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Braise Chicken in Belgium beer – Exploring northern France dishes

Hi guys and welcome back to the channel Today I'm going to be sharing with you One of the exclusive recipe that has Been taken from one of our latest breed Of courses called the cooking Journey The cooking Journeys are all about Learning by doing recipe and that new Course called The gastronom Journey uh Is taking us through various region of France and for each region we talk about The history the dishes and then we're Making three classic dishes from the Region with a starter a main And a dessert in this episode we're Exploring the north of France okay and I'm going to jump straight into the Recipe because the north of France has Got something very particular the Northern people make recipes their own Way and the recipes are absolutely a Melting Pot of flavor with influence From England Belgium Holland and of Course France and the recipe of today is The answer from the north to the famous Covan you all know and love but why Would you use wine when you can use Belgium beer which is just next to the North so let's start and I'm going to Show you on that recipe how to make the Very famous Ultra local pul beer from The north let's go there is really no Way to stop people in the north to have A nice comforty meal especially when you Get beers around because you know next

To Belgium so this recipe L calaber Which is meant to to be translated as The rooster in beer is usually and Typically made with a rooster like the Coco which is 3 kilo very hard to find Now day so instead we're going to use a Good quality 2 kilo chicken that will do The job this recipe very interesting is The answer to the classic cocovan found In other parts of France like I said in The nor no we're not going to make the Cocova we're going to make the cocer and This is what you need this is what makes The difference we ditch the wine and We're going to be using an amember Really good quality Belgium beer this is A trapist kupo is 10% alcohol bottle but This is crucial to get this really deep Flavor and color we're going to have the Rest of the technique is the same as the Coco pretty much we're going to have Mushrooms bacon shallots instead of Onions some flour a little bit of cream In there and if you can get your hands On you can do a flbe with What's called The Geneva Geneva or Y is a Dutch Alcohol does resemble gin you could use Gin instead or cognac but it's only a Little amount for the FL for the rest It's a pretty simple recipe we're going To be brazing the chicken so what's most Interesting is to make it and see the Difference in taste because if you're Tired of the classic cocan well this may

Be something for you and now let's look At the Mison plas now this is a family Dish meant to be really straightforward So most of the recipe is all about Measuring the ingredients you'll find Everything on the recipe card and for The Mis plus purely speaking you're Going to have to cut the bacon into Chunky lons this is a piece of fatty Bacon I'm going to use to cook the Chicken to render the fat but you can Use lard instead okay quarted mushroom Roughly sliced shot and that's about it The chicken you can buy it whole like This and break it break it apart or just Buy the pieces at you butcher it will be Fine the beer one liter of good quality Beer very important and the final thing Is the flavoring we talked about the Geneva it's a alol based on these the Juniper berries that we're going to use In the dish juniper berries it's a Juniper alcohol I don't have the jiper It can be hard to find so I'm going to Use CNAC instead this thing here is also Important is the brown sugar that's Going to break down the bitterness of The beer that can sometime appear in That kind of dish if you want to be a Real traditionalist you have to use Spice bread to do that recipe but we're Going to go with this version I think we Should be all right so let's put the Apron on and let's go to the

Stove let's begin our recipe as I said Don't worry this is something that is Pretty straightforward it's a family Dish I'm starting here with a nice pot Cast Iran pot and I'm using the fatty Bacon and this is sometime called a Larra or fat back and I'm going to use This as a source of fat now you can use Butter and oil if you want you can use Lard or if you even want you could use a Think duck fat or anything like that Okay so I'm going to bring this to Temperature and start melting it now Obviously this dish is all about Flavor The rooster usually provides you with Lots of flavor but here we're using a Chicken chicken can La in flavor what Can we do you can use a bit of chicken Stock to add some more chickeny flavor In there but what we're going to do here I'm going to show you the technique that We've seen before which is the pbus Technique and the pbus technique use the Rest of the carcass so I've breaken my Chicken in pieces and I'm using all the Off cuts that I've got in the Carcass and I'm going to use this as a Flavoring tool to get more Flavor into my dish so I'm going to Start by Browning the carcasses a little Bit in the fat so don't need to spend The afternoon doing this H uh I'm going To take them out now it's enough because We need to Brown the chicken so you

Would note I've cut actually my other Piece of carcass in half it was annoying Me and now we're going to Brown the Chicken Pieces now for the chicken I've Pre-season it with salt and pepper and I Always add a little bit of flour on the Uh on the chicken because I think it you Know it gets a kind of a better color so If uh you use bacon like this you you Can discard it or you can put it I'm Going to put it on the side P if you Take too much space it's been rendering Enough a fat it's getting really fetty In there uh up and we're going to spend A good five minutes a nice coloration in This Chicken after four to 5 minutes you get A nice coloring you don't need to do it Too much because You' got plenty of Colorful Amber Beer for that recipe so You you're going to do the same for each Piece of chicken on every side a little Bit of coloring like that all right so When you're done you're going to have Plenty of excess oil in there so I'm Going to discard the excess oil and come Back to the the pan before we continue With the rest of the recipe as soon as Your pan is ready you remove the excess Fat I'm putting a shot and of course I'm Adding more fat but a fresh one a little Bit of butter and I'm going to cook this Shot in butter just for a minute or two

