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Ham’s Tips for Making the Best Fried Rice | Peruvian Arroz Chaufa | NYT Cooking

If you're making this in a New York Apartment make sure you open all your Windows turn your fans on high because You will be setting off your fire alarm It's a sacrifices you got to make for a Good surf fry hi I'm ham I'm a chef Professional paraglider recipe developer Amateur professional wrestler to again No and today we're making AR Ro Chaa Aros chaa is fried rice chaa is a Category of hybrid Peruvian Chinese Dishes and while it originated in Peru You can find it throughout South America It's a key part of the restaurant scene In all of these places and something That's on every single table is AR Ro Chaa the chicken thigh version is the Kind that I make most often at home Because it's easy to find it's Affordable and it comes together really Really Quickly so a key part of CHA and Chinese Restaurants in general is the use of a Walk I have mixed feelings about using a Walk at home because it isn't just the Pan that makes the walk so effective the Walk burner is what makes walk cooking So special it looks like a jet engine You turn it on and it goes whoosh so That makes the surface of the Walk Intensely hot it's about BTUs and there Are no stoves at home with enough BTUs To get the walk hot enough to get you That delicious like w that you get when

You're when you're using a proper walk Over a popper flame I like to surtir fry In a large cast iron pan that increased Surface area makes sure that whatever I'm stir frying comes into direct Contact with a really hot surface they Maintain their heat a lot better and They're less likely to drop in Temperature even if you're putting a lot Of things in there so as long as you Keep the heat High your cast iron hot And your things moving I feel like you Can get a much better stir fry Experience with a large cast iron rather Than a walk at home all right let's get Chia fying so anytime you stir fry Anything stir fry is a very quick Cooking method you want to make sure That you have all of your ingredients Prepped cut ready to go this is known in The business as Mis plus wow big words I'm going to start with my scallions I'm Going to trim the Root I'm going to slice it thinly but I'm going to separate them into the Whites and greens so what I mean by White and green so there's kind kind of Like that really dark green bit kind of Lighter green bit and then the super White so I kind of split the difference So I give the green part some of the Light green and I give the white some of The light green we're going to thinly Slice

That got the whites of my scallions all Ready to go thly slicing my scallions [Music] Now we're going to cut up our bell [Music] Pepper right now I'm mincing my Ginger We've got everything Meed out everything Cut the entire time I was cutting things I had my cast iron preheating on medium Heat so I know it's ripping hot splash Of oil swirl to coat and I'm going to go In with my Eggs that intense sizzling is what I'm Looking for season with salt swirl that Around so I get a nice even egg disc and That almost Cooks immediately I'm going Underneath with a spatula and I'm Flipping it over so it Cooks the other Side and as soon as I give it a kiss on The other side and there's no wetness From raw egg I'm out of there baby I'm Out of that Pan I'm going to wipe my pan out with Just a paper towel I just want to make Sure there's no residual egg in there Cuz that's going to burn over time back Up to medium high heat and while the pan Comes back up to temperature I'm going To cut up my eggs into little Bits no need to be super precise Here rough cubes then that goes into my Bowl then I set that aside for later my Pan is smoking again telling me that I'm Ready to go in with with the next thing

Splash of oil swirl to coat and we're Going to hear a Sizzle there we Go and you want to keep that Moving we're going to season that up With a pinch of salt since it's so hot You want to keep it moving so it Cooks Evenly and we're going to cook this Until the peers are softened and just a Little bit charred on the Outside o we're getting some nice Pockets of char it's a good sign we're Trying to keep this as hot as possible Cuz we're just trying to mimic what it's Like to stir fry in a blistering hot Walk so my peppers have softened they're Nice and blistered their pockets a Char Out we Go I always like to wipe out my cast Iron cuz if there's anything left over From the previous batch it is going to Burn in with our Oil swirl to Coat and in we go with our Chans flatten that Out season that with some Salt and let's get that moving and Grooving we're getting some beautiful Color on the chicken th all right our Chicken brown crisp cook through in we Go with the whites of the scallions Garlic and our Ginger cook that out it's Going to get really fragrant the Aromatics are going to soften you'll get A hint of char on the outside at no

Point have I turned my heat down I'm Rocking on High the whole way through Hit it with some MSG totally optional But in my personal opinion this does not Tastes right without it I think a lot of Chinese food in general does not taste Right without that little hit of MSG Some sugar White pepper Cumin stir that until it's fully Incorporated and now we're going to add Our rice you want to make sure you use Cooked and cooled rice that is very very Important it's how you get the right Texture stir fry that up with everything That's in the pan and you want to make Sure that each individual grain is Coated in a little bit of fat if your Pan feels a little dry like mine does Right now I'm going to add a little bit More oil at this point I want there to Be a nice little Sheen to my Rice I'm going to add the rest of my Seasonings this is sesame oil and I'm Going to add it around the perimeter of The pan the soy sauce I'm also adding it Around the perimeter of the pan that's The hottest part of the pan and I want It to almost caramelize a little bit We're just going to keep stir frying This until the rice is a little crisp at This point I'm going to give it a little Taste see if it needs any more salt or Soy I think it just needs a hint of salt

And if you can see the edges of some of The rice are nice and crisp it's Sufficiently moistened it's kind of Glisteny everything's well Incorporated There's no pockets of seasoning in one Spot it's all homogenous and all the Same color I'm going to add the rest of Our mixins so the bell peppers scallion Greens and the Egg the bell peppers and Eggs probably cooled off a bit so just Stir It Up Until everything is hot and Then kill the heat and serve immediately You want to go from pan to plate to face To [Music] Stomach a little big [Music] Small your Head let's give it a go Oh yeah oh yeah rice is perfectly Seasoned there's a little bit of crisp On the outside but it's not like so Overcooked that it's like crisp and Crunchy all the way through you don't Want that in a fried rice you still want The rice to maintain it's like chewy Integrity on the inside with just a Little bit of crisp on the outside Chicken really deep flavor perfectly Cooked that egg it still tastes like a Delicate omelette and since we added it Again right at the very end and just Incorporated it it didn't have a chance To get hammered at all the little bit of

Char on the bell pepper makes it almost A little bit Smoky I mean it's it's Fried rice what's not to love about Fried rice you know what fried rice Tastes like and this is just a very very Good One anything else I should Add you can find this recipe and many Others on nyt cooking [Music]

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