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Chicken in vinegar sauce Bocuse style

Now I think it's about time to start a New adventure and I've decided to start Exploring the poor bookus book The Complete bookus because I like his style I like his recipe and the Simplicity of It all so if it's something that sounds Interesting to you make sure you hit the Like button you subscribe to the channel And you hit that Bell Button as well That's going to really tell you when We're dropping here new videos and it's Going to be a whole pus Focus for the Coming weeks on the channel starting With his special chicken and vinegar This is not the convered version that I've already shared with cream and stock And stuff this is the Uber simple shalot Butter red wine vinegar chicken and That's it cooked in a beautiful copper Sauté pan I think it's going to be Something let's go now if you don't know Pus too much or you've never tried one Of this recipe let me bring you up to Speed on a few things and how is it to Cook in the style of PA Buu the first Thing you need to know is that PA Buu Was someone that absolutely believed and Loved the teror so he loved the nature The legs the soil homegrown vegetables Go to Farms to buy his meats and all the Markets and things like that it's really The things that are really homegrown he Was not a believer of all these Processed food and shortcuts he like to

Make everything from scratch that said His recipes are interesting because he Really relies on top quality ingredients In small numbers but when he's making This recipe he's using the pulet breast One of the best chcken in France Is going to have this homegrown chot the Red one vinegar here for that recipe by The way has to be an aged red wine Vinegar typically aged in Oak Barrel and You don't want to try anything else Don't take a white vinegar don't take an Apple CID vinegar you need an age Red One vinegar it's not going to taste good And of course a good quality uh you know French style butter these are the Elements you're going to need and it's Going to really bring the flavors Together now what we're going to see Here is a process And how does he manage to take these Small ingredients and really bring it to A whole new level so let's begin the Recipe we're using a sauté pan I'm using A copper pan medium Heat and the first Thing we going to do is melt the butter And there is plenty of butter because This is p sty so how but start to chant Can you hear this always say that the Chanting and we don't want to Brown uh The butter on here at all okay so we're Going to place the chicken in straight Off and we're going to lightly color the Chicken because this is another thing

That you need to know about poku he was Not a believer of searing chicken at all It like the slow temperature low cooking Lightly color to really allow the meat To develop its flavor and stay tender so At first s it looks like a lot of butter And it is but in fact the technique Behind that is that pus like to poach Things instead of searing so he's using Butter to really almost poach the Chicken in butter rather than using Water so lots and lots of butter it's a Bit like the escop style of cooking and A very very light coloring in there okay So you can see it's bubbling over but You don't want to burn the butter at all If the heat starts to be too high you Reduce a little bit you want a really Light blond coloring so after 5 minutes We should have a light coloring we're Going to have a look at that and see Under there you see this a very very Light coloring and we're going to turn The things over up another 5 minutes Let's go after 10 minutes we're done I'm Going to turn the heat off so as you can See there's a very light coloration it Is very specifically mentioned just a Light coloration it is not the intention To have these big brown colors at all I'm going to add this is my Personal Touch because I like to always have a Few pieces of thyme and a bay leaf and The rest of the cooking is going to

Happen in the oven now for the oven We're not using fan Forest we're using Here conventional heat and as for the Book it say 200 10° cus put the Equivalent fhe so I'm going to put this With a lid on and we're going to cook This for 20 minutes now anytime you do Something like this and the chicken is Cooking use that spare time to prepare Your Mis plas for the next step so here The next step is going to be the sauce So when the chicken is ready we're going To have to reserve it and keep it warm So I've got a tray a bit of foil and This is the ingredients we're going to Need for the sauce more butter the shot And the vinegar you see there's plenty There's 250 ml in there almost one cup Of red wine vinegar so I've got Everything ready and now I can just wait For the chicken to be cooked my chicken Is just out of the oven and it is not at All what I expected that it was going to Look like it's very interesting I Thought it would have kind of reduced And stuff but with the Steam and Everything uh the chicken is there it's Pretty very simple and we've got all the Butter and the juice in here so we're Going to be making this I'm going to Take the meat out reserve it in the tray Cover it with a bit of sauce and keep it Warm in the oven and then we're going to Start the sauce let's go so the chicken

