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Deliciously Simple One Pot Braised Chicken in Mustard Sauce with white Wine

Welcome back everybody so this week We're making a main dish it is called The Dion chicken it is a recipe that was Given to me by a student of ours called David and someone that happened to meet In person at her latest book signing Event in Melbourne here's the book and Thank you very much for all the amazing Review you all left so David told me That this was from an old book from orre Ellis that actually I didn't know and he Sent me an extract and this is some of The text he sent me and why I should Make that recipe it is of course from Djon djon is the place where we make the Mustards so when you see a Dijon chicken It's going to mean a chicken coming with A creamy mustard sauce and you get the Chicken version you can have the V Version the pork version what I like This is a very simple home friendly Types of recipe it's going to be perfect For me to Showcase that beautiful sauté Pan and to have that one part dish we're Going to be sort the chicken make the Sauce all in one is going to be Beautiful let's go the great thing about That recipe is that everything is really Kept to a minimum or what you're going To need is some uh chicken Chien you can Use just chicken toar or bre I just Break down a chicken in four pieces on Here salt and pepper on either side and If you want you can actually cover or

Dust slightly the chicken with flour Which is what I like to do because it Remove the moisture and too much Moisture on the skin or anything can Really have the chicken to stick and When you cook it we're going to cook it In butter but for the rest all what you Need is a bit of wine some cream some Mustard and two egg yolks to bind the Sauce so it is going to be very very Straightforward now let's jump straight Into the recipe so let's begin this is The pan I was talking about it is the Mel series with the cast iron Endo full Copper High gauge and we're going to Start with 40 gam of butter you can use Oil and butter if you want uh but I like To use plenty of butter and just taste Better I'm going to start to cook this Skin side first and another one Up now one of the thing that I like with This copper series compared to the Stainless steel series that I've got is That even if the pan that you have is Crowded like this and you need to color Your chicken on either side because of The copper conducting the heat that well Even using a medium to medium high heat I can just be patient and it will start To color and not lose the heat I really Like that feature because with the Stainless steel I have to say it was Either super super high heat and things Were about to burn and stick or medium

Heat and things were just boiling so the Copper pan in terms of performance they Do show an absolute Improvement so it's Been a bit more than 5 minutes and the Proof is in the pudding what I'm saying About this fans let's have a look at This coloration look at that see what I Mean and that one chicken breast look at This colors I'm just going to turn them Over and repeat the same coloring on the Other Side so the first part is done I've Colored my chicken on other side I've Started to add just bay leaves and a bit Of dry time in there you could add a bit Of garlic a bit of chot but this recipe Doesn't have anything or what relies on Is the souk and this coloration of the Caramelized juices of the chicken at the Bottom of the pan there's a little bit Of butter left and we're going to De Glaze with wine and braze the chicken You don't want to soak the dish it's Going to be more like a braze like a Shallow brazing so we've got barely 200 Mil and that's about it okay that's Going to start to boil and all what you Have to do from here is to put a lid on And continue to cook this for 20 25 Minutes or you know as long as it for Your pieces to be ready now remember Depending on the size of your chicken it May take shorter or a longer time the Breast if you want you can take them out

Before if you scared they going to be Overcooked but this is the standard for Chicken so I'm just going to cover the Lids okay we're going to cook the Chicken and when it's done we're going To finish the sauce and that's going to Be it we're ready the chicken is now Cooked if you're unsure about uh you Know your chicken if it's cooked or not Use a food Tor and the information given On the screen to know on the safe Temperature when it comes to the chicken Make sure you pretty over at 50° C to Keep the chicken warm and all what I'm Going to do is turn my heat up for the Moment I'm going to scoop out my chicken Reserve it in the tray on the side cover It with foil and place it in the oven While we make the sauce so first thing First I've removed my aromatics and this Is what I've got in my pan there's a lot Of things floating around there pieces Of chicken pieces of th so the first Thing I'm going to do also because I'm Using a really nice pan I'm going to Filter my sauce using a small s into Another container clean my pan and put Everything back so we can start on the Clean base look at this fresh clean pan I've got now my uh sauce I could remove The excess of fat but as per as coffee I'm going to leave all the taste in There some impurities and first bring This to a

