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Deliciously Golden Saffron Mussel Soup” | Mediterranean recipe finale

Okay so for this recipe we're going to Be using mussels that are going to be Cooked Marina style the basic style then Use the muscles to make something a bit More intricate that recipe is going to Be the classic muscle soup with saffron It's something that you can find in the South of France but also in other places As you can see there's plenty of flavors That goes into there but it is a good Place to start when you want to start to You know evolve or improve your muscle Game okay so let's see how it's made So immediately let's start of course With the Mison plus the preparation of Ingredients and as you can see there's a Lot of things going on on here on your Left we're gonna be starting of course With the kilo of muscle and all the Ingredients that we've seen for the Marina style of muscles or mainly the Shallots finely chopped and the parsley We're gonna chop a little bit more the Butter and the wine on the other side on Your right these are the ingredients We're going to be using to make the soup So once the mussels are cooked we're Gonna start to make the soup base with Finish up carrots licks fennel tomatoes Onion fish stock then we're gonna have Some cream and to finish salt pepper a Bit of star anisei or you can use Pasties if you like and some threads of Saffron

So it's a lot of little things but don't Worry the recipe is actually not all That difficult the first thing I'm going To do of course here is to prepare and Cook the mussels and then when that's Done we're gonna follow on with the rest Very quick recap on how to make the Marinama soul butter we're gonna have The shallot The Parsley but this time The reason I'm showing you this again is Because we're going to be using three Times the amount of wine as we usually Use so instead of like 40 mil we're Gonna have about let's say 150 it's a Bit more than three times because we Want to yield a lot of this nice muscle Juices so first Melted butter then put the shallots The butter is melted shallots One or two minutes So remember you start medium heat for The shallots one or two minutes then we Go Parsley The wine And then high heat Then we put the muscle and cook for six Minutes with the lid on on very high Heat The wine is boiling Muscles in You mix well put a lid on Six minute cooking time shaking from Time to time remember always a bit of a

Shake Six minutes the mussels are ready we're Gonna scoop them out reserve them in a Bowl and let them cool down before we Can take them out of the shell you're Gonna take the juice and you're gonna Feel to the juice to make sure there's No grit left behind Perfect so not that you've cooked the Marinara muscle you got two things you Get the mussels that we're going to Reserve a little bit of juices and you Got the muscle fumer that is freshly Made with that we're going to be using a Fish stock now if you're one of the Students that completed her beginner Course or our sauce course you will know About making your own fish female it's Always the best option but I'm conscious That not everybody has done the course Or you don't have this at home so I am Purposely using here a off the shelf Seafood stock in order to make that soup It is the next best thing but it works Because now we at least have something That we have homemade that beautiful Muscle female here okay so we're gonna Sanitize the stock first take another Pan Take this out and start the rest of the Recipe So when you're ready let's go we're Gonna start off course by melting the Butter

In the pot [Music] The butter is now melted we're going to Start by Putting the onions if you have some Extra Shadows like I had some extra ones You can put them as well Medium heat And give a good two minutes for this to Get them started before we add the other Vegetable Once your onions are fragrant we're Gonna follow with the rest of the Ingredients so it's a super So we've got leeks We've got carrots I'm gonna go easy on The leeks day and you're also going to Have this piece of thymine is trying to Sneak in Fennel there's plenty of fennel and Server France fennel is used a lot now If you don't have any sorry not enough Fat in there you can add a little bit of Olive oil into the mix and now we're Gonna spend a good Five minutes on a rather medium medium Low to leave these two sweat a little Bit After four to five minutes you will see That your vegetables when we say to Sweat the vegetables is ready to render Some water and you see how they you know They're falling in kind of size and They're getting a little bit soft and

Translucent I've added actually a Tablespoon of olive oil as I mentioned In here and we really rely on this fresh Flavors has to be fragrance has to be Floral we call that in France Fleury Flurry talking about the flower it is All the vegetable side of things and This is nice Garden Fresh flavors now This is a little bit of a thickened soup A bit like a velute so we're going to Add 20 grams of flour if you're gluten Intolerant you can just add corn flour At the end Okay so a bit like a roux We're gonna do the same Principle as the Volute Always a little bit of flour in there But not too much you don't want to have Something like a veluta it's reach just A little bit of flour to thicken the Whole lot okay Now we're gonna add some aromatics so The aromatics Bit of time it's up to you how strong You want it in time too small they live In here okay and now it's going to be The time of adding the rest of the Ingredients mainly The beautiful muscle female and the fish Stock Okay so I'm gonna start Always leaving a little bit behind Because there may be some grits there You never know so always I'm never

