Deliciously Satisfying: Sautéed Courgette and Chorizo Recipe - Perfect Summery Side Dish!
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Deliciously Satisfying: Sautéed Courgette and Chorizo Recipe – Perfect Summery Side Dish!

When it comes to cooking courgette one Of the thing to do is to keep things Very simple and plain especially when You start and that is going to allow you To avoid having this kind of Disappointment of having a soggy kind of Dish courgette can very quickly get Soggy and moist and they're not super Appetizing so what we're going to do Here is a nice saute dish sliced Courgette saute in the pan or pan fry it With onion cumin and chorizo this is one Of my go-to recipe because I'm not a fan Of the sogginess but that really keeps The freshness it doesn't take long and It's actually tastes and look great so Let's have a look before we start Cutting and preparing everything let's Talk about the ingredients so the Courgette you can use small ones All odd ones it doesn't matter we're Going to use an onion a bit of lemon Zest this is the cumin olive oil and for The chorizo it is a hard chorizo a semi Hard ones a bit spicy you can get a Myelin if you want but most important Make sure before we cut anything you Remove that skin there okay now let's go For the cutting enough for the Mison Plus very straightforward we got Finley Does onion Destroy though it comes also in Medium-sized kind of Cubes not Cubes but I cut it in half in half again and then

Lengthways like these to have these Little pieces all right that's standard What's left to do now is the corset I'm Going to show you a little trick on how To make something uh that looks a little Bit better than the standards so for the Corset like I said you can use any saw That you want we're gonna slice them Like this but when they're playing with All the skin they don't look always the Best and they tend you know they tend to Be hard to cook I've got a little trick Here that I always do to accelerate the Process so first off the courgette we're Gonna remove the ends so okay one side The other just to make it make it nice And it's and what I'm doing I'm using a Simple pillar here okay and I'm gonna Remove a little bit Of skin so you see one one strip I turn Around Another strip I turn around another Strip so you get this kind of little Decoration it's not super perfect But it really helps with cooking and Trust me it looks better look at this When you move it you know this is nice Okay from here the slices usually you Want to go About three to four millimeters in size Okay so you can go slow you measure with Your finger you make sure you see this Is the kind of size that you want okay And you keep on slicing if you want to

Make them a bit thinner you can don't Make them too thick because this is a Saute dish okay So take your time you see when you cut Don't go like that the exercise is Really measuring of your finger always And take these opportunities to retrain Yourself with this knife anytime you Have a quarter because this is great you Notice you go there and once you get More confidence you can accelerate and Make more things but look at this we got All these nice slices roughly all the Same size and they look great Here we are the mizon plus is ready and You see what I said look at this How lovely they look just in that little Bowl like this with this decoration Rather than the simple always straight Green courgettes you get something Different so before you start cooking we Want the onion we want the courgette the Olive oil the cumin seeds and the choice And now let's go on the stove We always talk about Meson plus but of Course remember the Amazon Plus is also Setting yourself up on the stove I Always kind of have my stuff ready in Here it's just so much more enjoyable so We're going to be using a non-stick pan The reason being when you begin like This you can use a stainless steel pan But this is easier nothing is going to Stick ineviable to toss around

Everything Glides very easily it's not a Problem we're gonna use a good medium to High heat to start with and we're using A good amount of olive oil here easily Two and a half tablespoon and we're Gonna start by cooking The cumin seed in that oil and to infuse The flavor and then add the onion You really want to heat up your pan you Almost want to have this cumin thing to Start to pop a bit like popcorn and you Can see these tricks on here How the oil is really really hot it Starts to flow really like water that's A sign that we've got a nice temperature But they can take a beating this one and So are the onions So we're going to spend a good five Minutes You know cooking these with the cumin And they're going to absorb most of the Oil As always look at this the little timer You see my time is always up this is the Color I've got after five minutes and It's slightly Brown like this you want That kind of interesting color it's not Something to Blends so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna turn my uh the timer off I'm Gonna Reserve everything all the onions In a bowl Now let's prepare the courgettes so the Courgettes are like to do them you can Cook them with the onions but most

Likely if you do that they're not going To cook properly or sear properly and Then the onion may burn because you want A super mega high heat I didn't even Want to use like a larger burner like That I may change it off camera but I Want to show it to start with so not too Much oil to start with the quartet a Tablespoon maximum okay And same as with the cumin you want to Wait until your pan is sizzling hot Always think when you cook that even if You heat up your pan especially Non-stick as soon as the courgette that Are quite cold they're going to come Into their the temperature of this is Gonna drop Sometimes using this burner Is not big enough you may want to change To a larger burner if you see that it Doesn't see it you don't want the thing To start to get soggy it gets soggy if The pan is not hot enough it will be Super hot at the beginning but very Quickly after you will see your burner May struggle in which case you want to Turn that off and move to a larger bone Immediately don't wait okay that should Be fine on here Let's have a look we're gonna put one or Two in there Sounds good All the courgettes in I'm not Overcrowding my panel reading batches is Necessary

Good quality salt very important I'm Using salt flakes great Okay and then a bit of pepper I just want To Sear and color the you know the corsets On here they're taking like six to seven Even up to eight minutes And all what we're gonna do Is the work by hand okay so it's going To be really that that's saute it's a Very very slow and you pull the pants Towards you like that you don't need to Make a big high gesture you start easy And you want to have this coloration so I'm gonna spend like a good six seven Minutes doing this always maximum heat Possible Okay as soon as I've got some color I'm Gonna add all the onions back Spread them over And do a nice Gentle saute again with everything in There After a minute or so I'm done I'm taking The pan of the heat immediately And I'm Gonna Leave This To finish to cook on the side while I'm Making the chorizo for the chorizo Smoking pan you can use a stainless pin I've got a steel pan here and really I'm Doing this in another pan to avoid Having all this oil going into the Courthouse and have red courgettes

Everywhere So just a minute on there Same thing a bit of a saute of the Chorizo Within a minute or two you see all the Oils off I'm gonna drain this put it on A paper towel and that's it we're going To assemble the dish because it's Already I'm gonna take a dish put the Courgette sprinkle some chorizo and Herbs and we're done and here we are the Table we served look at this little Simple saute courgette dish so as you Can see on the plate as a side or even On its own because you have a bit of Meat on here it looks quite appetizing And the corsets are moist but they're Not full of water and Soggy now you Don't want to leave them too long as Soon as they're cooked you serve it has To be eaten quite odd you don't want to Leave it kind of lukewarm it's not Really very very nice for the garnish You can use parsley or like here Coriander to add some you know different Notes and you know interesting flavors Interlude courses but this is it in a Nutshell how easy this it took me what You know 15 minutes something like this And you get something different on your Table that you perhaps never tried Before so my advice is go ahead take Your pan and try that I'll see you in The next video

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