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Classic Salmon Tartare (sample recipe from our cookbook)

Welcome back everybody so we're resuming The recipe remember the full cycle Starter main dessert today it is starter Or appetizer day and for the occasion Because spring is cripping in some part Of the world we're going to be making Fish as a starter weave a classic salmon Tartar taken directly from how cookbook The reason I'm picking this because I Think people tend to think that making a Tartar is very hard well in fact it is Super easy it is just an assembly of Ingredients good quality salmon you chop It off you have the special mixture Ma On the mayna and other herbs and you mix Everything together a little food drink For the presentation and you are done so If you bought the book you've been a bit Scared to make that recipe let me show You how easy it is to make salmon tartar Here we are let's decompose very simple On one side you've got the fresh quality Salmon this is bought today this is a King salmon by what it's called Sometimes you say like sushii great Salmon so something that you can eat Actually raow I don't get an old piece Of salmon has been in the fridge for Ages it needs to be Super Fresh So Always be very careful when you eat raw Product of course but this is a salmon And all of that is going to be the Flavoring so look at the things we got Capers shallot top quality mustard

Tabasco English sauce olive oil parsley Uh chives plenty of little things that's Going to really make the whole thing pop Okay so now for the process First Step The salmon so the salmon is going to Have to be chopped in very small C cubes You don't want to use a food processor You want to use a knife I'm actually Having a good handmade Japanese Stainless steel knife it's is not made Of carbon steel just standard stainless Steel we'll see how it performs so Safety guideline always use a synthetic Board that is clean when you work with Row products so he fish very important Your hands you can put gloves otherwise You wash them like me and you dry them Using a clean paper towel like this Don't use your tea tow maybe Contaminated okay and when you got Everything well we ready first to remove The skin you can skin off I like to have The skin on and then what I'm going to Do I'm going to put this actually in the Freezer a little bit to firm up and Start the freezing process because it is Very easy to cut because at the moment It's very very wobbly so I'm going to Try to use that knife here to remove uh The skin under and once we're done with That okay I'm get the skin on here up I'm going to put this onto a Plate I've got here and and I'm going to Put this in the freezer while we make

The Mison plus so now the salmon is Cooling down we got plenty of time uh to Do the Mison plus the Mison plus is the Food preparation so let's do this Together if you were to make that recipe At home the first thing you will do is The salmon the second is the Mison plus You can start with all the things you Can measure so we've got the olive oil On here I've got the Tabasco I've got The English sauce I've got some good Quality Capers ingredients have to be of Good quality good quality shallots an Egg yolk so you measure everything salt And pepper and I've got digon mustard People tell me oh Dion mustard is always The same in the supermarket no if you go Online you can s things like that M the Bone which is the real mustard also from Djon that is made by the stone you know They're grinding the mustard seed with The stone and The Taste is totally Different so it pays to shop online and Have good quality salt pepper vinegar Mustard because at the end it really Will change everything so this is the First part you can chop everything Measure everything and now let's look at The herbs the herbs finely chop as well Very simple we only have parsley and CH So pretty common now something we always Teach in our beginner course when you Chop parsley you don't take like this The whole Branch with the stocks and

Everything like that and you do what is Called E it means plucking and you pluck As much as you can just the leaves Leaving as much as you can the Stokes of The parsley behind so the big branches Like that you don't want that into your Salmon tartter if you're in a restaurant And you get this in your in your mou you What the hell is going on not good up Remove it and then and the same thing You're going to have your your parsley We all know about the cross chop so You're going to really doing that you Start with this very Slow chopping of the parsley you gather Everything together and you keep on Chopping like this and you can Accelerate until you get something Really fine so we keep going very Quickly you have you fin CH par this is The kind of size you don't want big Branches next the CH this is so easy to Cut as such a great training for Finly Slicing it's always hold by your elastic Or something in here so you don't have To care about your hand and that thing Rolls around and you take your knife and Here same thing you want to try to Really get something really thin so you Can have first that little offcut and That is not the best I'm going to Discard this because it's not always Straight maybe a bit dry and then you're Going to try to

Really now we're going to stick to this The thin stuff as much as we can and Something quite thin the Mison plus is Now finished and as you can see there is No cooking involved it's only measuring And chopping stuff that's about it from Here we're going to use the egg yolk the Oil the master to make an olive oil Based mayonnaise and then flavor it with Some herbs and some condiment salt and Pepper mustard and that's it so let's Begin all what we need to do here is to Have a mayonnaise so we're going to put Some salt we're going to have a little Bit of pepper in here as a mayonnaise We're going to have the egg yolk we're Making a mayonnaise that's using mustard Okay so we're going to use a bit of Mustard and all what we're doing like a Mayonnaise is to First mix the mustard With the egg Yol the salt and the pepper And we emulsify remember we've seen this On the last lesson emulsifying we want To get that emultion going okay the Emotion has started starts to thicken You could add a little bit of lemon Juice will put it after If you want but here what we're going to Use is olive Oil and all what we're going to do is The same as a Mayonnaise we incorporate bit by bit and The same as we've seen we're making that Base of olive oil mayonnaise that's oh

