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How to Make Addictive Bistro-Style French Fries at Home

Welcome back so last week we did a main The Madera bra short trips and now it is Time to make a side and guess what we're Going to be talking about it's pretty Obvious isn't it potato as you can see Good potatoes here because I mentioned In my recipe last week that making Homemade french fries will go perfectly With the bra me to have that kind of Modern Bistro style effect and it so Happened we're in the middle of creating How brand new course and TI cooking Potato like a chef that covers all the Technique the chef's technique the French Staples that you find French Cuisine all the way of cooking potatoes Plus family dishes and special Chef's Recipes as well if you're not subscribed To our newsletter please do this link in The description to get all the latest News but for now we're going to have Something about deep frying which is Also part of the course and I'm going to Show you how to make nice crispy on the Exterior soft in the interior homemade Fries because they're just delicious to Eat now while in our course we go Through all the tiny details here I'm Going to just fly through and tell you The essential about the french fries now The hurdle you have is always I need to Peel and cut these potatoes a nightmare Yes you can use a knife I'm using a Sanoku it's quite handy when you want to

Do this but the potato cutter is really My favorite there different one that's Something with a liver make sure you got Something that can accommodate a long Potato you want long fries and you you Just peel your potato put it on top you Put that press you press down and you've Got this this is the result with that Particular machine I've got here okay And you got readymade fries once they Are cut like this always keep them in Very cold water ideally icy water and if It's not warm you can put this in your Fridge and wait an hour or two it's not A problem at all when it comes to size You need to know about three things and The the French style of fries it comes In three uh typical measurement the First one is called the pomate okay the Matic potato or skinny fries this is Roughly speaking half a centimeter then You've got the classic fries which is Roughly is 8 mm but I'm just going to Round it up it is 1 cm and then the Chuin fries that are called the pomon Are about 1 and a half CM wide okay so Pom alumet skinny pom frit medium pom P Large okay and that is all there is to Know about the cutting and storing of The potato now let's talk about the oil And cooking Method and now for the cooking technique What is the base element that going to Ensure you're going to have the best

Possible fries the first one is the oil You're going to be using you can look in The video description I'll give you a Few oils but some people like to use Peanut oil sometime in France they use Canala oil sunflower oil but if you want To make the ultimate fries there is only One type of fat it is not an oil it is Beef fat such as this this is what I'm Using beef T is actually s dripping a Beef fat taken from beef kidneys and is One of the purest fat it can really Handle high temperatures and it is said It is one of the healthier fat to use as Well so if you want the best ever fries You have to use beef fat so away from Using beef fat what is the other secret It is very simple it is the two-step Cooking technique you have your fries on Here okay they're in the water we're Going to take them out we're going to Dry them using a clean towel put them Into the basket and then we're going to Cook them with a two-step process the First step consists of What's called the Blenching this is happening at low Temperature typically 140° c i put the Finite on the screen and that can take 8 To 10 minutes depending on how thick Your fries are the sole purpose of that Step is to cook the inside of the Potato okay and that's the first step When it's ready we're going to take them Out let them rest for 15 30 minutes

Something like that and we're going to Wait for that second bath the second Bath is going to be a very high Temperature 180 usually even 190° C just For a brief 2 minutes or 3 minutes Maximum and the purpose of that second Bath of oil is to color the outside of The fries in a Flash so when you combine These two you've got a soft interior and A crispy exterior that is nice and Golden and this is the key to the fries So let's do It let's go step one you take your fries Out very delicately without breaking Them use your hand put them on a you Know on a teil like this dry them as Much as you can I usually use a kitchen Tow to make sure they're nice and dry And then in the frying basket My fries are laid flat in the basket Remember don't break the fries very Important and you need to have a tray a Large tray for after once the fries are Blenched we're going to pour them inside There again nice and flat never use a Bowl or anything like this because You're going to break your fries and now To the fryer my deep fryer is set to 140° C and I'm going to cook these for 8 Minutes you can go up to 10 minutes You're going to see it's very peaceful Nothing much is going to happen at the Beginning very quickly after one or two Minutes things are going to pick up like

This and as you can see there's no Coloration happening at all and you see That color of the beef fat it looks Exactly the same as oil it just gives a Very very distinct taste to the Fries after 8 minutes my fries are ready As you can see there's no coloration We've now cooked the fries they're nice And tender if you try them they're going To be nice and fluffy all what's needed Now is the crispiness and that's going To be happening afterwards what dict Takes the time 8 10 minutes as I said is The size of your fries you have Something that is thick with longer time It's your thin fries shorter blenching Time and I'm going to put this on the Tray so there we are this is the fries That have been blenched and they're very Kind of uh soft a little bit oily and That's normal you can leave them there For 15 minutes minimum up to 30 minutes 40 minutes even an hour not a problem Like this you can prepare your fries in Advance blanch everything and when we're Ready ready and to serve them we're Going to do the second buff remember the Second buff is really very fast at high Temperature just about 2 to 3 minutes so It's a Breeze so my fries are now ready I'm Waiting for the temperature to go up so You want minimum 180° if it can go above I put my deeper

On maximum settings and we'll see how it Goes okay that's the most important and Now in the Oil let's Go put my timer I'm going to count two To 3 minutes but ideally you want to Look with the eyes as well and you want To check and see when it's going to get Colored you can use the the chef Fork to Mix things around if you know the fry Sticks together I move the basket like That but if you want you can use a Little Fork like that as well I think We're done we got some nice color let's Take this out and this they look like I'm going to leave them to drip a little Bit to get rid of the excess of fat as Soon as you're ready the first step you Take all these nice golden fries and You're going to leave them on a bit of a Paper towel very briefly just to absorb The excess of fat once the fries are Ready it's a bit like a fast food you're Going to have to take a large large bowl You put all these crispy fries in there Okay I'm going to add some salt one or Two pinch like this and a typical swirl Look at these nice and crisy you can Hear the sound oo good so I've quickly Transferred the fries on here in a Little basket but what you want to do For the quality control when you got the Fry the testing of quality is you break It and when you press you should have

That kind of potato mash like Consistency and that's tells you it's Beautifully cooked crispy on the inside Soft on the inside Yum I think the beef fat as well you Know it doesn't give a beef taste or Anything like that it's really just nice Almost like a fast food type of magdal Fry that we all love let's face it Beautiful but that concludes this video On how to make really good french fries Try the technique tell me what you think In the comment section and I will see You of course next week for another Video this time we are deep diving again In the techniques because we've done the Starter the main here with you the side And what about your s or something for Next time it's always fun I see you then [Music] Baby you [Music] Me me wind R kind Ofly baby [Music] [Music] [Music] You I don't want to jinx it baby Myself [Music]

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