Boo my cooking juices are boiling now I've just used the right amount so I'm Pretty much done in here I'm going to be Able to add the cream but if you have Too much wine if it's very very high You're going to need to reduce it until The the juice is here if you taste it it Must be slightly acidic but taste Strongly of chicken from Here you can add the cream what you how Much you add you can add anywhere Between 100 to 200 mil depending on how You like the cream I like to have plenty Of Cream and this is the Point where you can adjust the cream and You can boil your mixture once the Mustard is in and the eggs are in you Cannot boil your sauce anymore so all The reduction part happen now okay first With the wine and then with the cream I've reduced my cream for about 1 or two Minutes and this is the amount of sauce I have for 200 mil of cream the cream Coats my spoon nicely the original Recipe says to add the cream the mustard And the egg yolks together I tend to Differ because if you do that it's very Hard to then reduce and adjust the Consistency of your sauce so I will Recommend first add the cream reduce get The consistency then do your binding What I'm going to do now I'm going to Put some of this sauce in a bowl with The egg yolks and mix everything in so

This is the typical volut process have You got your base of the sauce I've I've Got my egg yolk and I'm going to mix Everything together first okay and Then put this into my sauce you can use A whisk if you want you can use a spoon There is no boiling that's happening I'm Going to add the mustard as well after Because I want to control it's all about Control so making I want to control the Taste of the mustard and then we have The finishing tou with the seasoning and Cayenne pepper so there we have it Beautiful sauce I've turned my head off For the time being and now it's going to Be time to add the mustard it is up to You how much mustard do you want this is A Dijon style so it's meant to have lots Of mustard I'm going to add first a Tablespoon mix taste and then see if I Need more so the first thing I'm going To do is Try and you see for me one tablespoon a Hip tablespoon of mustard is enough if You like you can put more so the last Touch is going to be the seasoning is Fine I think there's enough salt I'm Using white pepper by the way and here I'm using esaret pepper instead of the Cayenne pepper but again you know that's A personal choice and I think I'm going To add a touch of white pepper this time People have been telling oh why you Using always black peers because I don't

Have the fresh white pepper beans or Pepper corns all the time okay we've got The sauce ready we can now warm it up Slightly and the effect here is the same As a custard we're going to turn the Heat on very very low keep on stirring The whole Thing and par cook the eggs which is Going to thicken the sauce this is the Process of making a Volute based on egg Yolk okay and as soon as it's after a Minute or something or two I'm adding The chicken and we serve for the chicken Always the same we add first the Leftover cooking juices give this a stir Very slightly in there chicken is going In one by One and there we have it we've got the Beautiful sauce ready the chicken is in Now it's all matter of serving so we can Use another dish you can drenching sauce Or just put the chickens on top of the Sauce it is up to you what I'm going to Do here is a little tasting and then I'm Going to wrap up the video time for the Tasting so what I've done here I've got A mash on the side because I thought the Mash could be good but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it got a piece of Chicken on here and I've got the sauce Now you know The the thing I've said you can drench This over it's not a problem I'm going To drench it over but I'm not sure about

The cayenne pepper with the mustard if That is perhaps going to be making bit Of a clash so the sa is totally F that The amount of mustard you put if you Make the dish it's going to be really um It's going to depend on your taste so if You like it really really mustardy You're going to add more but I think it Is definitely a comfort dish you know I Mean you got that creamy fig sauce look At the Chicken nice and moist it's one of those Thing the more you eat it you're like oh Can I can I try again can I a bit more So yeah as David said I think as a Family dish definitely everybody's going To enjoy that I'm enjoying It I love the Simplicity I love the Taste it's full it's rich and it really Works Bravo well the taste of that V Still lingers on my palette so thank you Very much David to bring me this recipe Uh you know to my attention it's a Classic recipe but I think this Simplified version is going to help a Lot of people out there it is a family Dish it is a comfort dish and something That really doesn't prire many Ingredients and deliver on taste pairing Absolutely mashed potato is great a Glass of white wine I'm having a sh on Here it works perfectly in another notes We've got a new te on our patreon page We've revamped the patreon now you can

See how videos totally at free in 4k and Also have a free pass to get access to Our French Cooking Academy club the club Is the place where all the chatting Happening all the students we got 750 People in there you can talk with me all The time in real time I'm answering Question question we're interacting we Posting stuff it's a lot of fun so check It out that's for me I will see you next Week with another video we're doing a Solid dish next week with something a Bit different so if you want to continue On learning and piing some French dishes Go back to the channel and I see you all Next week take care all [Music] [Music] Bye-bye And [Music] Myself me wind and [Music] Rainfly Baby you Me [Music] My

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