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Indulge with this super easy red wine infused onion Tart

No I have to sit like kind of like red Onions for a simple reason that it's Kind of an underdog of the vegetable you Always use a normal onion but when you See Red Onion in the eye I was like it's A red onion what I'm gonna do with this So let's use some red onions and make a Caramelized Red Onion confi with red Wine and use that to make a delicious Little party trick a little snack a Little tart using of course my go-to Pre-made Pro puff pastry it is super Simple super easy to make but it is very Tasty I'm gonna add on top This my special go-to soft goat cheese As a little sprinkle and let me tell you That thing if you have guests over is Delicious so this is an onion tart so Obviously the onion is the star of the Show and we're gonna go straight for the Kill and use one kilo of onion the Reason is onion reduces and you're Always better off having too many onions Then not enough because you won't go Back and make some more because it can Take up to 20 minutes to cook so my Advice using Aikido it's comfortable now When it comes to onion and a tart like This and the star of the show is just The onion you rely onion on the onion There's a few rules that I always apply With this starting with how thin you Need to cut your onions on here okay This is the maximum thickness and I'm

Using a food processor to make sure I've Got even slices you don't want a large Chunk and what I do as well is that I Select the best looking onions and these Little bitsy the the odd ends I'm Discarding this I'm going through my bow What I've cut and I'm discarding this One now if you want to go buy a knife Okay one thing that is important when You peel and you prepare your onions is To remove the roots so what I do skin on I cut the top I cut the back far enough So that the root is gone the root is This that is the heartbeat that holds The onion together it's great when you Do your your dicing and stuff like that But this we you know we want the whole Onion you don't want the root so make Sure either you cut it far enough far Away enough or if you do a half like That you can carve with your knife the End of the root like this would just Have the onion the cooking of the onion Is also essential when you make an onion Tart the most important is that culinary Experience you have when people are Eating that are the onions must be tasty And they must be cooked absolutely to Perfection Minimum is always 15 minutes but usually 20 for that kind of scenario is going to Bring you something really really nice Do not under cook onions because they Are absolutely terrible okay for the

Rest very simple just the measurement You're going to have the sugar we're Gonna have some butter I've got here Some red wine and the goat cheese I'm Using here this is just an additional Tash it is actually optional you can Replace it with something else of your Choice maybe just some basil or some Decoration and you will be fine so now Let's do the one main thing we have to Do which is cooking those onions We're going to start by adding and Melting the butter we've got 50 grams or Up to 60 grams we want plenty of butter In there for our onions Okay butter is melted I'm using a medium Heat to start I'm going to go in batter cheese to make Sure all the onions are covered in Butter so mix well and then add more I'm gonna add a bit of salt and pepper To start with But before we add the rest of the Ingredients I'm gonna start to cook them In the butter on a medium to high heat For a good five minutes and to reduce The amount here and then we're gonna add Some sugar then we're gonna add the wine And do the proper cooking so same thing A little bit of seasoning I'm gonna put My head higher And five minutes on the clock let's go Now would you look at this after five Minutes your onions they've already

Reduced they start to render lots of Water And that one kilo that was looking huge Trying to really diminish as minutes to Pass so This is what we need to get after five Minutes now now that we've got a bit of Moisture in there we can start to add The other things so the sugar to help The caramelization one or two tablespoon Some of the onions like mine here They're quite sweet So don't overdo the sugar it's up to you I wanted to tablespoons the maximum you Would use and the red wine for the color So up to 50 mil I'm gonna add a little Bit first I use a heavy kind of full Body No Frill wine We gonna mix the whole lot so you get The flavors of the wine with the sugar With the salt and pepper and you need to Strike the right balance of taste in Here onions actually sometimes more Difficult to cook than people imagine And to get them right It's not always easy so you see the Color we start to get a good color I'm Going to add a little bit more oh why Not let's not be greedy as I always say Put all the wine now we're gonna leave This to cook gently and with the Moisture in there for 15 minutes Uncovered mixing from time to time okay And that's gonna help create that

