COOKBOOK PREMIERE! Get a First Look + Whip Up an Incredibly Easy Recipe from the Book with Me!
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COOKBOOK PREMIERE! Get a First Look + Whip Up an Incredibly Easy Recipe from the Book with Me!

It is hard to believe but yes I've got Here a couple of copies from a hard book That is finally arrived I can touch it It's here yes the French Cooking Academy It's a hard cover it's been upgraded and It's a cute little book I can hold it And it's here and I can talk about it so Rather than just brag about it and say y Yeah it's a great book we got recipes in There we brought the the book to some Friends and family and even book shops Here locally and I just wanted to share With you the feedback we've got uh of The book I will do a little browsing Very quickly and after that I'm going to Show with you one of the recipes that I Really really like from that book and You will see the story link to it that's Why we picked that particular recipe Okay so let's not wasit any more time And dive in so yes it's here the French Cooking Academy hard book 100 essential Recipe for the home cook uh is been Upgraded to hard hard cover and they get A title get a picture and of course the Book has got Plenty of stuff to discover in there There's plenty of Recipes look at it but what I want to Say is like just quickly about the Feedback we got from have friends the First thing they said is that the format If you look at my hand it's kind of Really Compact and cute kind of thing

It's very easy to hold it's not super uh You know it's not light it's not heavy Just feels right and you can sit on your B can sit on your kitchen shelf and some Of my friends you can even bring on your Side table when you're in bed and you Know you want to read it in bed because It feels really you can even put it in a Handbag and carry it around and have it Always with you it's kind of a companion Kind of size book and the more amusing I Think they're right and uh that was the First feedback we've got but the other One that we've got from a lady in a book Shop this was interesting you know she Was opening the book and she was like Okay let me you know let me look at the Things and she stops again she goes like You know what the first thing is or I Can tell you which is great about this Book it stays flat you know a lot of People are thinking oh that's great you Know you're like I can I can never do This so you get the right size the pages Are soft enough andin enough so that it Doesn't uh fold you can flatten it like This and for the recipe it is very handy Uh another feedback we've got is that You know the titles on here is very kind Of clear you've got the picture you can Clearly see the titles like a non sense Title and then you got the steps and the Ingredients for each recipe of course The other feedback we've got is about

The pictures great picture but we got One picture per recipe so anytime you Want to make a recipe you can go and There's always a now for the recipe Themsel of course I'm going to be Waiting for you guys to actually get the Book met the recipe and uh you know tell Me what you think but I don't want to Show you absolutely everything what I Want to do here is to talk about the Recipe we're going to be doing because One of my friends tell me okay that's Great it's French cooking I can't cook You know and is there recipe in there For me that's got just a few ingredients And that's like extra easy to make and I Say you know what yes there is and I Would surely surprise you by saying that This is a fish recipe or at least a Recipe that's using fish fet and if you Go oh no my God not not the fish that Must be against some pan fried stuff It's not okay let me show you exactly What that is so very quickly if we go to Our section uh for the fish dishes from The seat we've got here we got the Muscle that's not it it's not a recipe With the breaded fish because we got That there we've got another special Fish to on here the POR fish and tomato Sauce and there sauce got the G fish With potatoes and and onion no the scop Bake no that's the restaurant style saon V there we have it oven baked fish with

A V of alamin alamin means made to all a One pot way of cooking fish or what you Need is a baking dish a fish fet of any Kind yes any kind that means and the Reason I've chosen that is that you can Now walk to your aisle where the fish Monger is or in the supermarket in the Fish section watch all this you know Interesting fish fet and instead of Telling yourself oh my God I'm going to Cook this now you've got this recipe Look at the the size of the instructions This is the instruction it's nothing it Takes five minutes to prepare and like 20 minutes to cook in the oven you don't Even need a frying pad it is absolutely Inside but rather than just going on About it what about we make it and you See it for yourself so let's get started And it feels where to make a recipe for My own book and you know I'm not telling Lies look the book is there it's Standing flat on the side just put it Chopping board there and it's it's Perfect so the recipe itself it's great Because you can use it with any types of White fish fillet that you want you Could even use salmon if you want but This is more for a white fish F so you Can use anything like a card a Seabass You know a Flatt we have here this is Hauka you can have rockling whatever Fish you have in your in your country It's fine you want something nice and