Finishing the actual Bowl in here so That's a base of taste very important And then we're going to take the fish Stock that is in the back here has been Sanitized and then same thing I'm gonna add this in there up half a Liter With this we're gonna add Some tomato because we like to have a Bit of a tomato flavors and then of Course bring this to boils I'm gonna Raise my heat to accelerate things a Little bit My soup starts to simmer and you've not I didn't add any salt what I'm gonna do Here is a little bit of pepper you never Add too much salt in soups in French Cooking and here especially because the Mussels are full of salt We're going to add the garlic Okay and we're going to now reduce the Heat and leave this to simmer for a good 15 minutes to concentrate the flavors The time is up I'm gonna turn my heat off and this is What we've got the the soup has Thickened slightly okay it's really Reduced a little bit not too much just Enough to concentrate the flavor so of Course what we're gonna do here we're Gonna taste now always taste your Preparation Okay No

No you know what I kind of forgot how Good that soup was Wow now it is really something Um very very special the muscle soup but Anyway this is the first part that is Done now this is not your type of Countryside soup where you're going to Put all the vegetables in there what Needs to happen is that we need to Filter all of the garnish here through a Sieve pressing down everywhere you know The mixture to extract all the vegetable Juices and we're gonna put this Into another pan that I've got here okay And we can then finish the the soup with The saffron the star anise opacities and The cream okay so let me filter that Soup and show you Now if you did not understand I made a Message if you didn't understand what I Meant by pressing down you've got your Sieve and you're gonna press like this With a portion now it's a little Ladle And you're gonna press and get as many Juices as you can you can extract as Much as you can in there and you can see There's not too much but don't worry You've got the cream And we're back on the stove so the first Thing we're going to do is to raise the Heat and this is what we've got there is Some reddish color because we had some Tomato but as you can see we're far from That kind of saffron color which is kind

Of the yellowish color and this is going To happen now the first thing we're Going to do is to use a stone you see You can use a tablespoon of pastis if You like and we're gonna start by adding The creams up to 100 ml Okay so That plays with the color so you're Gonna get the white canvas on here And with this of course gonna come this Afternoon the saffron is very very Difficult to use so I'm gonna start to a Little bit and we're gonna see how we're Gonna go with the color but first let's Bring this to a light boil first The soup is almost done here and now It's just a matter of reducing and Adjusting the amount of saffron and Anything more than half a gram to get That color you see there's a little Color coming so I may add a little bit More it's like two pinches of it that Are really crushing my in my fingers Here and that is gonna be it you can go A bit further But you have to be careful because Saffron is very strong and I found it Like it happens to me a lot of time by Wanting to get too much color you get Too much taste So sometimes not having that super Yellow color is for the best because You're not gonna kind of destroy your Soup you still want to have the taste of

The muscle and everything and not just The saffron soup okay So we've got a nice tinge and I'm going To leave this now to reduce for a good 10 minutes again Now for the reduction you can afford you Know a light boil like this and you see The color already the second pinch it Starts to get really yellow so I'm glad I didn't put any more saffron in there The time is up the soup is now Ready to be served and we can talk about The thickness because this is not your Standard type of soup that you have Usually with all the bits and stuff and Not super thick this is a typical French Style which is very very liquid as you Can see this is the consistency if you Want the soup to be a bit thicker you Can add some corn flour and dilute it in A little bit of the soup in here but Usually That is fine it is very delicate it's Got an extremely subtle flavor of all The vegetables that we had before Especially with the fennel you get the Star energy that is quite strong the Saffron and that will go perfectly with The mussels that are actually still Reserve on the side and don't put them In other words they're going to Overcooked immediately so now well done Let's serve Look at this little table the table so

How do you serve this muscle and saffron Soup usually you can have some croutons On the side I've just toted some toasted Some bread on here and you can put some Muscle like this at the bottom you have To absolutely filter the soup before to Catch all these saffron little bits that May be floating around and then the soup Is extremely hot And I'm just gonna Pour the soup but not overdoing it so That you won't To see on here The muscles And with that we're going to attach of Green Now the touch of green has to be really Minimal so I'm going to try to be very Very gentle I'm using otherwise some Parsley but you see how I'm frying it Like this in Little Bits really just a Hint because otherwise the pot is too Strong you don't want to denature the Whole thing and that's about it we can Dig in So there we have it for the presentation And uh It's hard when it's beautiful like this Is to want to try something so what Should I do where should I start maybe Okay I'll put a little burnt Crouton in There to start with in the sauce I want To taste this in the Crotona sauce first Saffron with the bread it's very elegant

So that's a restaurant style Kind of dish but Let me try Of course the muscle like that with the Soup the saffron and the muscle stalks That's what I thought It works perfectly this is elegant Absolutely leggings so I hope you like The recipe and if you want to learn more About this technical stuff on how to Layer flavors use the muscle Mariner Make another recipe I would strongly Advise to check her online school we've Got four courses and how Flagship course Is one of the most successful there is Online we've got more than almost 2 500 Students enrolled and it will teach you Everything there is to know about French Cooking starting from the very beginning And really transform your cooking Link In the video description and honestly Doing this kind of thing is going to Allow you to do that sort of dishes at Home but that's it for this week I'll See you next week for another beautiful Video take care bye [Music] Oh [Music] I don't wanna jinx it baby [Music] [Music] Maybe you'll kill me You're giving me

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