Maximum on medium heat and then we're Going to do de glazing Very close to the action so you see what Happening with the B is just cooking Just enough enough the shs and now the De glazing so the de glazing I'm adding Cognac usually it's Geneva no FL Required you can if you want but the FL Is more for the show okay it's just to Get some of the caramelized juices in There and then I'm going to follow up With a half of the bacon because I'm Going to keep some for the decoration so A little bit of fresh bacon and the same Is going to happen for the mushroom not All of them because I'm going to pan fry Them to a fresh one for the decoration So a little Bit raise the heat to high we're just Going to give this some color just a few Minutes is enough and now what are we're Going to do we're going to start to Layer things when we layer because we're Using the carcasses it is good to use The tough stuff at the bottom okay so Carcasses if you use them for the flavor We're going to have the chicken tights And the legs and we're going to have the Uh the chicken breast that needs to Cook all the time on the top okay you See I've got this maybe now I'm going to Put some of the legs in There and you arrange your chicken so Remember the tights as much as you can

You can bury them because they're going To cook for a long time the chicken Breast get them at the top you can grab Them easily from Here a good grin of salt and Pepper you're going to follow with One or two tablespoon of Flour we're going to mix this as much as We can maybe take another two in there So try to get that flour coated in Everything okay so remember I haven't I Haven't put the chicken breast yet Because you see all these work with the Flour and everything all the tough Stuff and now we're going to put the Beer now adding the beer is Obviously the time we've all been Waiting for you see that color look at That and it's going to be foaming but You need plenty of be it's with More reduce the heat a little Bit just two Bott two time 33 C there's almost 70 c of beer in there Let's not forget to add of course the Chicken breast in there and then we're Going to put the aromatics aromatics we Got three or four cloes with a teaspoon Of juniper berries in here I'm going to Add one or Two believes in him and of course the Sugar and so the sugar very important if You don't have the spiced bread you need To kind of give all this coloring this This taste and and everywhere and it's

It's really fragrant and nice a final Touch I'm add some I'm running out of Time well not the time time but the time From the garden and uh that's about it So when we're here what do we got we got A nice looking dish and we got all the Fragrance we got a we got a chicken here We got the lovely beer and that and that Sugar see if I'm putting juice it's it's Coloring everything now you can put more Beer if you want but if you do this You're going to also end up with lots of Juice going to be very thin your Preparation even though we get a bit of Flour so what I'm going to do I'm going To prefer here is sticking to 70 c is Already a lot put the it on okay and I'm Going to cook this actually in the oven At just about maybe 160° celsus put on Firit to allow for everything to cook And steam nicely now remember we're Going to have to take the chicken breast Out very quickly so within say 15 Minutes of cooking we're going to take Out the chicken breast and let the rest To cook for a good 35 30 minutes Something like this now if you want you Can also do this on the stove on the Stove for me sometimes I found that it Just boils like this and the heat comes From a very small Source just under the Pot while the oven kind of englobed the Whole thing so I kind of prefer the oven But I leave this to you it's a personal

You know preference so we're going to Put a it on and we're going to cook this Remember after 15 minutes you take the You know the the breast out and for the Rest about good 40 minutes okay and then We're going to be done the time has Passed and look at my chicken it is Really really cooked I've left it a bit More because I really wanted to cook it Properly so what I'm going to do here Immediately I'm going to scoop off all Of the meat here and put it in a tray on The Side once done I'm going to follow up And get rid of all the carcasses and Discard them so once you're done you're Left with the sauce okay and look at That color beautiful now I can't I'm Going to have a little Try o now I'm liking this now this is Totally different than what you would Have with wine and wow I love the Difference already but it's very thin so What we're going to Do turn the heat to high we're going to Add some cream and reduce that sauce to A semi kind of spoon consistency as Usual and that's going to be it very Important to remember this is not a Chicken in cream so a bit of cream yes Okay a tablespoon just to adjust the uh You know the color and fix the taste With the beer but that's about it you See that color you want to keep that

Kind of brownish color very important so I'm going to bring this to the boil and Leave this to reduce for you know what a Good five minutes and while this is Happening I'm going to show you what I'm I'm going to do the chicken the usual Trick to color it a bit More now the sauce is reducing now look At my chicken there in the back the Little trick skin side up I'm going to Place this under the grill very briefly In a very hot Grill the top shelf to Color the skin in chis speit up just to Claim this color so that when you Present you can have that nice kind of You know picture worthy kind of look Rather to have something really bit Boish kind it's been boiled like I don't Like it I like to have a little crispy Skin on there so while this is happening Not now it's going to be just a few Minutes and that's going to be it if you Have time now you can pan fried your Bacon and the mushrooms which is Something I've done right here I've got The garnish for the final decoration With a bit of parsley and it's going to Be it we're going to be ready to serve Let's Go my sauce has now reduced and I'm Going to show you how it looks like I Still have the garnish here remember It's a home dish it's still thin it is Meant to be like this it's not meant to

Be a cream sauce is more like a Jew and It's got intense flavors in there so What I'm going to do now I'm going to Take the sauce out put it in the sauce Butter on the side I'm going to dress up The chicken and put the final garnish on The table so here we are to recap this Is the Chicken in beer I would not call The cook and beer like the rooster in Beer because us you need a rooster but That's not a rooster it is a chicken but Guess what it works perfectly it is Departure from the real recip from the Kovan and it is brilliant because the North really does not try to imitate the Other region they are making their own Thing and this is another discovery on This gasta journey that I really urge You to try and honestly the fries idea Would not be bad that compet thise this Recipe is s now we're ready for the Dessert of course because for the Dessert we've got something quite Special this is how the northern people Make a tiu it's not called a tiu of Course it's called aizu let's [Music] Go Baby You Me [Music] Bab

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