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Delicious Provence-Style Garlic Lemon Chicken Recipe

Now today let's celebrate lemons now When you look at the lemon The thing that comes to your mind is not France most of the time it's Italy Perhaps Spain but in fact the south of France the town of Martin next to nice Has got a Lemon Festival just to tell You how huge uh you know the amount of Lemon you can find over there is so what Is the lemons Festival the old town is Painted with lemons and there's even Cards and decoration made out of real Lemons entire the entire city okay so Today we're going to celebrate Lemons With that recipe which is simple braised Chicken with garlics and lemon so it Celebrates these two ingredients from The south of France the garlic and the Lemon a little bit of stock a little bit Of wine very simple and very quick for The food preparation let's begin with Here the lemon one very important thing Need to peel the lemon as I'm going to Show you here and remove all of the skin And also the white parts so the flesh Needs to be exposed totally and when That's done You're gonna cut slices of lemon that is Totally skinless this is very important To avoid your big bitterness in your Dish Herbs this is a provincial herbs are Mixed herbs then you've got the usual Suspect of course the bay leaf the

Garlic garlic has to be peeled and a Half and you need about 15 cloves and Lots of garlic in that recipe the Chicken season with salt and pepper and Then Dust it with flour so just the Dustingness and it's a little bit of Flour not tons of it for the rest we're Going to use some white chicken stock on Here you could use brown chicken stock But what you can stock you can make your Own or use something from the shop it's Fine and a little bit of wine there is Some cream in some recipe I'm not gonna Use it today but if you really want you Can use cream for the cookware we're Going to be using a standard kind of Dutch oven any kind of casserole dish Something that needs to go or can go in The oven so we got everything ready make Sure you prepare all the stuff you'll Find everything on the recipe card and Let's begin The first thing we're going to do always When you use stock being stuck from the Shop or your own you stabilize it you Bring it to the boil at least until the Bubbles come like this you know it's Safe and it can also like this reduce a Little bit and concentrate the flavor Interestingly today we're gonna flavor The stock directly with the garlic Cloves you're going to rinse them well Under on the Clear Water I'm going to Put them in there when the stocks boil

Now while we're at it I want to say Something about these things here These are the so-called germs which is The Sprout that leaves inside the garlic And we always say in French oh remove The germ that means remove the little The Sprout so these are the things it is Basically the garlic starting to grow in There and there is a saying oh you're Gonna get the whole dish bitter and a Lot of people are like oh you know what It's not exactly true I've tried one It's not that bitter so yes one garlic Clove it's not the end of the world or Two in this case when you get 15 of them This is what I've removed Now I can guarantee you that if you boil This into your dish all these Sprouts Here you're gonna get A definite slight bitterness going in There for sure okay so keep this in mind This is why it is important to remove This process it starts to boil up we put All the garlic and I'm gonna wait one or Two minutes My stock is now ready I've left it here Turned the heat off the garlic is in There and I'm gonna leave it on the side While I'm Browning the chicken as soon As you're in the south of France you're Gonna have olive oil mixed with butter The north is only better and the sauce Is either only olive oil or a mix of the Above this is what I've got here I'm

Going to use a medium heat you don't Want to go too hard with this chicken But you want a good coloring sides first So I'm gonna start and let them color Gently One thing to remember always when you're Doing this use a timer the timer is your Friend and this is the thing I've Learned the hard way when I was doing a Cooking competition on National Television about five minutes on each Side Is what's going to give you That nice coloring you see and this is Why I like to use flour and do things in Batches not to overcrowd the pan so we Want a nice coloring After around 10 minutes five minutes on Each side I'm gonna discard the chicken here and Remove the excess fat that resides at The bottom of the pan So when we mention removing the excess Of fat is to avoid that you got a Massive Pond of fat in here because we Need to caramelize whatever Brown bits Are in there to concentrate the flavors We can do a deglazing I usually keep the Excess of fat which is here in a little You know your jar your bowl on the side Because it can come in handy you never Know I've put here my my bay leaves and I'm gonna put my heat to pretty high on Here okay and wait for this to come to

Temperature to sizzle to crackle and We're gonna do a little Deglassy and deglazing first by putting Some shallots in so first you wait until The temperature rise up and that's brown Bits caramelized a bit I'm always using this bay leaf as you See when I put them as an indicator when I know it's hot enough so I know it's Hot enough Very very quickly just for a minute or Two maximum we don't want to burn the Shallot I'm going to add some flavor Before adding the wine in That's good enough immediately The wine So quick reminder the wine is ready to Grab all these Brown juices and put them Into your sauce okay that's the whole Purpose and we cook the wine to kill off The acidity of the wine and remove the Excess of alcohol this is what you you Usually do this and that's the whole Purpose you're gonna wait just a few Minutes until the one kind of becomes Semi syrupy As soon as we've got a few tablespoon Left You put all the garlic and the stock in And same thing gonna bring to the boil And leave to reduce for a few minutes It's a very tight kind of sauce so it's Going to really just braise it was Between saute and braised chicken

