it's more tender Okay so let's rub all this marinade into The Beef so you see like at first it felt Really dry don't worry once you massage It in there it's not dry Anymore okay I just want to make sure we Have all the ingredients we need to go In the pan before we start cooking in my Estimation this is a medium head of Cabbage we're going to only use a quar Of this and first I'm going to cor It so I'm thinly slicing the Cabbage Because I want it to cook quickly and I Like having all the caramelized like Bits okay so now let's start cooking [Music]

It's almost ready when the edges are a Little Golden this is a very YouTube thing Right you'll see that these edges are Slightly Brown and golden on the Side and I'm moving it around so all the Like raw parts are just getting Brown it Smells great and then I'm going to add The soy sauce about a minute I'm going To toss the Coat oh so you see like I added the soy Sauce it's starting to foam up it's Because of the corn starch that's in the Beef so now I'm going to transfer this To the same Bowl where I had the raw Beef don't be alarmed it's going to be Tossed back in with a hot pan I just Don't want to wash another Bowl so now I'm going to add the Cabbage Into the pan I turn the heat down just a Little bit so that the juices don't burn And I'm tossing it to coat and I'm just Going to let it cook a little longer I'm Also going to season them with a little Salt to help it break Down I I want you guys to cook the Cabbage till it is crisp tender and I Know that can be a little confusing what It means is it should be cooked enough Where you don't taste the rawness but it Still has some texture to it so that's Where the crisp comes in so that there's Still a bite to it you don't want your Vegetables to be mushy we going to add

The vinegar Cherry vinegar please and Then add the beef and all the remaining Juices back in there smells amazing it Smells like home to [Music] [Music] Me let's eat if you were in the naian Household you will have a small bowl of Rice cuz you eat family style you know So then this will be it and then there Maybe another green a couple of of other Dishes and then we just all eat together But we're in amer America so I'm going To show you what you can do for your Individual serving Delicious add more sesame seeds if you Want add more scallions oh and here you Go okay that's it it smells so good this Is going to taste Amazing Mhm it's delicious it's juicy it's not Chewy because we cut it against the Grain if you're going to make this at Home home marinated ahead of time this Would taste even better you can explore Different cuts of meat with this too you Can also try with chicken if you want or Maybe with tofu that's about it follow The recipe it's great you can find this Recipe and more on the New York Times Cooking app that's a wrap let's eat [Music]

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