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How to Make a Sauce Grenobloise from Scratch | French Bistrot Technique

Now when the weather is warm serving Fish is always great because it's nice And light but I always struggle to find The right source that goes with it and Today I'm going to show you how to make A famous beastro butter sauce called the Sauce groblas that is super vesatile is Nice and tangy and it goes really well With any kinds of white fish you could Even use salmon if you want it is a Sauce made of course with a brown butter Lemon parsley Capers and Crouton so you Get some crunch you get some tanginess You get some texture you get all the Things that you want and trust me with Fish it is just beautiful it goes Without saying that like everything we Do here at the French Cooking Academy The Mison plus is the most important Thing so we're going to need some Crouton this is just the soft part of The bread you can use white bread Capers Parsley this is just the Flesh of the Lemon without skin in little quarters 150 gr of butter and about the juice of Halfon you'll find all the details on The recipe card that's all you need for That Source let's jump into the recipe The first thing we're going to do here Is to prepare the croutons so there's Croutons a tablespoon of oil and you Don't want a too high heat and we're Going to take our time we want golden Croutons as I said there's no crust in

These ones so we're just going to spend A few minutes and burn everything on all Sides I'm done so this is the coloring That we have if you don't have enough Oil don't be scared to add a bit more Oil you need to saturate the croutons so That they become Really hard you hear that noise You see you don't want something soft And you don't want something burn on the Outside and soft on the inside that has To go in the butter they need to be Really dry so when they're done I'm Going to reserve this on the side here On a piece of paper towel to drain the Excess of oil and now the croutons are Done we're going to make the brown Butter when you start this you need to Have all the other stuff ready remember This is beastro kind of food this is Chop chop chop in one go okay so butter As soon as it's ready all the Ingredients are going to follow I've got My heat you can put this on medium I got My butter and we're going to make a Brown butter AK the burette or hazelnut Butter what is this it is simply butter That is melted and it's a butter where We going to be cooking the milk solid so All this brown deposite and when you do This your butter is going to have that Kind of nutty flavor and that's all what It is okay so don't put the heat too High you don't want to burn anything

Wait for this to melt first and once the Butter is melted it's going to start to Chant can you hear This this is basically the milk solid And some of the water that content is Kind of evaporate the very easy thing to Do to know when the butter is ready we Just going to wait for this noise to Stop that is usually the sign when it is Spot on when your brown but is Ready can you Hear the noise is disappearing ing it's Ready going to take all the lemon Juice and [Applause] Mify this is to stop the cooking of the Butter I'm going to turn my heat off Now then we're going to add the other Ingredients once the cooking stop I'm Putting my heat back on very very low I'm going to Add some Salt Capers and half pieces of lemon you Don't want to have your heat high at all This is just a little bit to keep the Temper tempature up and we're going to Leave this to infuse very gently for a Minute the boil is Back take a don't burn yourself you're Going to Taste enough Salt that's fine heat off now the base Is ready we're left with the parsley and

The croutons we're going to add this Just at the last minute so if you're Making a piece of fish you make a piece Of fish and just before serving you can Warm this up if you don't use it IM Immediately and you add the parsley then If you put the parsley now it's going to Start cooking it's going to be horrible So you want to keep the freshness of the Cru and the parsley so I'm going to do This as the last minute I'm going to Make a piece of fish and I'll show you On a picture how it looks like with a Bit of a pouring over so just very Briefly before I'm adding the Final Touch when you make the fish there's a Misconception people tend to cook the Fish in butter and then use that butter To make the sauce maner or the Gras it Is not the case you never use the butter Used to cook the fish because it's going To be all sat at maybe a little bit Burned fishy you don't want that you Always do the sauce with a clean Butter And you cook your fish on the side with A different butter my fish is now ready Immediately I'm bring this back to the Boil and I'm going to add last minute Just before serving the Crouton the parsley and Final Mix like This and boom on the table and we serve And here we are look at this piece of John D Crouton scaper salt and pepper Drizzle of that but

And you're good to go Bistro style this Is a super vestile sauce that will work With any of your white fish salmon the Side of lettuce if you want boiled Potatoes and you're good to go the one Advice I can give you when you make the Brown butter or the burn noisette wait For that nose to disappear and when you Have these Brown deposit that are just Light brown you're good to go because The key to that shows the taste you want The naughty flavors in there plus the Acidity of the lemon the Capers and the Rest is just just pure joy so go ahead Try it out let me know what you think in The comment section and as for me I will See you next time for another French Cooking video on the French Cooking Academy take care all [Music] Byebye [Music] And G Me Wind and Rain Some kind Ofly baby [Music] [Music] [Music] You [Music] Don't me wind [Music] Rainf You


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