The stock is boiling and now is a good Time to preach the oven at 190 degrees Celsius as soon as the oven is ready I'm Gonna put the chicken in which is just a Few minutes maybe three to five minutes I am done and this is my little Reduction here I've concentrated the Flavor I'm gonna start by adding some Pepper in here not too much with a bit Of extra salt and again not too much you Can always add this later I'm gonna put The herbs in here as well as of course The lemon Pieces of lemon this is with the heat Off And then stir everything through like This nothing special nothing particular And then slowly I'm gonna add my chicken Piece by piece on there And I'm gonna keep these skins drying to Have a nice look when we're going to be Serving the dish afterwards So this is what we have before we put The dish in the oven as you can see it's Very very rudimentary there's nothing Special it's really home cooking French Home cooking using garlic and lemon Added simplest but you know what I do With that little extra oil I have I Always put it back and I'm going to Moisten the top of this lovely Brown Chickens on here and to make sure They're not too dry they're nice and Oily I'm gonna put a lid on and then

We're gonna cook this for 40 minutes Maybe 45 and that's gonna be it easy It's been 35 minutes and my chicken is Now cooked and by the way I forget to uh To tell but this is only chicken Thai Song because you can take a beating so What we're going to do here is scoop out The chicken and finish the sauce Once the chicken has been removed you Have to finish the sauce which is Usually just a matter of bringing this To the boil and reduce slightly until You have the desired consistency so you Got two choices here okay there's two School that's the sauce for the purist Undisturbed chicken stock garlic lemon Okay You can reduce a little bit just for a Few minutes and then you're gonna pour This over the chicken and put the Chicken in a pound of sauce or service The sauce on the side okay that's one Option now because there is two School And you can see what the sauce looks Like like that I'm gonna do another Version here with the cream that I've Talked at the beginning so I'm not going To add it but let's make everybody happy And I will do a finished dish with a bit Of cream the cream does break down the Acidity it is quite lemony of course It's a lemon chicken right so I'm gonna Reuse a bit add a bit of cream and Transform the sauce a little bit when

You use cream you need to make sure you Have enough otherwise it's gonna have That weird look of a half creamy half Watery with like particles in there so You want to make sure you've got I've Got a good one or two tablespoon And when you mix this is where you're Gonna know if there is enough or not Most of the time when you add cream to a Sauce like this you want to have almost The same amount of in a cream against The liquid although you see these kinds Of semi-water-ish kind of thing you Don't have that creamy look you want Lots of cream so if you go to cream way Like that Your sauce has to have a majority of Cream so you have cream first and that Thickness of the cream I'm gonna bring That to the boil and then the rest That's almost 150 ml of cream in there It's a lot okay that's just to give you An idea if you go to cream way you know It's it's another stage for the sauce The sauce Is boring and you see what what I mean When you got enough cream you really Have that nice creamy texture and that's Very important if you don't have that Creamy texture you don't have enough Cream Yeah But there you know Definitely a bit of salt a bit of pepper

Another three minutes reduction My sauce is now ready this is the Consistency we've got Okay the first thing you're gonna do When you finish your sauce you're gonna Taste so you take a bit of your sauce You taste Like I did before it's fine if needed Salt and Pepper you adjust the seasoning Consistency how do you know when it's Ready the coating consistency of your Sauce look at this if I put my finger in Here it makes a clear Mark that means I've got a coating consistency this is The gold standard this sauce making to Know when your sauce is fake enough you Don't need to overdo it as long as it Can coat or spoon or something like this And when you put your finger you get a Mark you're good your sauce is now ready So I'm going to put everything the Chicken and the sauce in a new dish do Some decoration and I'm gonna wrap up The video And here we are so I've chosen a flat Shallow dish here for the presentation So you can see the chicken you can see The sauce and with some simple Decoration of lemon parsing a few herbs This is what you can get and this is a Typical sappho France lemon and garlic Chicken but the lemon is written Number One Taste now if you enjoy Citrus or Anything acidic you're gonna love this

Edition you've got two options you're Gonna have it with the cream and with That now just remember if you add cream You need to have enough cream at least 150 ml to really have that nice creamy Effect for the rest I'm ordering for Your comments and tell me what you think About the dish okay I'll see you all in The next video Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby

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