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Easy French style Tabbouleh salad with bulgur | Lighter eating

Now if Springs around the corner where You leave it is the time you're going to Be thinking of making more salads again A salad it's always a synonym of green Lettuce maybe a potato salad some type Of pasta salad but the thing we always Kind of forget is grain and I'm talking About bulgur couscous quinoa that sort Of things when I go to the supermarket I See the grains they're great that's nice But you know let me pick a letter you Don't actually stop and you know take The grain because sometimes we don't Know how to make it so the first place To start is to make a simple tabuli now Table can we make with couscous or Burger they're both based on wheat but The burger is a bit more chunky so you Got less chance of getting something That is a bit like like the wet sand you Know a big more kind of sticky so this Is what I like to use the burger it's Very simple to make and you're going to Be able to use it as a salad but also as A side for lamb or fish it is also part Of that military and kind of diet and Taste now full of sun it's a delicious Little simple recipe you need to try [Music] In this episode we're going to be making A French style tabuli in its simplest Form because I always believe starting With the basic is the best way forward Now the tabulary if you don't know what

It is it is made with first grain here This is the Burger it looks a bit like a Broken rice and it's very chunky but it Can be made also with couscous which is A simile exam we've gone a bit finer or What it is is that grain that is Rehydrated with boiling water and is Then mixed with all kinds of fresh Aromatics and vegetables we've got Tomatoes mint leaf spring onion parsley Olive oil and lemon juice plus a bit of Salt and pepper this is the basic Version there are plenty of other Version you can make but it is good to Start by the beginning by making Something that is simple and that works So the first thing we're gonna do is Rehydrate that little Boogle right here Nabugu exactly like rice needs to be Rinsed so I've got 100 grams of Burger On here I'm going to use a small seed With a bowl and I'm gonna pour Everything in here and rinse this under Cold water so it's nice and clean and Here we are my bulgor is then rinsed the Next step is to use a large bowl or what You're gonna do To put everything in here and you're Going to put your kettle on and we're Gonna boil some water because we need to Cover this with boiling water it is that Simple there's no cooking involved it's Beautiful So here we are once the water is in

You're going to leave this to soak Anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending On the brands and depending on the Quality the one I've got here it's a 10 Minute but 10 minutes sounds a bit short I think 15 minutes is going to be enough And while this is happening we're going To make the Nissan Plus and now for the Ingredients you will find all the Details on the recipe that we've given You but for now I just want to talk About a few things that can make or Break attack with your taboris are kind Of a really thin so that's thin little Types of grain and the one thing you Don't want to do is to cut everything Chunky okay this is all that thin inside So spring onion is very thin slices The Parsley is a rough chop but still quite Thin and the mint leaves is the same Story the tomatoes I'm lucky enough to Have cherry tomatoes from the garden I'm Just gonna even cut them in half but Half of these is about the size that you Want for your chunk of lemonade you can Take whole tomatoes that you can peel And just dye it in little squares one Last word of advice when we talk about Mint leaves we're talking about mint Leaves so you detach the leaves okay Like that And then you cut them don't put the Stems like this okay if you want to see Don't put the stems into yourself at the

Same go for the parsley The Parsley you Detach the parsley and then you chop it The leaves you don't want This in your salad and it's not a stem Cell that we're just using the leaves so You're gonna finish up pretty much Everything and press the juice of two Lemons Now as soon as the time is up for you Bulgar doesn't matter what you're Packaging I've left mine for 15 minutes You're going to be draining it Froze even let it sit for a few minutes To cool down and this is how it looks Like you see it's not double in volume But almost there's plenty of volume say I had 100 grams and I end up with quite A lot in here okay so after a few Minutes we're gonna lay this on a tray On paper towel to dry it further because You don't want something soggy so what Do I mean for the drawing a little tray Some kitchen towel you can use a tea Towel if you're on the clean one but I'm Not going to do that here it's not Necessary and oh what you do you put That on there to make sure we're going To absorb all of the excess moisture in Here after a minute or so you put the Grain into a container herbal and when You're ready to assemble the salad And now for the assembly so as you can See it's very simple I've got all the Ingredients that I need I've got a bowl

I hope it's large enough and the first Thing we're going to do here is to take All the burger and put that in When that's done you can add all of the Herbs now there's really there's no real Measurement usually two to three Tablespoon of each it depends usually You want the same amount of grain That you have of the rest so for Instance like two or three tablespoon of Tomatoes here they're a bit a bit wet I'm going to take some parsley And some tabori actually have almost More herbs than grain it is really that Kind of amount so the mint you know I'm Gonna use my hands it's very very fresh Remember this is meant to be like a Mediterranean style you've got all these Ingredients on here it's meant to be Super healthy Super Fresh and we're only Using lemon juice In here And olive oil so when we're here you can Use a wooden serving or anything and What I'm gonna do here I'm gonna kind of See how the mixture looks like without The lemon juice without the olive oil Engage to myself to say okay you know How are the colors I like to judge by Colors like what you can see here for Instance do you think there's enough Tomato I don't think so I'm gonna put All of the tomatoes in there okay Because tomatoes are good you know

They're red they give some flavor some Fruitiness it's a fruit remember tomato It's not a vegetable and it really adds Some color if you want to have more Things you know perhaps A bit more pasta I think it's green Enough but I think I like a touch of a Lighter color in here so I'm going to Add this and next we're gonna add the Rest so the rest the lemon juice it has To be really heavy so this is like there Are good lemon there's lots and lots of Juice so once again I'm gonna be very cautious on here Not to overdo it but you do want To have something that is really soaked In lemon because the lemon for me really Makes the dish if you don't have that Lemony and minty taste in a tabuli It's not the same you know you want that Once you've got a bit of lemon And you're going to add one or two Tablespoon of olive oil And you rip it And that's about it Once it's there we're going to leave it To sit for maybe 10 minutes on the side Or in the fridge to infuse with the Dressing and it's going to be done the Final Touch of course before we do so Is a bit of salt and pepper Okay And a bit of that now to finish if You're unsure of your measurement or

Your dressing don't hesitate to take a Spoon and taste of course the Preparation No you see I think there's just enough Lemon I would not put anything more if It doesn't taste lemony enough This is crucial add a bit of more the Same goes for the mint but do not serve The taboris right away it needs time to Absorb the dressing and to you know Allow the flavors to really diffuse Through the burger so my advice is Really to leave this to sit 10 to even 15 minutes before serving it And here we are 50 minutes of personal Tabulary is now ready to be eaten either As it is as a salad or serve it as a Side with lamb or fish or something else That you want now I've got a lemon on The side here why because if you want Like me you know you can grate like this Some lemon zest to add an extra boost of Lemon some people like to put feta in The pieces of smoked salmon there's Plenty of option it is really up to you Now as I said this is the table in its Simplest form using Burger it can also Be made with couscous but really if You've never tried it have a go when the Spring is coming it is a delicious and Hearty recipe and I hope you enjoyed the Recipe and I'll see you all next time For another video take care [Music]

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