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Delicious vanilla custard pudding ready in 30 minutes | one pot wonders Ep.7

What about making some dessert as part Of this little one-pot Series this is Not exactly one part but I thought we Could still fit it in and the one Dessert that everybody likes in France It's really home cooking friendly is the Creme caramel which is the custard Friend with caramel but you have to make The caramel code dish or small Ramekin With caramel it's a bit convoluted so How can you simplify this well it's very Simple you ditch the caramel and you Just use the custard this is what all The moms and Grandma are doing in France And it is exactly what we're going to do And what you need is milk eggs sugar and A bit of vanilla that's about it [Music] This dessert in France is called like It's just a custard flame and the golden Ratio the no first ratio you can use is Half a liter of milk six eggs three of Which we're gonna use whole and three of Which are just going to be the egg yolk And then about 80 to 100 grams of sugar Depending on how sweet you want this Stuff And of course the vanilla bean okay That's just for the ingredients super Simple so what exactly am I calling this The one pot recipe because now we're Going to be using a pan and warming up The milk instead of mixing everything Just into the One Bowl because the milk

Which is here a half a liter Can be used cold if you really wanted to The only reason you're gonna warm up the Milk is to accelerate the diffusion of Flavor into the milk with the vanilla The seeds and the pot now if you want to Use a cold milk you can put the milk Like this pour your vanilla leave this In the fridge for a few hours or best Overnight and you can use it cold and I Get this question all the time why do we Warm up the milk that's the only reason To accelerate the flavoring so I've got The milk medium heat I'm gonna add the Vanilla in Well Done olive oil is in if You have these seeds that are a bit Clumps together they make clumps you mix A little bit and that's it you're gonna Also now as soon as you start pretty Oven at 150 degrees Celsius I'll put the Equivalent on Fahrenheit on the screen And now let's move to the other side and Make the eggs Now this is such a family stuff like my Grandma used to make it my mom used to Make it because it's so simple you take The sugar okay that's it you're gonna Take your three eggs you put them in There you're gonna take your three egg Yolks put them in there And you break things apart and oh what You do here that's it mix everything Together The milk is ready and one of the reasons

You don't want to boil the milk is that It could cook your eggs so if it's Really hot use always a fine Mash if you Pour a little bit of milk in first Cool down the mixture like this it's Coming two temperatures we don't burn Your eggs as we say And then you put the rest and the fine Meship is to catch all the hard beads You know the residue of the vanilla that Sort of thing and that's it we're done Right it is time for the burmary Workshop we've got the roasting Trail Burst English whatever you call it you Take your container you place this dry Into your container inside there you Don't put the Custard in and try to put In because you're going to put it Everywhere when it's here you can be Careful and refilter to make sure There's no hard bits the excess of Vanilla and you're gonna keep on going Until it's all filled the custard is in Next we need to put the warm water it Has to be warm water into the dish what I do I bring you know the kettle to the Boil and I'm Gonna Fill This with warm Water now it has to go on the side about Three quarters of the way or a minimum Halfway up the side here I don't know It's not going to cook properly the Other trick do not pour the water now And try to transfer this to your oven Because you're going to wobble and most

Likely what is going to fall into here So what we do I'm going to show you Going to bring these leggings without The water and add the water at the last Minute so this is what I mean this is my Oven the door is open I've got the dish Inside I've got my water I push this on The sides and now I'm gonna pour very Slowly the water until it's three Quarters of the way up and that's it Perfect and from here very gently you're Gonna slide You try back in and close the open door 150 degrees Celsius is the temperature I Like to use some people say you have to Use 180 I for that 180 the water starts To sometimes boil gets too hot there's Bubbles it overcook your cream and it Can Splash into your dish so 150 is a Safe Zone we're going to be cooking this For about 30 minutes maybe 40 as soon as The wall will stop and I'll show you With a knife how to know when it's Cooked wow now this was actually Insanely fast in that little shallow Dish here that took me barely 25 minutes And this thing is Solid I think even 20 minutes would have Been okay but most of the time you need To have a little war ball somewhere in The middle and you blanch a knife if the Knife comes out kind of dry like this There's no wet patch on it it's done and It's cooked so we're gonna leave it to

Cool down before putting this in the Fridge it is better served cold you Don't need to leave it overnight but the Cold temperature is good now it looks Plain and simple For me I like it like this it's not Meant to be a superstar of a dessert it Is all in the taste and it's very Comfort footage but if you really want To get some kind of brown patches I'm Going to throw this under the grill very Very briefly to get some coloring and Show you it looks like and there we have It this is the broiled version and Really sometime it makes me think what's The difference between home cooking and Restaurant style stuff where the Restaurant style is almost exactly the Same recipe as this and instead of just Cooking it and eating it there's all These presentation bits you're going to Play with the ratio of eggs how many Whole eggs how many egg yolks you get Something a bit more creamy but that's About it the recipe you know is the same If I didn't do the broiling yeah it Looks better but you know It's going to taste pretty much the same But that's the look you can get you can Use a blow torch like a kitchen Blowtorch but I don't like gas and to Have that taste of like you know blow Torching gas over my cream there that's Good for me

I could not wait for that thing to be Cold because I really have a you know a Soft spot for the cremos and the problem Is when I get started it's very hard for Me to stop so what I did is this A medium-sized spoon it's sort of thing In the massive spoon and let's have a Look This is with the broil I'm I want to Start digging around here and just kind Of Get some oh Um The cross with the broiled Look at that Um And I just love it and just so addictive I mean it's just that thing you you Plant your spoon you know dig out a Piece like this boom you know it's kind Of wobbly it's got a nice color Um Vanilla flavor But I'm going to stop here because I Know when I'm gonna finish the whole Dish immediately wow no I think I really Do have a bit of an addictive problem With this cremovers because it is really Hard to stop now if you're looking for Something really quick to make you want To feel that you know that Sweet Craving This is great 30 minutes top you can Make it it's better cold but even kind Of lukewarm like this it's actually work

You can flavor it with you know Sometimes people put orange lemon I've Seen even passion fruit or whatever Flavoring but for me the plain simple Vanilla is the one that work and there's No caramel remember so it's very very Easy to make as a one pot but that Completes the video for this week and Join me again next week as we continue The adventure of the one pot wonders to Bring something new to the table and I'm Really enjoying that bit of trying the Dishes so come back next week I'll see You guys next time bye Thank you Baby you Look at me [Music] [Music]

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