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Easy and Tasty Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers for a Sunny Day | Mediterranean recipes

In this recipe we're going to learn how To use how good old bell peppers yellow Red ones they're beautiful when the Spring all the summer comes but Sometimes we tend to just use them for Stir fried and Chopper in our attitude But the other thing that's done in the Cell phone's a lot is the stuffed pepper We're going to be using a simple recipe That is meat free which is great if You're vegetarian but also if you want Something a little bit lighter so the Stuffing is based on Rice onion nuts Herbs olive oil Tomatoes plenty of good Stuff but if you never had this kind of Stuffed pepper without meat this is Going to be a welcome addition and a Great entry if you're not really used to Cook these little Beauties right here Let's go now bell peppers are great when They are cut and Cubed and stuff like That but they make also for great Containers because they can really take A beating like the aubergine and they Can be filled with all sorts of things And then baked and if you look at this Screen in here how lovely are these Things around all these colors you know You got the mints there The Parsley some Resin some tomato garlic herbs all the Colors the rice the onion we even have Like toasted nuts that's maybe my Special touch on there and this is what We're gonna use to make that recipe so

Let's jump straight into the process as You will see it's not difficult but the First thing we need to do of course is To cut the peppers cutting the bell Peppers a very important step when you Make stuffed pepper the first thing we Tend to think of course is to remove the End like this take this off and remove The seeds then cut in half and you think I'm gonna have a kind of a cup of a Container but the ribs here all that Part that that Hardy part plus the stem Is really what holds the whole thing Together especially when it's cooking so What you need to try to do when you make This stuffed pepper the best thing is to Actually keep which is an unusual thing Is to keep everything Even a piece of stem on here now as you Can see it's not exactly straight So I'm gonna try to take a little bit off Like that okay and what I'm going to try To do here is to find an angle And be able to cut Like this My bell pepper With the stem And everything intact like that okay This is what we want And from here I'm gonna use for instance to do Olio Spoon or anything like that and I'm Gonna gently remove the seeds first by

Grating everything gently and then using Another knife let's say I'm gonna take your little knife and We're going to remove the ribs as we do And very gently carve our way in like This as well From inside the pepper without Disturbing anything else the one of Course Seeds off okay so I'm gonna clean the Whole thing make it nice and neat and Make some nice container and I want four Of those And here we are so this is what you Should have when you are done very very Important to keep the whole intact And do not rush but with your knives Trying to go too fast because if you Break something if something goes open It's really going to fall apart so That's what you see here having the stem And everything all together like that is What you want now I've added a few Extras because I've realized my payments Were really small but at the end of the Day you want these little containers all Like that okay For the pre-cooking we're going to start By putting the oven to 200 degrees Celsius about 400 degrees Fahrenheit so Pretty oven and we're gonna coat the Insides of the shell and the outside With the brushing A brushing of olive oil

Doesn't have to be perfect okay You can go and remove the excess of the Yoyo and you know pour it into another Container if you got too much you got The gist and you take the peppers Everywhere Leave it in there leave it on the Outside a little bit on the inside you Don't need much That's just a coating and then some Seasoning now of course if you got Something against brushes you can use Your hand and you can massage everything By hand with the oil as long as your Hands are clean it's a bit therapeutic And to use your hand at the end of the Day sometime always use 10 saws and Stuff the good all ends Always wear a bit of salt bit of pepper And as soon as the oven is done we're Gonna cook this or pre-cook this for 15 Minutes As soon as your peppers are in the oven You got 15 minutes and 15 minutes is the Time we need to cook the onions this is Based on onions onions reduce and they Take a long time to cook some medium Heat And we're gonna start to cook them in Olive oil about a tablespoon and a half For a good 10 minutes you don't want to Burn anything So medium heat no burning After 10 minutes this is what I've got

There's a slight slight color I'm gonna Add my garlic I'm gonna add about a tablespoon or two I'm leaving some of the toasted nuts in There And then fry the whole thing or cook the Whole thing for a minute You don't want to burn the garlic and Just want to keep it fragrant After a minute or so I am done this is What I've got is what you should have as Well it's a simple onion garlic and nuts Mixture I've roasted the nuts but like I Said you can just use blanched almond And chop them and it will be fine as Well so turn the heat off and take the Peppers out Here we are the peppers are out and if You can see there's a little bit of Water has been rendered and the stem Here really Hold the whole thing together otherwise Like this one it can start to flop a Little bit so this is very important I'm Gonna scoop this out and transform them To a baking tray a cold baking tray in Preparation for the stuffing So just to give you an idea I'm using a Baking dish that can go in the oven of Course and I'm leaving some space in Between the paper halves in here you Don't want to overcrowd things my Peppers are ready in the baking dish my Oven is still under the same temperature

