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Grilled marinated Aubergines Recipe: Irresistible summer Delight!

Marinated aubergine which is a bit of a Specialty you find everywhere but you Use a lot in the south of France it's a Great way of grilling like this Aubergine but we're not gonna fully cook Them because as we've talked about in Aubergine they got this capacity to Absorb a lot of liquids so what we're Gonna do we're gonna be grating these Almost like three quarters of the way or Halfway and then marinate them in oil Vinegar or condiment lemon juice that Sort of thing and leave them to sit Overnight again so the next day you're Going to be able to serve this as an Apparative and trust me these are very Addictive so let's go I've cut your Version in half A coating of oil and salt and pepper but I didn't do these stripes with the knife Because the aubergine is very small okay So it can cook on its own pretty easily I've also removed Here the end and that part on here have Removed and cut that off but for the Rest that's it so you're going to take All the aubergine Cut them in half cutting of oil salt and Pepper and now we're gonna go on the Stove Now let's have a look at how little Grilling Workshop so I am using a Griddle or a grill pan this is cast iron Okay if you have another material it's

Fine cast iron it kind of works well as You can see it's not huge and it's Perfect for home cooking when you want To grill just a few things I've got all My stuff on here of course I've got all The aubergine ready it is a good idea To have a heat proof brush and with a Tiny bit of oil sometimes that you can Adjust the coating and that you can put On your grill that also tells you when You start to smoke when the the grill is Hot enough and this is a grill so in Terms of heat that has to be super super Hot there's no such thing as a simmering On the grill okay the grill is ready for The big hits so like we've seen before The aubergine can take a billing on the Skin side so what we're going to do here We're going to take our version And we're going to place them with the Skin directly on the grill first and you Will note I've got a timer here now this is one of My best recommendation if you start Cooking use a timer to know roughly the Time it takes like this when you make The recipe once the next time you will Know exactly if you use that same pan The same type of food the same type of Aubergine you would know I know how long It's going to take now if you just heard What I said about the time look 6 Minute 35 and actually we can see some of these Aubergines start to boil already they're

Already way soft So I'm gonna have to turn them six Minutes in so maybe 10 minutes in total On these small tiny ones they cook so Fast actually So you can see you can have surprises so Now I'm gonna do just complete these 10 Minutes I guess another five minutes on The other side And we're gonna be done I had to quickly take off the aubergine Of the grill because they were ready and The reason is they were fresh from the Market and they cooked the creamery Because I was thinking 15 minutes but You see in 10 minutes five minutes on Each side was actually already enough Look at this color and now for the Marinade the next step is very simple We've cooked the aubergine we just need To mix a bunch of ingredients cut this Into pieces and leave these two Marina The marinade is a kind of a sweet and Sour Affair we're gonna have some lemon Juice we're gonna have some cherry or Balsamic vinegar in here mixed with some Sweetness a little bit of brown sugar And it's about one and a half teaspoon Some sultanas or raisins or resinos we Call them resin SEC and then of course Olive oil there's some clove here it was A you know an international flavor and I've added here some some roasted nuts I Think these are cashew nuts I always mix

The names with all these nuts but that's What we're going to be using so now Let's change and go to that Workshop Mode and I'm going to show you a little Trick on how we're going to cut these Things here And here we are back to the workshop now We need to cut the aubergine and you're Going to put everything into a ball that Is large enough depending on how much You make now usually we're going to put This on The Chopping board when you take The knife and you can flatten your Version and one of the things that have Discovered when I was visiting my aunt And uncle is my uncle was like a caesar Man he used to do everything it gets Everything with scissors in the kitchen And I was you know what for home cooking It makes sense right so for instance Something like this I'm going to use my Hands sorry instead of going with the Knife you take your scissor And you're going to be cutting I'm not a Probe the scissor cuts but to be honest Sometimes when you want to do like Bite-sized little things you take a pair Of scissors like that And you cut away and you don't flatten Your food isn't that genius thanks uncle Now for the marinade or the dressing What I'm gonna do here is use a little Bowl and start by pouring all the Ingredients in here first okay

To avoid having to bash audio version Because they're quite fragile And things could get a little bit out of Hand so what I'm doing is mixing Everything in here I've got the lemon juice that I've Filtered And here I've got of course plenty of Olive oil And you want a good marinade and you can Keep these My little version so I am usually mixing This until the sugar dissolves and That's Enough then it's ready to be poured in Before I'm pouring all that marinade Over I've placed two slices of lemon I'm Gonna do my French touch after by adding Somebody's all bay leaves in there after All it's French and this is totally Optional a little bit of chili I like Chili chili flakes I like the bit of the thing I like the Power give some color but that's about It of course The salt and pepper there was already Some on the on the aubergine but a bit More Never hurts and when we're here Basically that's it I mean pouring all of that Over your Beijing with the raisins and Very gently And you can use a spoon or whatever you

Don't want to Kind of disturb the thing too much okay So you just mix everything together And that's gonna be it make sure it's Submerged give the flavors and we're Gonna leave this Overnight or at least a few hours in the Fridge Until it's totally cold and the fact That it is warm like the aubergine it Absorbs the flavor much much better but That's it I'll show you the result when It's done Here we are I thought that for the last Shot I will give you a bit of a detail We do a bit of a tasting to see how this Thing goes so of course I did the Overnight treatment for these again Because I always believe anything Marinated like this it's it's called the Flavored fuse it's absolutely great now One thing to be careful of when you use Olive oil It can solidify a bit so don't leave it For too long in the fridge if you take It out you leave it for 15 minutes so it Kind of go back to room temperature but But let's have a look at what we have Here okay so this is all the elements we Had no we had all the lemon slices I've Got the The bay leaf and I've got some of the Nuts but look at this I want to show you is the end result

Look at these lovely aubergine that you Have on here with the nuts and what People do you have like toes like this That you serve Perfect for summer day when it's hot you Know you got people over a little rose Wine for instance you're going to take a You know an aubergine you can take maybe Some olive raisins Okay let's try And what is great about that dish again It is really not difficult to make as You've seen and you can reuse the oil if You want to make more sorry more version Here but you can also use other Vegetables so for instance if you were To use the same technique The same brine or the same marinade you Can make courgettes you can make bell Peppers or you can make a mix of Everything all together so that gives You a recipe That you can play around with it's Really really tasty it looks good and It's super versatile see you in the next Video thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign

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