Is here always a little bit of sauce to Avoid that it dries and it's going to Keep on you know cooking slightly I've Got my oven that's turned off I've got The door open and I'm going to use the Residual heat to keep this warm while Make the sauce all right so look at this Challenge ahead can we transform this Into an amazing Tangy vinegar sauce that Is the question so the first thing I'm Going to do here is turn my heat to High because the chicken uh that PO we Use a breast chicken which is excellent It would have not much water but mine Was more of a mainstream chicken I think Is Rend a little bit of water so what I'm going to do first is get rid of all That uh excess water to be left just With the butter and then we're going to Cook the shallots in that chicken butter Now while this is happening you know What I'm going to do I'm going to have a Try this just just to see what the what We start with oh okay nothing to Complain here that is tasty it's buttery Really intense Taste of chicken a good Start perfect so now it starts to get a Bit syrupy so what I'm going to do I'm Going to temporally get rid of those so We see what we're Doing okay as you can see it doesn't Look like water too much anymore it Starts to be just the butter so what We're going to do here immediately all

Of the Shallots I'm going to cook these Gently in that mixture I'm almost Hitting the five minutes Mark here and I'm left with a chicken butter Yeah shots are cooked tastes good Though all right and now for the Big Splash the Vinegar wow that's a lot of it so high Heat we need to reduce this by half all Right the reduction is done half and I Think you know what we're coming down to Here it's almost like a bur blon so I'm Going to turn my heat off totally Because the rest of the sauce is meant To be done with just fresh Butter so the whole idea is to add Pieces of butter in there And can mon the sauce it's called Raising the sauce so usually you just You know swirl the pan but I'm going to Just do this with a spoon and that is Going to be the final touch so you have To absolutely do this with the heat off Okay and it's a bit like a b you can see You make almost not like an emotion When're not using a whisk but I can see You see the color and it's Thickening and it's actually it's always The same with sauces at the end that Everything takes shape So what I'm getting here some kind of Not a bur Blom like a red butter almost A red vinegar butter so I'm going keep

On going and that's going to be it then We can use that over the chicken look at That I think I'm done totally Transformed you see look how thick that Is we have a sauce let me try it out Little trying spoon Here it's going to be Sharp Actually it was super sharp before but Now it's still yeah you you get the Vinegar but the the the butter no no it Works I'm going to add a little bit of Pepper in there tiny bit of salt and That's going to be It bit of Pepper and I'm going to take my chicken Out and now we just need to coat that Lovely butter vinegary sauce over the Piece of chicken and that's about it now Just before serving if you want as a Final touch remember we got a chicken in That tray and there's some juice you can Dilute your butter in here your vinegar Sauce with a little bit of the chicken Juice it's adding sh butter get a bit More sauce it will tone down the vinegar Okay but you don't put the heat on Otherwise it's going to destroy Everything okay so here we are this is The puku uh Chicken in vinegar sauce the Very riment version and let me tell you It is not for the faint hearted and I Might modify the recipe at the end but I Still want to try try Le the the concept

Of the sauce works really well as you Can see you got a nice color it's nice And thick it's not some kind of um Watery vinegar floating around and it is Just a few ingredients so I'm just going To try the combination of the sauce with The Chicken and the Seat no Definitely the chicken helps R when you Taste the sauce on its own it's a bit Overpowering But to be honest Here little Chicken it actually works pretty well it Is still very sharp though so I think It's a great recipe the idea is there The Measurement the measurement for Me when need Lear need to be slightly Altered because I think for the the M Moral if you're not pokus some vinegar Is going to be good but I think this is A little bit on the strong side so what I'm going to do I'm going to modify Slightly for you the element of a bit Less vinegar and I think the ideas and What you need to keep in mind the Concept of what puku is doing here is Exactly like a b blon so you've got um Your chicken it's cooked you got the Juices you got the butter you got the Shallots you add some vinegar you reduce And I would eily let the vinegar really

Reduce until it's almost gone and then You know use the butter to really make The sauce and finish it off with the Leftover cooking juices from the chicken And that's going to give you a nice Balance but that's is for this Interesting video this is just the first One from Bokus and remember we're going To keep on going and exploring to see What kind of recipe we can dig out out Of there so I will leave you with this Picture on the screen remember this is The pooku style chicken and vinegar Sauce that you can try at home anytime You want okay I see you all next week Take care all bye-bye Baby you [Music] Mece g me wind Rain kind Ofly baby [Music] [Music] [Music] You I don't want to jinx it baby Myself [Music]

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