Craft a Delicious Terrine at Home: Guide to French Charcuterie basics
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Craft a Delicious Terrine at Home: Guide to French Charcuterie basics

Welcome back everybody so Christmas is Around the corner and some of you may Want to make their own Pates or Terin a Terin is this it is that little cast Iran pot where you fill with meat and You can cook it in the oven to make the Famous Pates that you can slice and have With a bit of cornishon baguette and Wine and is exactly what I'm going to be Sharing with you today it is one of the Lesson that we have on my shet Rec Course Very straightforward to make a Basque style Terin let's go we are now Reaching the Finish Line on how pate and Ter and to finish for for we're going to Be talking about Regional food again and We're going to be talking about the Basque Country which is in the southwest Of France near the pines and it is a Region of France it's quite interesting Because it is divided in two on one side You get the the French Basque country And on the other you got the Spanish Bas Country so they all share the same kind Of roots but they speak different Languages and of course there is Different produce now the most famous Product is the pbas it is a spicy Pate Where everything is minced together There's a lot of pork liver into it That's not the thing we're going to do We're going to do a kind of a lookalike Transform this into a Terin so two types Of pork pork belly and pork scotch and

For this Regional aspects we're going to Be using black cherry jam which usually Grows in that region and of course the Famous Pimon espet which is a type of Chili pepper that grows in the town of Espet in the south of France in the Southwest in the B country picture on The screen you see they they harvest dry These kind of chilies and they hang them On the houses and it's a big tourist Attraction but the produce when it's Grinded in powders it it gives a Beautiful spicy hot kind of thing but Not as hot as the standard kind of you Know Thailand or Chili Peppers or Asian Chili peppers is much more mild which is Really enjoyable and it's perfect for That kind of recipe okay so we're going To do the same as before I'm going to Fast forward I've minced already the Pork belly I'm going to cut the pork Scotch and I'm just going to show you The ingredients let's get started let's Start by looking at the key flavors in Ingredients and I'm showing you that Brand here because this is the French Brand bmon that I'm seeing in a lot of Supermarkets in a lot of different Countries so if you struggle to find a Black cherry jam if you find that brand With this little decoration they are Really good especially for that purpose But also for your breakfast or whatever So b m it's always a kind of a true

Value and you know I always use this It's great the pet is what you've got Here you see the color and you're going To have the French name pet and here I'm Not going to try to pronounce but this Is the Basque language the the Bas they Have their own language and this is how It's pronounced and aop is the you know The qualification that tell you kind of Okay it is the the true original product That you're getting and it is very Important to check when you buy this Because they are lookalike and you Really really want to have the one from The Bas country because you otherwise It's not going to be the same at all What we see here is the spice mix we've Used at the beginning and this is my Personal touch that I'm changing the I'm Changing the base recipe and I'm adding This spice mix which I think is going to Complement everything nicely let's have A look at the cookware so for the Cookware it's the same as usual for all The terrains away from the miner you can Use the bowl with the wooden spatula if You want to do this by hand I'm using a Long Terin as you can see here but you Can use a square one or whatever you Like like it does not matter nothing Changes on the cookware side and now let Me put all the ingredients together and We're going to go through so here we are These are the ingredients we need so

We're going to start with the new ones And the newcomers so this is the pimo Deset the special French Chili Peppers Who would have imagine we've got chili Peppers in France the black cherry jam The pork Scotch we know I've made some Nice large cubes and this is the pork Belly that I've already means I've added Some fat you can see the color how white It is because it was quite Lin and I Want to have something nice and F nice And moist it's going to give some mu mu In French is that softness think of a Mattress you know when mattress is Mu is When you go on the mattress is kind of Nice and soft like a cushion you don't Want something too bone dry that's going To be really it's not interesting when It's too dry so we want to have some Some good amount of fat in there for the Rest and the standard things we going to Have the plenty of salt the pepper and The spice mix the egg and the cream to Go fast here I'm just going to put the Seasoning when we're going to be mixing But again and remember if you want you Could have pre-season everything before The day before and then start your Preparation but this is really up to you For the demonstration we're going to go The first way let's start mixing so Final recup remember this is the last Time we're going to see the this tering After we move to something else so

