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French pan sauces explained plus demonstration on how to make a madeira steak sauce

Welcome back everyone now due to popular Demands we are going to be starting a Series talking about French Canary Techniques and to build upon what we've Seen on her last video we will make the Sauce Corner blowers we're going to be Talking in this episode about pan Sources what is the technique that sits Behind pan sources and what are the Components in magpan sources and also What sets French pencils apart from the Rest now if you're curious let's keep Watching now pencil says this is the Buzzword that's going around at the Moment everybody wants to learn about Panthers but in France uh Panzer is a Kind of an old thing and it's based on a Technique called the sote de glasses It is a technique that is told to First-year students and the process is Simple learn how to sear a piece of myth And follow up by making a sauce that Goes with that piece of meat that's all It is and so it's all about the pairing And it goes between the two so my piece Of beef you can have a beef stock with Other ingredients that go through and so On and so forth and the different for Lamb for veal for chicken etc etc it's a Great technique because you can do it at Home very very easily in terms of Cookware what should you use frying pan Yes but in France the iconic pen A large surface like a frying pan to

Seal units high edges to have plenty of Liquid in there and a high you know a White surface to allow for fast Reduction of sources a lot of chefs use This when they make sauces and it's Actually a great part I'm going to be Using it of course for the demonstration Another thing you may wonder about Plant Services is that what resets the french Sources apart from the rest for me I Think it's just a sheer number of Sources that we have already and if I'm Asking you right now how many sources Franchises do you know out of your head Or that you've seen on the internet There's maybe like 10 or 15 or something Like that but in fact when I'm looking At my reference guide of sources we got More than 200 sources in between Can you imagine so it's it's mad so when You go to Paris and you may have tried The sauce you've never seen before you Think oh my God the chef invented Something now they didn't they're just Using some of the sauce that people are Not making very often and I love doing This because you can come up with plenty Of sources what we're going to do today The sauce made the Madera sauce one of My favorite songs ever but let's get Started and have a look first at what Are the core components that make the Pencils let's go The first element you need of course in

A pencils is the meat I'm going to be Using here a simple steak it's a beef Steak but remember that the meat can be Anything usually it can be a fillet Being a steak a piece of pork fill a Minion maybe a lamb chop even if you Wanted to a piece of chicken it does not Matter but you need something that is Suited for pan frying and that's going To be seared because we're going to want To have this beautiful caramelized Juices at the bottom of our pan and now For the big question are we using onions For plant sauces in French cooking or Shallots some people tend to think that Shallots are just fancy onion but They're anything but they are really two Drastically different thing if you look At it this is an onion this is a shallot And even if you were to grow shallow Enormous size in your garden and your Garden bed you will never transform into An onion because there are two different Things and you can see this with the Color the shallots has got a typical Kind of red little tinge like this a bit Like a red onion while the onion the Standard onion is that kind of white Color but there's more to this than just The look why we're using shallots in French cooking the reason for pencils is Is that shallots cook much faster than Onions onions in general 10 to 15 Minutes to be properly cooked shallots

In a mere minutes they will be burned This is why you're gonna want to use Shallots in all of your pan sauces the Size of course the dicing is important You want something really really small This is too big if you have something Too big what's going to happen it's Going to take longer to cook and if you Don't spend enough time it's gonna have That kind of raw oniony shalloty taste In your sauce this is why you have Always a very smooth icing and use a Shallot instead of onion except if the Recipe specifically go for onion but That's another story And now let's talk about the deglazing Now this is the fun part we're gonna be Pouring the alcohol over your shallots And detach these caramelized juices in Your pan and you're going to create the First flavor profile of your sauce You're Paving the way to what's to come And usually that happens with red wine Or white wine I personally always use a Sauvignon blanc for the white wine and The Cabernet Sauvignon for the red I'm Using French wine not because I'm trying To be chauvinistic because I personally Think that they are rounder fruitier and They really bring a type of taste I just Could not find in New World Wines I've Tried many sauvignon blanc you know from The new world and there's always a lot Of acidity not enough fruitiness and it

