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Exploring Our Latest Behind-the-Scenes Projects

Welcome back everybody today we're Taking a break from the recipe because I'm going to be taking you on a guided Tour an inside look at the French Cooking Academy the reason for that is That we are working on so many projects In the background outside of YouTube That it's not funny it's piling up and I Keep on thinking oh everybody knows About it but in fact perhaps you don't Okay so I thought instead of giving you A link and say oh check it out in the Video description I've made this you Know onscreen recording while can Actually show you what we've been Working on we've got new courses and of Course the French Cooking Academy Club a Brand new online community but what I'm Going to do I'm not going to just show You I'm going to take you inside so you Can see exactly what are the things we Are doing what is the kind of activity That we have what are people doing in There the courses and so on and so forth Plus some other announcements as well so If you're curious and want to have a a Better picture of what we're doing here And what is the French Cooking Academy That video might just give you season so Yes we've been hard at work in the Background but what are we doing when We're not doing YouTube video as well we Are creating courses because if you Didn't know the French Cooking Academy

Is first and foremost an online cooking School so if you know about the school Uh these are the courses we've already Made we had four courses and three new Courses have been created since the last Time I talk about this so we've come a Long way so very quick recap if you're New to here okay uh these are the this Is the course library and you can say I Will put a link in the video description And if you want to know about any course Or what you need to do is to click on There and you're going to get all the Juicy detail what's included in here so This one has got 12 units 70 less Imagine that's 25% of the entire YouTube Library everything is exclusive it's not YouTube videos and what you want to Check is the course curriculum the Course curriculum on each course is Going to tell you exactly all of the Things that you're going to learn and Every course has been designed thought Through it's a logical sequence of Learning uh that is really adapted to Each scenario this one is to teach you The basics of French cooking you start At the beginner you come out on the Other side as someone that's really Versed and as a season a cook that can Make all kinds of French recipe at home Including sources but it starts with the Basics you see use stencils cookware Knives but the more you progress the

More you do your lesson you're going to Learn more and more and more and things Get more and more interesting more and More interesting you're going to going Have little quiz you're going to have Supporting documents you're going to Have test recipes practice etc etc and At the end you're going to have a real Transformation transformation is really What we have in all of the courses and This is what I've love to make these Courses I love to help people around the World to make their first step in French Cooking to polish their skills and find New ways to explore a recipe French Sources here is all about the Mastery of French sources at home to become an Expert at sour making the way they're Made in restaurants French Des Essentials is a a little uh introduction To dessert that is bundled with our Starter course but you can hone in on Specific things like master classes like The beastro Shak Tre we're going to be Learning the ins and outs and the Techniques to make pate St R and even The famous p as I said if you want more Information what you need to do to get The inside you click on the tile and You're going to see there is so much Content and this is why uh this is Taking so long and we've created three New courses The muscle course the gastronom journey

And another master class on shup 3 these Two courses also propose now a new Format so if you're new to the school if You heard about the school before you Might be interested in listening to These one these are called cooking Journey they are shorter easy digable Type of courses that is all about Learning by doing so what you need to do In this course okay is uh to follow the Curriculum you're going to be making Recipe learn about the history so you With a history of muscle how to clean How to make the basic way and then we Just focus on the cooking side of things We're going exploring how to make Muscles the way it's done in the North In the south in the west how beastro is Using muscle how to use Muscle with Other dishes and make plenty of Delicious recipe we also have a fun New Format called The gastronoma Journey Where we exploring French uh Regional Area so we start in the north with Britany and the L Valley and for each Area I'm going to be talking about the Locality uh the history the ingredients And then we're going to work on free Course menus how to make a starter Main And dessert with just the ingredients And a specialty from that region so if You have a dinner party or you want to Do something fun at home with some Friend these are the types of fun

Courses we've been created and this is What's taking us all of our time on here The latest edition is the shry master Class the classic course this is really To give you all the information to Become an expert at shoe for making at Home using your oven and giving you Everything from the temperature the Ingredients the gramage to have that Real uh you know perfect result and you Can have this SP breast everything made From scratch the shet simple Recipes Advanced recipes and with the Pistach show filling the hazelnut Filling we've got even the santor plus Lots of things in between as always do Check the curriculum and you will see The extent of all the content that we Have remember that everything you see Here is hundreds of exclusive hours that Is not available on YouTube and it's Really Absol abolutely unique but this Is one of the things we've been working On the other thing we've been doing is To build a new online community called The French Cooking Academy club and I Like to label this as the missing link That goes with the courses the club is Something that gets bundled in all the Courses so let me show you how it looks Like ladies and gentlemen I am really Happy to present to you because have Time the French cooking academic Club This is our new online community it is

An independent Community it is not part Of Facebook it's not part of Google it's Something we've created how sale from Scch so now if you join a course or Membership you're not on your own Anymore immediately you're going to have Access to this club the club is buzzing We got more than 600 members already we Just launched recently and just to show You a little bit these are the type of Activity these are just the top post That is going on and things we've create There's all kinds of introduction Section you got chat rooms in here you Got an all topic to talk about Everything that you want can be a recipe It can be books it can be you know Whatever is happening in your in your Family with dinners and and stuff like That we've got an Ask Stefan question Dedicated for me if you want to ask me a Question directly I'm on the club I'm Spending a lot of time on here and if I'm not responding on things on on YouTube it's not because I don't want to Because YouTube can be a bit awkward It's not designed for that sort of Things if you're on a real Community Experience then the French Cooking Academy Club is going to be the place to Be we've got other things out too the Recipe catalog I've created recently you Can now access videos directly from the Club with next to no ads without going

To YouTube we've got some friends of Ours doing a podcast on wine and of Course this is all free of charge as Soon as it's part of the courses you can Listen sit down listen about wine uh Learn about wine tasting we even have a Members article section you can post Your own favorite recipe someone is Making French bio and talk about travel There's really so much uh thing going on So if you've been wondering sometimes Where we are why am I not posting videos Or why I F A bit slow these are all of The reason now keep in mind that the Club comes bundle with any of the course Or the membership but I also wanted to Talk about Patron if you're someone that Wants to support the channel if you're a Bit of a social butterfly you just want To interact with members on here and You're not interested into really Following courses but you like the Social aspect we've revamped our patreon Page okay you can go on there and we've Created a tier that is all about the French Cooking Academy Club so if you're Interested with that you can join that Tier and that will give you access to All of the things that are here and keep In mind we're going to keep on adding More stuff it is super exciting so That's a little bit of the inside of View of Stefan and the French Cooking Academy and what are the other things

That we doing don't forget we've got Also the book coming out next month and Plenty of things to announce but if You're not joining a course I will see You on YouTube with all the free content And the recipe we're posting this is uh Something is going to we're going to Keep on doing no problem as much as we Can we're doing our best to bring you uh Things interesting different coures Interaction because this is what we love Now we'll leave you uh with this welcome Page and the club here and I'll see you Next time on the French Cooking Academy Take care all Bye-bye [Music] [Music] Me Wind [Music] Of whip up my Appeti don't leave Me [Music] Oh

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