Remember if I asking you from here you Got your pork belly try to think what Needs to be done okay little time to Think well remember we need to have that Kind of Base that that glue mix and that That kind of plaster like so pork belly Always the basic we've got the salt the Pepper and I'm putting the spice and We're going to start to mix this for a Few minutes followed by the egg and the Cream that's always the order so let me Put the attachment and start mixing now You will note as well before I start That I've only added the salt the pepper And the spice mix and we still have the Eslate pepper and the jam that's going To come afterwards okay so two to 3 Minutes let's go So here we are after two or 3 minutes We're going to go with the egg and the Cream and same as usual we're going to Wait until everything goes together and Create a big uniform mass that looks Very good let's put this off and add the Rest of the meat I can't help but notice That kind of yellowish change and you See that was the freshness of the egg Because my brother andlaw just dropped Some eggs right they got chicken and This is the freshest egg you can get and Look at this when you have really fresh Produce it transform your preparation And this is really so valid in shark Anything you can get being meat produ

And even an egg if it's top quality it's The best so what we're going to do here We're going to use all of the pork Scotch put that In followed by of course the famous Pimon Espet and the gam this is the the Special okay so look at that black Cherry jam you could put more if you Want so you see all these colors it Really starts to look interesting so I'm Going to put my attachment back and We're going to mix again I'm about to Start and let me tell you that that Chili I can smell it from here it's Fragrant love it so we're going to mix The whole lot again I'm going to spend a Good two or four minutes on low speed Because that's the last step here before We put this into the tering wow now look At these colors before we had this Staring with the pistachios the duck and Now we got something totally different It's like all red kind kind of color Like a red Earth I don't know if you can See but these black things are pieces of Of cherries you got Cherry chunks you Get the chiy everywhere that powder form And then you get the different types of Meat and the smell the fragrance of that Of that Terin is quite amazing and and I Love making tering I think it's such a a Fun activity and really I hope you can Understand by now that this is really

Not difficult to make your own tering at Home it is so easy and it's it's like Being you know like one of this magician Making potion you know you put things a Bit of this a bit of that you mix the Whole lot oh let's put this in the oven Let's see what happen it's great so Let's put it in the ter and then we have It so now I have skipped the step of Showing you how we put the thing you Still have to press everything make sure It goes into the corner and the one Thing I want to mention that I didn't Mention is also the actual dish itself The Terin it is fun to make the actual Terin the mixture but to play around With different containers like this and Having different shapes is also Something you can do and when you have This on the table if you make multiple Ones it can come to a great effect for Christmas or whatever so you can have Round one oval ones long one high ones There's all kinds of stuff I've been Limited here with what I've got but on Your end you may be able to find all Sorts of things and that's also adds to The you know the fun of making sharket TR so what I'm going to do here the same As usual we're going to skip the the Step of showing you the crust you've Seen this so 10 minutes under the grill To get the coloring and then I'm going To cook this all the way to 80° C I put

The equ on fit and I'm just going to Share with you the result when it's Cooked I kind of imagine that we're Going to have some kind of uh melted fat Is going to have a red tinge but I'm not Sure about this let's find out what a Beautiful color so my Basque style Tering is now ready is cooked and as you Can see that red tin and you remember What I said about the oil the fat that I Wanted to have I thought it was going to Have some kind of VAR let me get some There some of the f look at this It's got a slight tinch to it which is Beautiful look at this color oo I'm so So looking forward to this but as always I'm going to have to put a lead on and We're going to have to leave this to the Rest one or two hours room temperature In the fridge overnight and it's only Tomorrow that we're doing the slicing And the tasting can't wait the next day Has arrived finally and then we can Slice The Basque style Terin open and There's a lot on the side there's a lot Actually of colors you see this kind of Orangey colors lots of paper I wonder if I' i' been a little bit heavy-handed Here so let's sliced straight in is Pretty tough I want to see the color Oo that is I love the Tinge look at this WOW me take one off oo that's really Interesting look at that o Perfect all

Right so REO zoomed on the slice now Look at this absolutely love the Distribution I can see the pieces of Espet pepper it's got a nice kind of red Tinge to it and of course tasting note I Think I'm going to go to w I'm going to Use the pieces here first off let me try One on its Own it is Spicy and you can just feel the um it is The character of the chili it's actually Not too hot but it is a little bit spicy For sure now sweetness wise I could feel The that jam to much so what I'm going To do here I'm going to be totally Crazy and take this and dip it in a Little bit of the the black cherry gam Just see what happened mhm that's a bit German like you know that's kind of um a Toast with jam and Pate it is done a lot In Germany you'll be amazed you see it Actually works it it really combines Very well with the spiciness you know You get this kind of combination of of Spice on one side as you as you eat the Heat of the chili and then the sweetness Of the cherries this is so [Music] Interesting [Music] [Music] Me Me

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