Just doesn't taste the same it is up to You to try whatever you want but give a Go at French wine make the difference Between New World and old world and and See what you like best but red wine and White one is the beginning in France the Reason the sauces are so different is That we also also go beyond Just Wine Okay but wine is the beginning this is What you you learn at school at the very Basic first year but after that chefs Use all kinds of things like fortified Wine here you can see Madeira one Cherry A whiteboard red Port cognac armaniac Anything this is all the kind of profile You can create and it will make your Sauce Stand Out compared to the standard Source that's just used once it's Important to keep this in mind and in That demonstration we're going to be Using actually Madeira so you can see What exactly it brings all right and now Let's look at the next component of Course the stock very important Now stock is one of the most important Pillar in French cooking and when it Comes to pan sources have a good stock Like this this is a beef stock that I've Made nice and gelatinous it's got nice And dark color it's going to be perfect For pencils it is really crucial because The stock is what makes the sauce if you Have something that's got no taste and Your sauce is going to like in Taste of

Course now when you look at this stock You're making oh my God it's made a Special stock from scratch and yes I Kind of made it from scratch or halfway There because this is an actual recipe From a cookbook where I'm doing a little Trick that will share with you in a Recipe uh interesting showcase on how to Do this what I'm using a store-bought Stock and transform it into a Powerhouse Of taste in about 30 to 40 minutes max And this is the result as you can see in Front of you and I'm going to be using This as my source base to make that Special sauce that we're going to be Making which is of course the Madeira Sauce So now we see seen all the components And we've explained everything and now It's time for the demonstration with all This explanation you may think my God Pencils is a difficult but look at the Ingredients this is what I need to make A little bit of an advanced bandsaw so This is a mushroom and Madera wine Pencil sounds fancy but look I've got Steaks 200 mL of beef stock three button Mushroom a teaspoon of Shallot a dash of Madera wine I think it's 25 ml salt and Pepper and that's about it so you see You don't need much to make something Already quite good now for the slicing And dicing aka the Mison plus make sure You first measure everything you made

The right wine your stock you put your Stock in a small saucepan and you heat It up to sterilize it you never know There might be something to bring it to The boil at least for one or two minutes Okay and for the slicing we're going to Be slicing the mushroom you can quarter Them if you want or Square them it's up To you thinly diced salad and I'm gonna Add a little bit of chopped parsley Towards the end but that's about it now Let's go on the stove the first thing I'm going to do here is is to start with A pan with a bit of olive oil and butter And I'm going to pan fry the mushrooms Because I want to win some time okay When you make a pan sauce you really Don't have much time at all so salt and Pepper A good medium to medium high I'm gonna Call these mushrooms my mushrooms are Ready I don't want too much coloring I'm Going to reserve this into a bowl and We're done and now let's practice this What is important to know first off is That you should not be using a huge pan Okay this is just the right size for my Two steak you don't want to have too Much free space around because the oil And everything could start to burn Around so always choose a pan as just The right side you don't want something Too cramped but not something too large Neither so here I've got just a little

Bit of space in between it's good Seasoning of the steaks I always do this Just before putting the steak in a pan We've sold and pepper and what we're Going to try to do here is to sear the Steak on a medium high heat to slowly Sear the steaks and making sure they Release as much juices as they can so You get all these juices that's going to Caramelize at the bottom of the pan and This is what we're going to be using as The base for our sauce and that gives You taste and that gives you color okay My meat has been seasoned I've got about A good tablespoon of oil in here I'm Using sunflower oil and I'm gonna wait For it to read up you don't want to be Like super smoking hot as I said you Want it hot just enough so that it start Stirring usually when the oil starts to Kind of move around the pan like water Does it's ready Perfecto we're going to Put the meat in Now regarding the cooking times of the Meat you want to sear the meat until It's up to your liking so it could be Rare medium rare but usually medium rare Is fine the best way is to use a food Thermometer to know where you're going And I'll give you all the temperature Recommended for these kinds of level of Doneness in the recipe now after two or Three minutes I'm gonna start to Turn my meat on here

