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Braised Chicken with tomato and chorizo | Mediterranean foods

If you're looking at a chicken recipe That is easy to make but it has Something a little bit special then I Would recommend you try this tomato and Chorizo chicken recipe it is something You're gonna find in the French town That are along the Spanish border Because we're going to use the chorizo This spicy cured sausage that really Adds something extra to our chicken the Recipe is kind of the French Classic Fair you get onions you got bay leaf you Can have tomatoes some garlic but we're Gonna add some smoked paprika powder and Like I said this special chorizo it's Really easy to make and honestly it does Bring something new to the table so I Would urge you to try it let's go let's Jump Right In First we're going to be Looking at the ingredients we need to Have and prepare for that recipe you'll Find everything in the recipe card Starting with diced onion smoked paprika Garlic this time spinach slice the Chorizo it's gonna be in slices as well Rather thick like that we're gonna need A whole chicken you can take four to six Chicken thighs as well this is a chicken I've broken down in pieces I've got the Legs the tart the breast it is up to you Some believe this is the Madera one it's My Personal Touch olive oil salt and Pepper and we're going to be using Something simple which is the Tomato

Whole peeled tomato out of a tin the Simple rule with tomato to remember Always if tomatoes are not in season in French cooking always advise use the Tomatoes that are in a tin to give you An idea these tomato okay that was Anything I've rinsed it a little bit There's still some little work that has To be done with a little knife so you Want to chop the end bit here you see That's the the top of the Tomato where The you know the branch was attached to It it's not very nice to have in your Plate so you want to remove this and Sometimes you can get rid of the seeds Inside you don't have to do it not the End of the world if you don't do it but If you were to have only these bits in Your plate as a serving not super nice Okay but so that's for the ingredient Overview once everything has been Weighed prepared diced and sliced the Next things to do is to prepare the Chicken the chicken is going to be Coated into paprika and what I like to Do is to also add a few tablespoon of Flour so we don't need much I'm using Like what the equivalent of two two and A half to three a tablespoon of plain Flour in here and I'm gonna put My paprika this is a smoked paprika by The way And what I'm gonna do is a bit of a Mixture okay

It's a good paprika with the flour okay That's it I'm going to reserve this on The side and we're gonna season the Chicken the chicken nothing fancy always In a plate not in the dish otherwise You're going to over salt everything a Good layer of salt I'm using salt flakes I think they're better and a grind of Pepper and you repeat the same on each Side seasoning has been done I've got my Try with the flour and the Paprika in There why do we put flour in here this Is what I'm doing because sometimes your Chicken can be a little bit wet so the Flower kind of helps to really kind of Draw the things and I think it helps Thicken the sauce a little bit okay and For the crispiness so a nice cutting of Flour not too much you can tap the Excess like this back on the plate you Go to another piece and you rip it we Want a light coating on either side and You don't put tons of it just a little Bit you tap the excess and you reserve So the food preparation is now done Before you start cooking and you go on The stove make sure everything has been Done you're not coming back to your Bench so you've done the onions I've got The shoizui slice the garlic I've got Two Bay Leaf my oil my Madeira wine salt And pepper the chicken the season is Ready the tomato has been chopped Prepared and everything so now that I've

Got this it is time to start the recipe And now let's start the recipe now Before we do anything you have to Preheat your phone at 190 degrees with The fan force on and have the Shelf in Your oven in the middle section okay Middle Shelf 190 degrees Celsius I put The equivalent Fahrenheit on the screen You can use a cast iron pot like this or Casserole dish anything that can goes in The oven and that has a lid okay very Simple we're going to start with one To 2 tbsp of olive oil and wait for it To be warm before we're gonna Brown the Chicken as soon as you oil kind of flows Like water when you're moving it around Your pan It's usually hot enough so what I've got Here if you like me you join the chicken I've got these little wings I'm gonna Start with them it's a good little Tester to see the temperature of the oil I'm gonna spend a few minutes to Brown These first Okay I've got a bit of color on these And you really don't need to have your Heat on super high I kind of prefer A lower heat to start with like it Doesn't really stick the example chicken To crust and then you can turn it over So don't overdo the heat in there but You got the juice I'm going to put Pieces of chicken in here and brown them A little bit on all sides

All right so I turned over the pieces Can you see the difference between this One here that hasn't been cooked and This one will crust and we're not going For a massively Brown Chicken we just Want to give a little crust and remember Paprika can burn and become bitter so You never want to use a super high heat Always medium heat and that's it as soon As you've got an even coloring like this On either side and we're going to take The pieces of chicken and reserve them Back onto the plate This is the result you should have when You're done with the Browning it's not Burned anywhere you get a nice Appetizing color you can see the paprika It's got a noise crust let's talk about The big dilemma of cooking tight Drumstick and breast in the same time in A pot that goes into the oven chicken Breast cook very fast 15 to 20 minutes Maximum and they will be cooked what I'm Doing now is my new technique I don't Even put them in before these ones are Almost cooked so I'm gonna keep these in The plate with a foil over And I'm only going to be using the Drumstick the Tarts and these extra Little wings that I have on the side as A you know as a flavor booster two stars My dish okay but now let me put this on The side and we'll go to the next step And now for the Second Step we're gonna

