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Easy homemade aubergine caviar (eggplant dip)

In here how to properly cooked an Aubergine we're going to use the Simplest method which is using the oven To make a simple aubergine dip that is Called in France dubergine caviar not to Be mistaken With the baba ganoush from Lebanon which Is an aubergine dip mixed with tahini Which is a sesame paste and other Components like spices and things like This this version of the dip is the Plain straightforward just the aubergine We're going to have some olive oil some Onion a bit of tomato salt and pepper Maybe some lemon juice and mustard but That's about it okay also really Important in that lesson is really how Do we go about cooking this properly Let's have a look If you've never prepared an inversion Don't worry it's super simple using that Technique you get the whole vegetable on Here this is not very nice it's a bit It's a bit black so you can just remove A little bit I'm not even cutting the Rest okay or what I'm gonna do here is To cut this in half So again Remember you take the appropriate knife And you cut your vegetable in half what I like to do okay to kind of accelerate A little bit the cooking is take a small Knife like this and I'm gonna be making Not so deep incision

Kind of a You know just a crisscross shape in here Or something like that okay you see that I'm going to take a plate I'm gonna take Some olive oil And a basting brush And what I'm going to do is a little bit You know a little brush of oil on there Just because nowadays the aubergine from The supermarkets and stuff they can get A bit dry kind of thing so I like to put A little bit of get them started with a Little bit of oil when we're done here A little bit of salt no excess will add Some later And some pepper okay and we're going to Repeat the same with all your vision so That's one and I'm gonna do the other One So here I am finished I've got my four Halves of aubergine as you can see Everything has been coated with oil with A little bit of salt and pepper How are we gonna cook this like I said Under the grill and a grill is very very Hot so what we usually do with this kind Of dip we're going to be protecting our Version by turning them over And we're gonna Grill them Skin side up as so That's how it looks like We're gonna preheat the oven now at 200 Degrees Celsius

Which is about 400 degrees Fahrenheit And depending on how modern or not your Oven is you could reduce the temperature To 180 but the most important is to only Use that kind of Grill function Broiler Function there's different name to it But make sure it's not too hot so if you Can set it to 200 it should be fine the Other hint here is when you put that Into the oven we have to put this on the Very top Shelf of the oven not in the middle not At the bottom that needs to be sitting About five centimeters which is just a Few inches from the grill plate okay but I'll show you this in the oven exactly What it means exactly So to put this into perspective here is My oven as you can see There's plenty of room here and my Trace It's totally totally really really under The grill So I'm going to close the door here I'm Gonna go for 20 minutes As soon as your aubergines are in the Oven you get plenty of time to prepare Your Meson plasma the Meson plus is what We've covered in the kitchen skills what We're going to be needing is just one Onion thinly diced one or two cloves of Garlic using a garlic press where you Can chop them finely if you want with a Teaspoon of mustard and about a Tablespoon of chopped tomato this is

Just from a tin like chopped tomato Farmington I've chopped again very Thinly and then a few tablespoon of Olive oil Additionally you can use some Lemon juice but this is optional of Course you're going to find the salt and Pepper but before we can use those Especially the onion we're going to have To cook them before we can add them into The dip Enough for the onion the first thing That comes to mind when you think about Pan frying is always using a frying pan But sometimes a little you know a little Saute pan like this it's actually Perfect so I've got a tablespoon of oil In there a medium heat and we're not Gonna be Kind of Browning the onion and we're Gonna keep to medium maximum And really cook the onion properly so Same thing here onion At a low heat can take 15 minutes to cook And it is very important to have your Onions Well cooked so I'm adding first the Onion and garlic together and a bit of Salt and pepper Salt you don't want your mixture to be Dull A bit of pepper And make sure you don't Brown The Onion Okay so I'm going to leave these to cook

Gently Like I said for 10 to 15 minutes just a Time for my aubergine to be cooked So here we are about around 12 minutes Or a bit more I've had to reduce my heat Too low actually because you see it Started to Brown and we're not ready to Add the tomato now we are not Making a tomato sauce So I've removed most of the tomato juice That was in the Inner Tomatoes here and we're just Mixing the whole lot To have something coherent you see but It doesn't transform into some kind of Tomato sauce and you get the chunks of Tomatoes The chunks of onion and the garlic and The seasoning I'm Gonna Leave This cool Just for a few minutes more and then Turn the heat off And here we are let's have a look at how Aubergine on here and as you can see I had to even crank up the heat to 220 On my grill to even get that kind of Charcoal Mark that brown burn mark on Top of the aubergine this will tell you How tough these things are 25 minutes 2 Inches or five something five Centimeters away from the grill and I Did not even manage to totally burn the Skin of the Virgin this is how two of These things are but what matters Is this let's look at your version

Itself you see inside the flesh Is cooked so you can take a spoon And you can tear it apart like that that Is the sign when it's not spongy anymore Okay so you've lose you lose that kind Of sponginess that I mean you know that Resemble like pieces of sponge and that Is the consistency you want For this type of dip so I'm gonna leave These two cool And then finish my tomatoes and onion Mix on the side all right so we've got All the ingredients I've got my tomato And onion mixture on here I've got the Leftover mustard I've got my lemon or What you're gonna do here is to take Your Beijing see how lovely that looks And totally cooked which is what you Want and you're gonna scrub everything All the flesh And put this into a bowl so when you're Done with all of the flesh you put this Into a bowl and now we can make the Assembly and at that stage can be done Two different ways some people like to Use a food processor and put everything In the food processor and then and mix But you can do it by hand for me you Know what set up the food processor During it having to clean it afterwards Uh I'm not borrowing I can if it's totally Cooked if you do this like this like a Mayonnaise by hand you will have a nice

And rustic type of dish So you taste you add a bit of salt and Pepper okay I'm gonna add a little bit of mustard Like where the mustard can be optional Some people like to add a bit of cumin In there and of course we're gonna have The lemon juice same thing lemon juice It's kind of up to you some people don't Put it some people some people put it But the most important is the olive oil So three to four tablespoon and it's Like a mayonnaise And you're gonna pour a little bit And mix the whole lot okay you can use a Whisk if you want to So I'm going to keep on going make sure It's all stir-fry and all mixed well I've now changed to a wooden spoon and The final tip I can give you the little Trick if your aubergines are not Smoky Enough You can use A quarter of a teaspoon or a pinch Of smoked paprika okay And that has got a strong Smoky flavor You can also use Liquid Smoke now that's A bit of a cheat a cheat thing and That's gonna be it we're gonna Reserve This into a nice bowl and that needs to Rest for at least two hours in the Refrigerator until it's really cool Before it can be served and here we are Once the obvious in caviar is called

This is ready to be served this is my Little setting it is the perfect deep Once you get friends over in the summer It's nice and cool it's really Refreshing and it will be so much Different than the stuff you buy in a Supermarket let me tell you when you try That recipe you will never go back but That's it I hope you make it tell me What you think in the comment section And as for me I will see you next week With another French cooking video take Care bye Bye You're giving me wind away [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby [Music] Baby [Music] Don't leave me [Music]

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