And you can see under there there's some Caramelized juices and as you can see You can see these that's what you want Now one of the things that I tend to do When it comes to this is to really move The sticks around when I turn them to Have this caramelized juices a bit Everywhere and that really helps So a good five minutes in my steaks are Ready I'm just gonna temporarily turn The heat off okay just to decompose the Steps put this on the plate and cover With foil so we can work on the rest of The sauce okay so what we see on here Are the famous caramelized juices my Heat is on low for now I'm gonna add First the shallots use the rest of the Heat in the pan to kind of have this Shallot you see the shallots is not to Have a shallowed sauce it's really just To add a little flavor and a lot of time They are not even necessary and it just Picks up all the oil that's left in here And that's about it when you're here you Can immediately add your Madeira wine Install that scraping at the bottom once You're here we're going to reduce until You've got what you know a teaspoon or Two maximum in there you want some Flavor and immediately Um so that what I'm gonna do is raise my Heat and then pour my stock in It is very very simple it is a extremely Rudimentary sauce we're making here the

Base of the base the the sauce but you Got the taste of the Madera wine in the Hidden you got a bit of Shallot and now I've got my stock we're gonna simply Bring this to a boil and reduce the Whole lot the saute that we've done the Sauteing has been done we've sauteed the Steak we've seen the steak we've done The deglassi which is the deglazing and Now this is the reduction we're Concentrating the flavor by reducing the Sauce so it can becomes a little bit Syrupy it's almost there and what I'm Gonna do here I'm gonna add these Mushrooms that I had before and I don't Have to to cook them and they're gonna Really kind of get that coating that Shiny coating look at this it's like a Shine when the sauce really reduces and When you make sauces it is always at the End that everything happens I'm going to Reduce my heat because we're almost done Here so you see when my sauce is reduced It goes from a very interesting kind of Runny kind of stock to A glaze-like consistency and this is Syrupy and the mushrooms are going to Mingle very nicely with everything and Absolutely love Madeira with mushroom They work absolutely great and I think Here we're done let me turn the heat off And show you what we've got here okay Look at this this is just a pencil do You see how syrupy that is but it is

Very very short and sometimes you may Figure there's not much sauce but there Is a bonus that comes and that is coming From the leftover juices from the meat That I've got in here so you put all the Sauce in here and I'm gonna warm this up A little bit add a touch of butter and We're done My sauce is smoking as you can see here What I'm gonna do from here I'm gonna Turn off the heat and now it's time to Add the butter you never want to add the Butter when it's boiling no more boiling From here okay and one of my little Sneaky thing that I'm doing always when I make these sauce A half a teaspoon of fresh Madeira in There and I'm gonna add my butter and You don't whisk or anything like this I'm gonna kind of swirl or use my you Know wooden spoon to mingle everything In there you know very very gently and Wait for that butter to melts and we are Ready Look at this sauce and that's just a Pencils imagine So here we are again this is a Rudimentary sauce but Bistro style we've Got your steak of course on the camera It takes time and look at that sauce That we've got on here so you know you Can drizzle that sauce around And you know it's got a few mushrooms as Well I'm gonna put some here maybe a few

Over there And I'm telling you Madeira and mushroom Is a match made in heaven and that's Maybe a little bit of parsley on there Just for the color and then a drizzle of Sauce On the side on here and boom let's taste Right let's grab a piece of this so this Is really that French style steak when Everything is drenched into things in There I'm just gonna cut a piece of Mince try to put this in a sauce and I Know the mushrooms and everything you Know they Doesn't Remind You a bistro style thing You know a few mushrooms in there a bit Of the steak I need some fries This kind of meat is not really the Tender there's a bit of the fat in there And always kind of we need plenty of Sauce because you don't have enough Sauce you're gonna be wanting sauce and You want sauce for the bread as well I Mean imagine if you don't have enough Sauce you'll die surely Wow What was good let's wrap up Now I have to say that the Madera sauce Is really one of my all-time favorite And this is a very old one it's a source You will see in the escoffier Gucci over And over again and it is such a classic But yet so simple and it really showcase That pan sources don't have to be

Complicated even if you make them a Little bit more intricate so we will be Practicing with more pan sources later On for now I'm gonna tell you to try This one if you don't have madira wine Don't worry you can use white wine Instead it will still be good and we Will be continuing on deep diving on These French Canary technique and see How we can use them at home now if You're looking for more details we have Made an entire written guide that's Going to explain all the ins and outs of French pencilsies on our website you Will find a link in the video Description I hope you enjoy and use the Comment section to tell me all about it If you try that so tell me what you Think I'll see you all next time take Care all bye [Music] Thank you baby Three Years [Music] [Music] [Music]

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