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How to make a sun tart: France’s best party food

Now if you haven't heard about the Centaurs which is the French appetizer That has been all the craze you are Missing out celebration for the 14th of July is around the corner if you're Looking for something you know fast and Easy and fun then this is it I'm not Going to tell you much more about that You need to Discover it for yourself Let's go now what on Earth is a suntart It is two layers of pre-roll pre-made Puff pastry in which a fitting of your Choice is encased in today we're going To make a filling with ham cheese a bit Of cream and onion usually you can use Like pesto red pesto green pesto if you Don't want to butter at all but you can Put anything you want in there and trust Me it is great because you can have Multiple centers multiple flavors it is Absolutely delicious and now for the Most important part you're gonna need Two discs of equal size of puff pastry If you buy the puff pastry it's already A circle perfect if it's a rectangle Like me you're gonna be using like a Ball like this Cut around and have these two piece of Pastry when they are ready immediately You cover them slice them on the plates And you reserve them in the freezer While we're making the filling that's Crucial in the freezer there needs to be Nice and stiff nice and cold once the

Puff pastry is ready it is time to Choose your filling the filling of Choice to begin is to use red pesto and Green pesto you spread half of the tart With the green one half of the the other Side of the tart with the red one here I'm gonna do something a bit more Special bit more my way a feeling of Cheese onion cream and cheese this is Beam stir which is a Dutch gouda a great All-rounder I've got three slices of a Ham about two onions about 100 to 150 ml Off cream the key when you make any kind Of Center if you want to improvise with The fillings you need to process Everything like me in a food processor To a very very small pieces okay Otherwise it's going to cause problem When you're going to want to make the Decoration as you will see later I'm Gonna keep doing row of course the cream And the cheese but I'm going to cook the Onion on the stove right now and now for The onion I'm gonna saute the onion Without coloration in a little bit of Butter after a good five or ten minutes Some people like to put the onions raw It is a personal choice for me I always Find that the onions never cook if you Increase them into pastry roll like this Okay they're gonna be uncooked they're Gonna be Crunchy just don't like it so For me boom in the pan as soon as the Butter is melted perfect onion so again

The quantities I'm using to onions is Just to make sure I've got enough but That depends on how large the tart You're making is and don't take these Ingredients as the standards the center Is a personal Affair you can use any Fitting you want more onion less onion More ham no ham replaced with bacon it Is entirely up to you my onions are Ready and I've got everything I need Onions the ham and the cream we're now Gonna mix everything into a bowl with a Spatula and we're gonna grate the cheese Afterwards on top Now using cream for That mixture is a bit of a bold move Because it could really liquefy and goes Everywhere but I'm still gonna try let's Take a few risks so what I'm gonna do First I'm gonna judge by just by the Look so some ham or definitely want all The onions I've cooked them like onions And I'm gonna mix the whole lot First before adding the cream now now That I've got this mixture I'm gonna go Very easy And I'm gonna add my cream in there you See my cream is cold and you want to Have this cold trust me Because anything hot is gonna really Really affect your dough you want to Have a cold dough or cold mixture Otherwise it's going to be a struggle Okay as soon as your mixture is ready if It's too stiff you can put it a little

Bit in a microwave and we're now going To spread it on the first piece of the This is gonna be the Bottom now you Don't want to put too much of it at all And you don't want To have the mixture you need to leave a Free Edge on the side here of just uh You know a few centimeters so we're Gonna apply a very thin coating I'm Going to go very slowly and go all Around the dough and putting my onion Ham and cream mixture on there okay so This is how it looks like and now I'm Just gonna add some grated cheese on top Now I know what you must be thinking Right now like this is some pizza but Actually it's not now what we're gonna Do is to put some egg wash on here and Put something on top the other piece of Dough the egg wash is just a beaten egg And I'm going to take a kitchen in a Pastry brush and a little bit I'm going To apply a little bit of it all around The edges so the other piece of those Sticks All done and now I'm going to take the Other piece of dough out of the fridge Or the freezer depending where you have It and put it on top very important for Your dough to be very cold Because having this on top is going to Make the whole process much much easier As you can see here so what we're gonna Do