It is I'm finished so you can see the Color is a bit dark it's very thick so What we're going to do here we're going To start to incorporate a few teaspoon Of lemon juice and that is going to Really whiten your mix which is much More appetizing and render the whole Sauce a little bit more runny so usually You need about the juice of half a lemon Once you're finished you should get Something a little bit runny like this Okay so because I'm making this for two Only I'm going to take half off before We continue I've took half of my Mayonnaise Bas and as you can see here The only cooking part of that recipe is Making a mayonnaise if you're able to Make a mayonnaise that's it the rest is Just having fun so you've got your base And then we're going to be flavoring so We've got the Shots we're going to add a good Tablespoon here I'm doing divided into Two of those a good tablespoon of CH Look at these colors isn't that great Okay A bit of parsley it's up to you if You want to change the measurement more Or less it's really up to you and then Just a few Drops of Tabasco for instance like the Heat and that's going to cook the salmon As well and the English so same thing And just a few uh a few Drops and that's about it first here

We're going to mix everything together And now back to the salmon so the end Result or the size of cube that you need Is this you can see really really small Cube so I've got my salmon in the Freezer but you need to leave it quite Sometimes in order for it to be really Really kind of semi hard and easy to Slice that said let me take it out and I'll show you how to do these cubes okay So let's make some cubes so you got any Any kind of piece of salmon you see There's a small bit there it's a large There so you have to make slices first If you want and you can just adjust this Keep this for later you can do the cubes Later take something rather rectangle You start by doing a slice okay I'm just Going to show you with one okay you get A slice like that from the slice you go Again this way you're going to be making These so-call batons and these little Match sticks so you get them neatly one By one In front of each other and from here you Can take your knife and you're going to Try to make the smallest possible cues That you can and the result is Here so let's recap we've done the Flavored mayonnaise with di the salmon It's already and now it's just an Assembly before the serving so what I Like to do is to just put a little bit Of the mayonnaise first to see how much

I've got some salmon here like I said I Use half but I don't the exact gramage That I've got and I'm going to start to Mix my salmon with the Mayonnaise with the sauce so that's not Bad and I've got still you know plenty Of salmon so I'm going to Continue so here you will clearly see For instance that if you got something Like That it's too much salmon you know it's Really lots and lots of salmon and not Much dressing but happy I've got my Leftover so you can add accordingly it Is always good to go step by step and to Adjust and to see but usually the Measurement are proper what I've gave You on the book it's it's pretty Conservative but it's good enough so you Got a good distribution of flavored Mayonnaise you got the Ingredients and the salmon it is Important to have enough of that may Because there's a lot of lemon there's Some Tabasco and that in turn will Actually cook the salmon and cooking the Salmon like a marinade is very important So this way we're going to cover this With plastic wrap and I'm going to leave This for good 10 even 15 minutes you Could even leave it for 20 minutes in The fridge and let that marinating Happen the flavors are going to infuse And it's going to start to slightly cook

The outside of the salmon and that's the Secret of that salmon tartar so let's Put this in the fridge and then plating The time is up and look at the Transformation I should have used the Word macerating rather than marinating I know a lot of you always telling me Correct me yes the mation look at this The color has changed and now it's much More appetizing I'm going to have a Little bit and you like to know that This is a textb classic from culinary School and that a lot of Chef have tried So je let's have another Taste you know what for Me that salmon Tata as a basic covers All the bases I mean it's fragrant You adjust enough enough of everything You feel the Capers the Tabasco the Dressing and the shots a little bit of The lemon and the salmon in the Background nothing is overpowering and Even if you want it you could adjust Some stuff so now let's do some Plating if you've seen the picture of The book you will have that really neat Kind of Salon Tartar and this is made With food ring the food ring is the best Thing you can use at home when it comes To plating stuff like this like salads It looks so much better with a food Ringer what you need to do is to fill This so you put your ring there's all Kinds of size that you can you can do

Depending on how much you want okay and You be filling that thing wave your Mixture and then flatten it up I usually Find a to this is something I got from a Cocktail and you have to squeeze lemon Like when you make morito and stuff and You can just use this to flatten the Whole thing so you can have that much Okay but if you really want to fit it All the way to the brim you can so you Know if you have more Heights the more Height the better so you try to aim for The middle of the plate as much as you Can and then very Delicately going to hold the side pull That thing up and boom look at that so We've tasted already so when you serve I Don't have the radishes I had the last Time for instance I can use some pieces Of cucumber if you want to make it Simple I'm going to throw a piece of Deal on here a piece on on there just to Decorate you can have these lemons and You Twee them you cut them in half I can Put some composure like this and then It's just a matter of adding an addition Of extra Capers the things that we've Used a bit of this a bit of that you can Put a little bit of parsley if you want It's all the the product that you've Been using Okay a gr of black pepper why Not and if you want to drizzle you can Drizzle a bit of oil if not Much okay and you can use bread but this

Time for instance why not use some fancy Kind of toast like biscuit I put on the Side and there you have it you can serve A simple salmon Tartar so as you can see making the Tartar was not difficult so if you've Been looking at the picture think oh my God I can never do this it is absolutely Easy or what you need to do is to Measure a few things chop some herbs Make a mayonnaise and chop some salmon And that goes for the rest of the recipe We've got on her book Everything Is Made Simple and will absolutely taste great That salmon tartar honestly speaking is One of the best version I've tried even When going to cafes and restaurant I had Many attempts and it's not coming even Closer to this try it out tell me what You think in the comment section as for Me I will see you on the next video Where we're going to be doing a main and I've got some beautiful short RPS to Prepare so make sure you don't miss that Video to see what we can do with that See you then Wind [Music] Rain [Music] Oh

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