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Easiest sauté potatoes technique and best pan for the job

Welcome back everybody so this week we Are making a side it's a potato dish and They are called the pom saute L it is a Saute potato from the southwest of France and we're going to be learning Two things on here first one how to saut Potatoes starting row there's no Precooking and second we're going to be Using or learn how to use that very Special pan here this is a rounded sauté Pan made of carbon steel and its sole Purpose in life of that pan is to Brown Sear and sauté things these o pens is Making a big comeback into professional Kitchen and I wanted to take it for a Drive see pair of forms and how useful It can be in a home kitchen so let's go Now these saute potatoes fall into the Category of the So-Cal duck fat sauté Potatoes but they are slightly different Than the usual one because there's just More ingredients this is the Southwest Version of France where you have the Duck fat you got the potatoes you need To use waxy potatoes which are the Potato you use for salads and then You're going to have some onions some Ram usually it's a jeun Bion from the Town of Bayon in the southwest of France This is Serano ham and some mushroom if It's in season you can use the sep known As the pori mushroom at the end it's Going to be the same and a usual suspect You're going to have the chop parsley

The Press garlic to toss in at the end Okay but as you can see there's just More ingredients in and the most Important for that technique which is Called the pom sa AC so we're going to Be saing them row is to take them out of The water and really dry them absolutely Properly you don't want the potatoes to Be wet at all they have to be totally Dry before we're going to start to toss Them in the pan okay now let's go in the Stove so what's the deal with this Rounded saut pan especially the steel One where most of the time uh everybody Use you know frying pans and the steel Frying pan was you know kind of famous For searing steak and stuff and nowadays What the chef I think have realized is That having the steel pan with that Shape you like a sauce span you got the Same heat transfer as the frying pan so It's super hot at the bottom and on the Side it's got an amazing saing power and You can throw your ingredients in here And move things around as much as you Want nothing escapes the pan No Splatters you can put a lead and that Can take a bitting it works on any stove Electric induction gas goes into the Openen goes under the grill only Drawback with these fans they are prone To rusting so anytime you finish using Them you can just rinse them with water But you really need to dry them properly

And even add a thin coating of oil with Some paper towel other ways you have Speckle of rust appearing because this Is made of steel let's go so we've got The pan I'm going to use they high heat I can use a bigger burner and I'm going To add on here to start with and this is My advice a good one or two tablespoon Of the stck fat in there and let it melt Now this may seem like a lot of fat but One of the thing that you need to do Especially at the beginning with the Steel pans exactly like a walk is when You got all these this fat in here You're going to be swirling to make sure All of the side of the pan are coated With oil and then I'm going to remove Half of that and put it back later Perfect it's very hot I've got my Potatoes Dry and they're going in so you see what I was saying About the frying pan compared to this One if you have a frying pan you get Your potatoes as soon as you're going to Do This one is going to fly off okay and This is so annoying what I like about This is that you got the frying but if You want you can do this you can turn And this is the action of saing these Fanss are all about doing things and Moving things by hand so you don't use a Spoon and that allows you to use fragile

Ingredients sometime glazed carrots Small turnips or spring vegetables and Instead of breaking them with a fork or A spoon every time you're trying to Catch them you do this you move things Around you swirl and you see that shape It helps that kind of turning I mean Listen to that seel already you see the Power of the seal bit of bit of salt of Course give that a toss and we're going To spend a good 10 minutes Browning These potatoes so after 10 to 12 minutes On a high heat we start to have some Coloring on the potato this what I mean Just by shaking from time to time so we Didn't need minut it all the time and You toss things around and stuff like That second stage we've got the coloring That we want we're going to start to Flavor so we've got the roam the Sero Ham and we're going to add the onion and Same thing here you can use a spoon if You want if you're using that fan or a Similar fan and but the whole idea Always the same so we keep on swirling And mixing one or 2 minutes later this Is optional but I'm going to add this is The o to mushroom can cut them in small Pieces but I'm going to put them in here With a little bit a little bit of black Pepper now one thing uh we need to know About potatoes in general that when you Bake them cook them in the oven or saute Potatoes asn't matter if you pre or part

Boil them and then doing a sauté they Will take on average 30 to 40 minutes to Be fully cooked so the trick here when You make these SED potatoes and you Start with row potatoes you know these Are going to take almost 40 minutes you Start with the first 15 minutes getting The coloring starting to cook the Ingredients I'm going to toss things Around and then we're going to lower the Heat okay when we got everything mixed Up cover it and let this cook very Slowly for the rest of the time for the Last cooking part you're going to be Spending 20 minutes tossing from time to Time and make sure the heat is not too High and not too low if you're on medium Low and you see your onion starts to Burn too much you reduce your heat if It's the contrary like nothing starts Running you raise your head slightly for The lead you can put it all on what I Like to do is partly cover timer on 20 Minutes let's Go now that you've got a bit of time and You're going to take your gar clove you Press it bit of olive oil and the Parsley we're going to be plucking the Leaves okay and always wait the last Minute when you're almost done it is Always the same and the same thing we're Going to be just doing that cross chop Gathering the thing and it's going to be A rough kind of a rough job we don't go

Microscopic pieces you want to have a Nice and Rustic type of cuts that's about it all Right 20 minutes is passed I've tossed Things around and look at these colors To know if it's cook you take a small Knife and you're going to be planting This in a potato look at this how soft That is it melts through it's go Effortlessly into the potatoes it is Ready but the thing is it doesn't pop Okay when you look like this it's a bit BL and this is where the parsley and Garlic toss happen only when you're Ready to serve so if you're not ready to Serve now going to turn the heat off and You're going to leave this on the side When you're ready to serve you're going To warm this up medium to high heat and It is only then we're going to add the Bright green parsley the garlic final Saut and on the dish we're going to Start with of course the garlic all in There the parsley you can be generous It's up to you it's going to bring some Color and this is the final saute it's Going to sizzle it's going to make noise It's going to smoke and then on the dish So here we are this is the pom soes they Just a variant of the classic duck fat Potatoes with an addition of onions Mushrooms and raw ham served with a side Of Green Letts they're always delicious But let's face it we did not reinvent

The wheel for that side dish what I want To talk about here really is the Performance of that steel pan from moio It is a searing machine that's what I Would say and I can see a great future For that pan in my kitchen and I can't Wait to try some other dishes and with Meats and vegetables and see what we can Do but anyway that completes the video For this week I think next time on next Video I'm going to give you a little Technique that I found which is a garlic Mousse a bit of emulsify a that you can Use as uh almost you can toss fruit Potatoes like this to have that taste of Garlic with spices with herbs with Whatever and it's super handy and I Think it would be interesting for you to Know it and try it out so I see you next Time take care byee [Music] [Music] My baby you Me G Me Wind and [Music] Rain

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