Moisture to cook the onions through Remember onions have to be cooked Properly this is Paramount After 15 minutes Is now done look at this color look at This texture it's totally soft we're Gonna taste Okay and It is cooked so that's the most Important But it is still a bit sweet And you can adjust now the the seasoning So I could add you know A bit of salt I think in there I'm gonna Add some Thyme and this is just the end bits of Some fresh thyme from the garden you can Use for you know dry herbs if you like Not too much and just a teaspoon or Something like that and what I'm adding As well to break the sugary aspects I do A sweet and sour but about half a Tablespoon of cherry vinegar or balsamic Vinegar I'm gonna raise my heat to really high And spend just a few minutes Through Blaster heads to capture all These tastes and start to really have The the onion to not caramelize but Almost you know start to attach to the Pan at the bottom there Perfect let's have a look what I want in Here and if I move my pan you see there Is no liquid anymore because we have to

Cook this remember on a piece of puff Pastry so you don't want any moisture I'm turning my heat off and now let's Have a look at what we have here and Talk about the next step So here we are what's the next step when The onions are done you're going to Transfer them to a bowl like this and if You taste them you're going to see that We've got perfectly cornfield onion you Know cooked in red wine you're going to Have caramelized notes a nice balance of Sweet and sour with the vinegar and a Hint of thyme delicious You're gonna leave these two cool a Little bit and while this is cooling I'm Gonna make sure You have your row of puff pastry your Pastry that is defrosted okay needs to Be malleable and easy to work with You're going to need a baking sheet a Piece of parchment paper baking paper Doesn't matter what you call it you're Also going to preach your oven at 200 Degrees Celsius I put the equivalent Fahrenheit on the screen and now I'm Just gonna show you very quickly what we Always do again the same trick using That phase three And make a tart pan out of it dual trick I always love that little trick with the Pastry it's always the same are you Going to take the edges of your Um

Of your dough here of your pastry You can start wherever you want I was Trolling I don't know why it's not Always from the side today But I'm nearly short side and then you Fold again Everything In one little little tart little pie and Like this you save yourself having to Use a tart pan And everything is edible edible Beautiful look at that Once you're done with your pastry in Here all it needs to do what you need to Do oh it's still a bit warm is to spread This onion mixture At the bottom Evenly so I'm using a little thing but You you guys are on Rhythm a new place You make a nice coating off Onions these delicious onions Hi mold on this is what I've created as You can see very important there's a Good layer of onion it's not too thin And I also did not put any onions on the Edges here because they're gonna puff up That's very important but away from that That's all there is to it now I'm just Showing you again the basic unfolding a Piece of pastry and again if you have Different size of pastry sheet you can Do whatever size but at the end of the Video I will talk about alternative and What else you can do with these onions

But for now let's cook this beautiful Tart I'm going to place this on my Middle oven tray 200 degrees Celsius and We're going to be cooking this for a Good 25 minutes until the pastry is nice And puffy nice and golden My onion tart is out of the oven and at First sight what we've got we've got a Beautiful cross nicely puffed we've got This burgundy color semi caramelized Onion and they can go through it all day It's got a nice color but Of course at First Sight like this the Presentation Left to be desired so we know the taste Is there but a lot of time when you make These sort of things we need to add bits And Bobs so this is why I've decided To use These bits of goat cheese which is a Soft goat cheese so just a you know just Just a bit here and there just to make It a bit fun a bit you know a bit of a Crumble here and there on top it's a bit Tart which is great because it's really Kind of adds something a bit special and Maybe Some little nuts on here so these are The toasted Pine nuts again within reason I'm just putting some to make it more Attractive to the eye and we're going to Finish with just That little touch of chives maybe on the

Like a little Point of chive on on each Of these here This is Orient art now I guess the next Thing I'm going to cut a slice and maybe Try it out Now here we are our slice the Tomato Looks a bit more fun and appetizing and I never know where to start uh with These these ones what about this one Let's have a look first you see that the Pastry in here So it's an absolute puff always nice I'm Gonna indoors that I see I've got all The caramelized onion look at that when You cut it it's a caramelized it's a Caramelized onion bonanzas I'm Gonna Roll It You know onion sandwich Bang Explosion of onions You don't get this battery Aspect and then you that little bit of Of goat cheese on there You know like what you get on here the Bit of shrives a bit of nuts Mmm cracking Love it So this is how you make a simple you Know comfy onion tart with the red one You got all these flavors are amazing With the red wine the caramelization The Zing and then with this feta cheese and The nuts it really all comes together if

You've never tried this I urge you to Try the recipe and don't forget that you Can make the onion mixture ahead of time Like this when you have guest over you Assemble the tart you cook and it's Ready I hope you enjoyed the video and I Will see you next week for another French cooking video on the French Cookie Academy take care Butterfly Baby [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby you'll kill me You're giving me Some kind of butterfly [Music]

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