Grab all these caramelized juices Using the onions and a little extra oil Not much Using a gentle heat and we're gonna Start to detach everything the onions Are gonna sweat they're gonna render Some water And it's going to start to mingle with This caramelized juicy so we don't want To burn anything A low to medium heat for this and we're Going to cook the onions For a good five minute plus because Onions take ages to cook now needless to Say that this step is really important Because this is we're going to capture All these taste but you see there are Some stubborn hard bits on here what We're gonna do about it Well we're going to use some liquid In the form of of course how Madeira wine as a deglazer you can use White wine if you want okay you can Raise the heat if you want but I don't Need to I'm just going to gently you Know mix everything and have these Heartbeats to detach and mingle in my Onions we don't want to leave any of That tastes so now that we've got this We're back in business I'm raising my Hits back to medium medium high because We're going to start to add all the Other ingredients All the garlic which is quite a lot

About six two Um bay leaves in here And I'm gonna wait for this to dry up a Little bit before we put in the chorizo Looks good you see it starts to dry up I'm gonna add all the chorizo in there And we continue to hook that the onions Have to be cooked before you put the Tomato sauce okay that is super Important if your onions are crunchy not Cooked that destroys the dish onions Take up to 15 minutes to be cooked or Properly cooked then only can you start Adding other ingredients and they're Going to be beautiful perfect look at This now we're talking we've got this Kind of nice reddish color nice brown And dark everywhere we're back to where We started and we can deglaze again now Using all of our tomatoes You want to have your onion cooked this Is the one thing I need to stress over And over again okay I'm gonna reduce my Heat a bit And we're gonna have all of this it is Just a simple kind of braised dish and We're not having a stew or anything like This okay I'm gonna add Usually you add sugar I'm gonna add a Bit more Madera wine because it's sweet Okay it's a medium It's not the dry matter is medium dry And that's going to cut off the acidity Of the Tomato you can you can use sugar

Instead just you know half a teaspoon or Teaspoon of sugar but look at these Colors See how beautiful that is okay so let's Take a spoon and taste this Always get into the habit of testing Your preparation a little bit as you Cook You can feel sorry though I can feel Tomato It's slightly acidic steel but it's fine It likes salt but remember that now We're gonna add all of our chicken in And that has been seasoned always be Careful the salt is your worst enemy I Always say so I'm gonna make sure that The Tardis I'm putting in there Okay And I'm gonna cook these starts on here First weave my offcuts Of chicken on here you know I'm gonna Mingle everything and we will add the Chicken breast just towards the end so I'm just gonna gently cover everything In sauce And we're going to start to cook this Into the oven if you want to add a bit Of water if you think it's too dry you Can and just you know half a glass Maximum I'll add a little bit in here Looks a little bit dry but we should be Good All right so water look at this this is What I'm adding

Maximum maximum Ideally anything braised the default is You want the liquid to kind of sit Halfway up your mid there and you don't Want it to cover it ever okay so that's Done I'm gonna transfer this in my oven I'm gonna put a lid on and I'm gonna Cook this for a good 30 to 45 minutes Lead on let's go [Music] Let's just out of the oven Look at that sauce nice color It's just a good amount of sauce you Need it's kind of nice and thicken [Music] Yeah it looks pretty good so I've got my Reserve breast now now is the time that I'm gonna put my breast in so that just Perfectly moist and cooked in there I'm Gonna Roll them into the sauce And I'm gonna count what 15 minutes or Something like this Look at this lovely chicken with the Chorizo of the flavors it's gonna be an Absolute bomb if you want you can add a Little bit of more water I like to keep it taut okay so back with The lid and back in the oven for the Last 15 minutes and we're done I've just Taken this out of the oven and it looks Really good look at this burn I love These burn marks on the side look at That the sauce It's just kind of right just the right

Amount of oil Let's get the right color and it smells So good and let me do of course I need To look at that look at the sauce [Music] Okay let's go Wow Now this what if you like if you don't Like chorizo I would say don't don't do That recipe but wow it's look as Expected what do you get The taste of chorizo of course rightly There nice and spicy not too much the Tomato in the background with the Chicken but I can hear a little voice in A distance you know just saying like Right You need voice with this for sure so let Me take this out of you know that bottom Because it's a bit messy put it in Another dish a little bit of a serving And we'll wrap up this video how do I Love these good old lovely home dishes Simple a few ingredients but it's got That kind of comfort footage kind of Style but immediate leadership isn't a Tomato makes your fingers of Spain and This is what I love about these dishes And this is such an intense dish so as I Said rice is really the partner in crime For that dish and just to remind you You've got some Tomatoes some bay leaf Simple flavor with the garlic and the Madera wine that I've added you don't

Really feel it it's really just there to Break the acidity and you've got a nice Round and tasty dish now I've already Tasted everything and it's super good so I'm gonna leave it as this because we Made a nice little composition for that Final picture but what I would say is That get to your pants and try this one Out especially if you go to dinner party Or guest over that is a winner Window Midnight [Music]

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