And now we're doing the stuffing I've Transferred a mixture of onions and Everything in here and it is really an Assembly game what I like to do To put all of the wet stuff there I put The Sultana in here I'm going to add by Adding some of the parsley I like to Judge by Kind of you know with the eye like this Uh rice is good But sometimes It can make things a little dry so you Want to balance out Uh the you know the amount of dry Ingredients compared to the amount of Wet ones you don't want to end up with Something with just rice you know what I Mean okay Now if you want you can add more Tomatoes up to you I don't like to be Treated with my attach here I love to Add always a little bit of smoke pepper I always do this because it adds maybe a Tablespoon of olive oil in there it Really adds a little bit of color but That's kind of smokiness in these guys In any of these baked and you know Stuffed vegetables it's always a kind of A good addition and you know it just Feels great with the pepper has been in The oven to have like kind of a smoky Flavor and you know that's about it We're gonna have stuffing and give me The shots

Let's try it in take a bit of silt in it Oh that means it's French but We have sold yeah I think we're good to Go let's stuff the peppers okay so I've Got my stuffing on here on the side in a Bowl and I'm taking a spoon and Carefully We're gonna try to fill this paper one By one Okay you don't want to spill too much of That stuffing on the side but you also Don't want to overfill the peppers There's something I've been doing before And it doesn't cook properly you want to Actually just keep it nice give it a Nice balance of you know what I want some pepper but I want some Stuffing as well but not too much Otherwise it's only stuffing less pepper You know what I mean it's like in the Balance that you feel you're eating a Pepper and a bit of stuffing when you're Done this is the look you want sometimes You want a little space it will Gap in Between and we're going to put this in The oven for first 20 minutes after 20 Minutes we're gonna take them out see How it goes add some of the nuts to have That kind of roasted little look on There but without burning the nuts and Perhaps add a bit of oil if needed but The most important before you put this In the oven is a bit of water okay At the bottom of your dish so I've got

Some cold water in here you can take Warm water not too much is to just to Avoid that the pepper starts to stick at The bathroom and burn and you want some Steam to cook the whole thing okay so That goes straight into the oven first For 20 minutes ideally you want to Reduce your temperature to 190 Celsius And little reminder it is always fun First okay After about 20 minutes time you're gonna Take your dish and you're gonna check You see it's getting dry but that's all Right I don't want it to stick but so Far it's good and what we're gonna do Here is a little trick that I'm doing You can put breadcrumbs on top if you Want to have something with gold what I'm using now it's almond milk they are Blanched almond that are ground into a Powder like kind of thing so sometimes It's easier by hand but what you want is A sprinkle on top of it okay And if you want you can add some extra Nuts if you have roasted nuts the almond Meal or the ground almond really add That nuttiness to the whole thing it Adds character And it's really not a bad addition at All so I think I'm gonna add a little Bit of water and then back in the oven Again same thing to finish the cooking The before Tiny drizzle of olive oil on the on that

Almond meal and that's it so 20 minutes Extra Maximum until everything is cooked Nice and golden top It's gonna do great Let's go Here we are the little stuffed pepper Are out of the oven and I think the Almond meal has started to Brown but not So much but that it looks like now the Most important thing I want to show you Here is The stems you see how different is They're trying to collapse but it's Really the stems and that envy that Holds the whole thing together so if You've been struggling with making this Stuff paper because they always like Flop and become really flat well leaving The stamp is really the key now when It's on the table again it's up to you You can add some little you know parsley I've got some extra nuts on here you can You can fancy things up a little bit With some extra herbs some extra dishes You can serve it on a on a serving tray I'm just leaving everything in the dish To show you how this road of the oven But this is the dish now if you want to Go further and you want to kind of Freestyle you can add some maybe some Pork Min some chicken mince in there you Can add some different herbs try Different nuts even the you know Coriander might be an interesting twist

Or what about pistachios and there's Plenty of little things you can do and You can twist to make this recipe your Own so the best thing is to try it Remember if you've got some pan Peppers At home I mean the green one the yellow One or the red one you can use that Stuffing and trust me it's a really good One I'm not gonna try that because it's Going to mess things up so I'm going to Leave you with this beautiful picture on The screen or how the final dish can Look like and definitely if you make it Tell me all about it [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Baby

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