Flaky so this is R vers it works in Small quantities or larger quantities I'm just going to be making a small Portion just to show you is but like for Two people that's just enough and that Recipe also have the Quant essential Ingredient that you would expect for an Ultimate Classic even though it's a Simple one po recipe you're going to Have parsley butter shots breadcrumbs Olive oil we're going to be using white French white one French s or Chardon if You want plus some which is the white Ver of the no PR optional okay this is Just the extra touch if you want to do This if you want to do this with just a Bit of wine you can salt and pepper and You're good to go or what I need is this A simple dish that's all you need okay For the preparation you're going to be Chopping the shoton he you chop The Parsley few Cubs of butter and the fish Has been scored as you get this Crisscross shape a little bit like that On the underside this is the ugly side Where the skin was very important Because then we're going to place the Fish on the dish like that the ugly side Down and the good side up okay that's All for the preparation and and now let Me show you how Ultra simple is it to Prepare before we do anything you need To preheat your over at 220° it has to be fan force and before

Your start because we're going to be Cooking this very fast at a high Temperature to prepare the dish you're Going to get as I said any kind of Baking dish and we're going to start by Putting a little bit of olive oil over There I'm using I'm doing this properly I'm using a basting brush I'm just going To coat the bottom of the dish with the Olive oil when that's done I'm taking The fish that have scored and thatly Side down okay and I'm putting this on Here once you've got this in I'm going To take my shot this shot from the Garden a bit a bit young so it's up to You to put how much you want but don't Worry we have the precise measurement We're going to add a little bit of Parsley and then Seasoning salt and pepper when this is Done you're going to take your Breadcrumbs and you're going to Sprinkle each fet so depends if you have One piece two piece or whatever don't Put too much in the bottom of thish you Want to keep this on the fish Itself okay with a good layer of Breadcrumbs and you Follow by adding butter Cubes on top as soon as the butter is on You are done it is all what needs to Happen you can keep this if you want in The fridge and wait either for guests to Arrive friends to arrive or even wait

For your oven to be hot enough I'm going To prepare it now so once you're ready To go only once you're ready to go You're going to take your wine and You're going to pour your Wine on the Side okay and it's a shallow poaching And my touch of white Verou around there okay I'm going to put This in the oven at 220 for about 20 Minutes and the technique we're going to Be using here by the way this is is an Exclusive recipe I've never shown on my On my channel it's a bit of a shallow Poching technique and the whole goal is During this 20 minutes is for the butter To melt the breadcrumbs to Golden the Liquid to steam and poach the fish and Reduce as well so by the end when we're Done not only have we've got a nicely Moist fish a little bit buttery with Some breadcrumbs but we also have a Little bit of reduced wine so that's Going to go you know with it that you Can Ser so it's not dry how brilliant is This let me put this in the oven and I Sh the result plus an extra special Thing I'll do and here we are so after 20 minutes I really wanted to show you Exactly what's the r thing you get out Of the oven you see it's all dirty I've Got some brand patches here because my Dishes was was a little bit of you know On the side was not totally flat and I

Purposely did not put much wine because I want to have a really really short Sauce but don't worry when you have more Quantity you can add more wine you can Avoid this bit but that's not a problem It's part of the spirit of that kind of Bistro on demand kind of dish what Matters is this here this is not burned This is perfect okay you got the crumbs It's cooked we've got the parsley in Here and we've got that short little Sauce here that you can serve just a Little bit on there which is Concentrated nice delicious you know you Got a little bit of the acidity of the One the olive oil the butter the parsley Plus the fish juices it is perfect let's Play The Beauty and there we have it the Table is served and can you imagine as I Said this is my favorite recipe 5 Minutes to prepare 20 minutes to cook And look what you've got this is a Classic Parisian Bistro side and it's Not a pan fried fish right we're talking About something serious here this is a PO fish with a white wine and V of Butter sauce with breadcrumbs and Parsley okay with next to no work you Can make that recipe with any fish filet That she want being the white one you Could even use salmon if you want it but This is insane you know it's so simple And so ver but best of all it tastes Absolutely brilliant pairing with this

You can use a side of lettuce French Dressing you can use mash you can do Rice you can do green beans anything Goes and it's just a matter of exploring All kinds of fish this is by the way a Hapuka fish which I think is from New Zealand and I'm going to just take time To devour for lunch on so I will leave You with this picture and of course if You have not ordered the book yet look In the video description you'll find all The details and once you get the book Try that recipe try many of the other Ones that are waiting for you and tell Me what you think because we can't wait Here especially me being to cook I put All this recipe together and I just want To hear how it goes so I'm waiting for Your feedback I hope you enjoyed the Video and I see you next time for Another French cooking video on the French Cooking Academy take care all Byebye Kind [Music] [Music] Of [Music] [Music] [Music] Don't [Music] Me

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