Is to press slightly With the side of the hands like this in There there's a little thing on here up And that's it now the next step is to Measure where is the sensors you can Take a tape measure and make a cross Whatever and all what we're going to do We're going to use a glass To make the center of that Sun so the Glass can be small or large depending on The side of your circle so I'm just Going to try to M somehow in the middle Okay and you press a little bit Not too much you don't want to break the Dough all together but you need to have That that marks I'm going to put it a Bit more because you really want to make That Mark that's going to be The definition of the center of your sun Kind of shape all right And now we're going to start cutting Okay my circle is not exactly in the Middle it doesn't matter now comes the Tricky bit we need to start cutting now You don't want to cut inside the middle Okay and you don't want to get dressed On the line because this end bit is What's going to help us when we have to Twist this piece so what I'm going to do Here I'm gonna go just from the half and You can start by cutting Okay you hold your dough and you start To make this shape so one here I'm gonna Do the other side and I'm gonna go half

Half and then quarters okay that is Roughly the idea here okay so another One here Okay and I'm gonna repeat the same so I've got two indents I'm gonna make the Same here look I'm gonna do a rough cut I'm not gonna go Two precise and use a tape measure for Everything because I want to show you Like if you're at home You know uh you don't have to be perfect It's like you know we're trying our best Okay Um you know that song it looks like a Sun you see oh it's nice I could put This on my wall almost okay but now it Comes the heart a bit now if your dough Becomes too soft put this back into the Freezer very quickly okay so you don't Want to mess around you want this to be Firm especially for the next step which Is gonna be here so what we need to do For the final this is the most important You get The smaller pieces like that okay This is really really important let me Zoom in first so we can sure all right So this is where we have to make sure it Works and it's cut properly so these Pieces on here Now you need to take the pieces and Twist the whole thing so you see you Have to make sure you got enough enough Room

And you need to twist this hold it like This Once at least and ideally Some kind of twice like that to give a Bit of a shape so you do a bit of a Twisty it's not the best thing But you're going to be twisting your Pieces like this you see because you see My Center is not very so I'm gonna have To get away with one twist I think look I'm gonna go with one twist one little Twist To give that kind of shape so okay so I'm going to do another one And you see small is not per se good you See maybe I should have used a smaller Glass because now I'm running out of Space for my twisties And we're going to make a nice shape all Along All along the dart And try to give that kind of sunny Things let me do it the sun is shining On the horizon people Look my knife was super sharp it cut Through the paper Look at that we're done my improvised Filling with the sun tart is ready and You see that effect so we're going to Put a bit of more egg wash Just in there for the coloring and Everywhere if we can actually I should Have maybe put the things The egg wash on there if you want but

I'm gonna put just a little bit for the Color so that's up to you Final Touch Decoration operations and complete look At this little thing such a festive look The center it always looks great but This is when it's raw what's gonna Happen we're gonna be cooking it that's Always a bit of a mystery so what we're Gonna do for now we're gonna put this in The fridge I did in the freezer to make Sure it stays in shape very important You're going to bridge your oven at 180 Degrees Celsius some people put it 170 And we're going to be cooking this until Nice and golden usually definitely 25 I Would say even 30 minutes for the Filling we want to take it slow have the Coloring make sure everything is Properly cooked and not have something That falls apart so Fingers crossed people let's scoop this And see it looks like at the end let's Go for the transformation would you look At this after 30 minutes it was spot on And our Center is ready I'm glad of that Little glass thing at indent it really Looks like a little Sun so this is how It look what is the purpose of the Center Art is an operative in which you Can take off some of the sides in some Of the bits and pull them off in the Middle you can put a melted cheese you Can put like maybe sausage snacks you Can put like a rocket or salads or

Anything that you want in here you can Leave it as it is for decoration but you Can fill this with something of your Choice when it comes to eating it as I Said you can have different kinds of Fitting but it's a it's a party thing so I'm just going to try to make sure I've Cut a bit but the whole thing is the TR Part you twist and tear apart something On the side like that and up You've got your little kind of Individual slice of goodness and someone With a drink on the side is gonna go Like ah Whoa I'm going to report that the mixture of Ham Onion and cheese works really well I Didn't overdo the cheese But it is just enough it's a nice layer Of puff pastries actually lots of post Pastry Um And these were little glass of champagne A white wine is absolutely gorgeous so If you have a party next time We don't know what to make you want to Celebrate especially the 14th of July Think of the center Art I would make Different versions with different Filling different tastes and it's just Absolutely beautiful well what do you Think it actually gave me even more Ideas you could make sweet version with

Almond cream and stuff like that it's Inside you can make it dessert or in a Salty one but let's complete the video For this week yes Bastille Day is coming And this is why I wanted to make that Thing because if you want to make a Buffet you can make plenty of those with Different fitting and you put some Flags Or something on there and yes let's Celebrate the Bastille and the Revolution okay I'll see you all next Time next week for another French Cooking video on the channel take care All bye Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby you'll kill me Some kind of butterfly

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