Farideh’s Cajun-Style Shrimp Alfredo #recipe #food #cooking #dinner #how #kitchen
Home » Farideh’s Cajun-Style Shrimp Alfredo #recipe #food #cooking #dinner #how #kitchen

Farideh’s Cajun-Style Shrimp Alfredo #recipe #food #cooking #dinner #how #kitchen

Today we're making my Cajun style shrimp Alfredo the shrimp are really flavorful And I really like to cook them first With all the seasonings on them and then Put them aside doing this flavors the Oil and all of the little bits that kind Of stuck to the bottom of the pan while You're were cooking the shrimp flavor The oil they flavor the butter and then They end up flavoring the vegetables I Would definitely say the hardest part About this recipe is just not eating all The shrimp while you're cooking Everything else I love adding cre Mustard into this dish it's just so Delicious adds a really nice Tang to This dish if you wanted you could Definitely make this dish vegetarian and Not use any shrimp at all and then just Add the seasonings that you would to the Shrimp to the vegetables super easy

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