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You know it's like a blondie this is Like a Redhead oh my God it's so true it's you And a dessert here we go [Music] Cookies hi I'm Melissa Clark and I'm a Food reporter for nyt cooking in the New York Times and I'm here in the nyt Cooking Studio because it's cookie week This is my fourth cookie week but I Think this one is my favorite because I'm going to make gingerbread blondies You know they're brownie people people Who love brownies and I love brownies But really I love blondies because I Love butterscotch I love The Chew I love How gooey they are and I love that you Can add a lot of different flavors to Blondies and just take them in all these Different directions they're just so Good and so easy I think you should give Them to everybody you Love so for regular Blondie recipes you Just use melted butter but I always say This and I'm going to say it again every Time you melt butter it's an opportunity To make brown butter right because you Just you melt melt your butter and then You let it keep going and 5 minutes Later it's nutty and caramelized and Just has an extra layer of flavor here's A secret about brown butter which I'm Going to tell you you can hear the Sizzle

Right when you stop being able to hear It when it gets quiet you know that the Butter is almost browned or is browned Because that Sizzle is the moisture Content of the butter it's the water in The butter steaming off right and so as The butter loses water it becomes able To Brown and caramelize so if it's still Bubbling it's not Browning that's a good Good little thing to remember can you Hear the difference in the butter right Now what before was like this wild like Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle is now quieting Down Quieting and I'm looking at the pan you Can see see that the foam is dying down The milk solids at the bottom of the pan Are turning brown you know you use all Your senses when you cook but you don't Usually use your ears but in this case You do and now I'm going to pour it into This bowl and let it cool for a little Bit Yeah golden brown so I've got dark Brown sugar here you can use light brown Or dark brown dark brown just has more Flavor so you figure why not right but Either will work and molasses so the Reason I'm using both brown sugar and Molasses it doesn't just add the flavor And the sweetness it also helps it stay Really gooey in the middle which is what You want in a Blondy so the molassas is Doing double duty I mean it's a lot of Brown sugar let's not let's not be koi

Here this is a lot of brown sugar that's The nature of a blondie it's sweet That's why we love it because it's sweet The fresh ginger root okay and at this Point we have to let it cool for a Minute because I want to add my eggs Next and you don't want to add the eggs While this is still hot because it'll Curdle them so it doesn't have to be Entirely cool it just has to be warm to The touch is fine just not hot so this Feels cool enough to me so I'm going to Add my eggs and my vanilla I usually go One at a time because if you add add Both of them and then you whisk Vigorously it will Splash in your face It just will and you can see that the Batter is starting to smooth out it was Really like lumpy Brown sugary before And now the brown sugar is melted and Everything is starting to get nice and Smooth and vanilla extract it's a lot of Vanilla extract but that's what makes it Taste good if you don't want to use Vanilla extract you can use a little Shot of espresso you could use a little Shot of bourbon a lot of possibilities Here so this is really well mixed now You can just add your dry ingredient Usually what I like to do is I like to Do the salt and the baking powder first Give them a good mix and then I know That they're dissolved before I add Everything else so I'll add my flour all

Spice cinnamon lots of Ginger and also Black pepper which gives it a bite so You have two bites here you've got the Gingery bite and then the pepper bite And then you just want to use a little Bit of the cloves I'm using an eighth of A teaspoon here but I'm not even filling It up and the cloves just really add That like it is the holiday season and That's it I have a 9in pan that is buttered with Some parchment paper the parchment's Going to make it easy to take the Blondies out after they bake so this Bakes in a 350 oven for between 18 and 25 minutes and it's really important not To overbake this because if you overbake It you lose that chewy lovely Blondie Texture so you really want to catch it Before it bakes solid it's going to look A lot gooier than you might think but That's okay All right now we wait you can see by the Cracking around the edges and when you Put your finger on it it should feel Like basically like jello or pudding Underneath and that's Right so while the blondies are cooling I'm going to make a parchment cone so That when we decorate them when I Decorate them I can get it as neatly Done as possible it's actually pretty Easy and it'll go quickly so this is Just a regular piece of parchment or you

Could use wax paper and I'm going to Fold it sort of off Kilter I'm just going to cut it in half So this is going to make two parchment Cones I'm just going to make One so you just want to curl this Over basically I'm just making a cone Now I'm going to just tape it Up Geometry man so what kind of white Chocolate should you use I have tried This with white chocolate chips and with Just straight white chocolate in a bar And the bar really works better because The chips have stabilizers in them so That they keep their shape and that Actually messes with their ability to Melt and then flow smoothly out of your Cone out of your pastry cone so just use Regular bar white chocolate the trick For melting any kind of chocolate in the Microwave which is what I'm going to do Is you want to put it on low power or Medium power go low and slow and just Stir it every 20 seconds or so white Chocolate is quicker to seize up than Dark chocolate so really just go slow With it because once it seizes it's Impossible to get it Back okay perfect you could actually Decorate them still in the pan but it's Easier to take them out first and that Way you don't have to worry about Smudging the lines and also it's kind of Nice to get some over the edges if that

Happens came out the top it came up the Top you guys it came out the top look at That it's working should we just jacks And poock it at this point I love All Right can we just show a picture of what My editor wanted it to look like sorry Kristen I tried I'm going to let this Set in the fridge until the chocolate Firms up you know this actually looks a Lot better than I thought it did I'm Very hard on myself when it comes to These things and now just cut it into Bars I can feel by the pressure of the Knife that this is baked perfectly it is Exactly the right gooey texture can make These as big or as small as you want That's one great thing about a bar Cookie is that you can make really cute Little ones if you want or you can make Big ones so it depends on how many People you need to make cookie boxes for They're cute they're so cute I'm going To eat the one with the edge this one is Mine it's so good it's so perfect I want You to see the chewi how do I who do I Show who do I show if you love blondies And you love gingerbread um you love the Holidays you're not really a fussy kind Of person this is the dessert for you For more great cookie recipes from my Fantastic colleagues who really outdid Themselves this year I have to say the Cookies are amazing go to nytc And enjoy happy baking happy holidays Everybody oh my God you made cookie week 2023 so special I love cookie week it's The best these are gorgeous [Music]

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