Irresistible and quick, these 4-ingredient sweet treats take only 10 minutes to make!
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Irresistible and quick, these 4-ingredient sweet treats take only 10 minutes to make!

Yes I came across the easiest beneath Recipe I could ever find using Fresh cheese would you believe this I Didn't even know it was possible this Recipe is about what three ingredients Mixed together and then you put it in a Deep fryer it is ultra simple what I Liked about it is that it brings Something new to the table because fresh Cheese can be used ricotta cottage Cheese from Marsh blonde and you get a Kind of a sweet and a Savory paneer Rolled in sugar 14th of July you want to try those let's Go Now I have to say that I'm always on the Lookout for an easy donut or beignet Recipe because most of the time it seems To be really complicated and I came Across that one I was like wait wait a Minute look at the ingredients it's Really not much at all so what we have Is only Flour sugar eggs and fresh cheese so of Course let me say that there is always a Catch France has got very specific Produce the real thing we use normally Is fromage blonde which is the Equivalent of cottage cheese cottage Cheese is what I've kind of use is not The same exactly but let's say it was Going to be the next best thing if You're not in France it's going to be Very hard to find some information on so

We're going to be using cottage cheese And I'm pretty sure it is going to work You could even use ricotta I think quark And which is sometimes the Dutch of a German version but it is a kind of a Fresh cheese but that's all what you Need a few stencils mix everything Together and then we're going to be done Of course I have to set it sometimes it Is a bit refreshing to find a recipe in The world of French cooking that is Really easy and fast to make so let's Take a little break a bit of a breather Here or what we need is a bow we're Gonna use about 250 grams of fresh Cheese I put it in a fine mesh sieve to Remove the excess of water and all what We're gonna do here is to work this With some sugar And then the egg so first we're going to Incorporate this nice this we want the Sugar to dissolve a bit of it okay you Want it to melt nice and sweet but not Too much so one of the difference you Have with the fromage blonde cottage Cheese another thing is that you eat These little bits of cheese that's not The usual for the formation it's a very Smooth Affair so I'm going to use a Whisk and I'm going to try to break Things down a little bit So with this we're going to use the X by The eggs out of the two we use one whole Egg and the other one is just the egg

Yolk okay and that's what I've got in Here and same thing here We're just gonna incorporate everything So we have a nice mixture you can use a Whisk as well if you want to up to you So you see I've used a whisk because for Me for the whisking it's nice you get Something quite liquid and the last step Because we're almost done it's only to Sift the flour over And bit by bits I'm gonna go like this Put everything in and we're going to mix Again let's go So slowly we want to have a batter okay Remember it's going to beignet that is a Kind of solid You know not runny like a crab batter Because we're gonna have to use this and Put this in a deep fryer okay so to take All the flour around get everything so We get that consistency that we want And that is something very important the Old recipe that we have in France They're talking eggs But the size of the egg very so for Instance I've got maybe large eggs on Here and you can see the batter Is still running we need to imagine that You need to drop this into a fryer even Though we're gonna have to leave it to Rest for an hour so that you know it's Going to stabilize with the flower but Here as you can see I'm gonna have to Add

A bit of extra flour And I want to show you the consistency We want but it's not rocket science but You need to imagine and if you make this At home Okay that you need to have something That is not runny that you can spoon And drop into a deep fryer so that it Doesn't go into little bits and pieces Everywhere it needs to stash one bowl of Dough okay so I'm gonna keep on going No I'm finished let's have a look you Can see when I'm using my spatula I'm Cleaning the bowl it doesn't stick to The Bowl it's not liquid it's almost Like a dough and I've got something That go in chunks okay it falls in Chunks so it breaks this is ready and Now we're gonna leave this to rest For an hour Okay well we prepared yoyo and it's Going to give time for the flower to Really you know dissolve incorporate and Absorb some more of the moisture so it's Really ready when you want to deep fry The whole mixture but for the resting Time you've got eggs overall eggs so What you're gonna do first I'm gonna use A plastic wrap that touch the batter Like this and keep this in the fridge For an hour and then we're gonna be done And now for a little deep frying station When you make small batches you don't Need to take the deep fryer out use a

Pan but one liter a bit more 1.2 liters Of oil I'm using sunflower oil and That's it tools of the trade you need to Have always that full thermometer to Know the temperature of the oil very Important for these little Donuts most Of the time 170 degrees Celsius is enough I put the equivalent On finite on the screen usually You'll Think of those and use you know real Something to scoop out I can't remember How it's called again like a skimmer or Something like this that is heat proof And of course we've got the butter a Little tip for the oil don't use the oil And throw it away what I usually do four Switch stuff like this for donuts I will Use a fresh oil I'll make the donuts when I'm done I'll Let it cool down put it in a glass jar And I keep it and you can use it three Four to five times you stick to the Sweet stuff with the switch stuff if I Make fries or anything savory whatever Or fish I'm gonna have another butterfly Or another glass jar with different oils That I keep in my cupboards but that's Pretty much it always be very careful With the oil if you use a pan make sure The handle is not towards you or Someone's gonna Bang into it because That is very dangerous of course no kids Around take all the safety precaution

You can when are ready to go and what I'm using here is two spoons to grab Some of the the batter in here okay and I use the other one to kind of plunge it Like this into the oil the shape doesn't Really matter we do small type of Beignets okay Moment of Truth so we've Got a temperature I've just checked and Because I'm not too sure about how much I'm gonna start with a little a little Ball of the just to try I like to do a Little test first okay And see what happened So very quickly within five minutes look At this it starts to start to Puff it Starts to inflate and that gives me a Bit of an idea on how big they're gonna Get lovely color Okay and it's good to do a test with one So once you've got the one in there I'm Gonna start to be going two three four At a time before you start doing more Make sure to rise up the heat check your Temperature and now we're gonna go We're gonna go bowl of the ball of dough We're Not Gonna Take any prisoners We're just gonna make Donuts roughly the same shape if Possible okay afraid of time it should Be good it's looking good I always you Know what I always love making this kind Of beignet I think it's something Exciting but you know it perhaps it

Rolls it goes around change shapes it's Wonderful So as you can see super simple recipe What's left to do virtually when you put This into sugar you just roll the whole Thing as you do with donuts and it's Just wash your hand of course I mean It's just a bit what you want to just Grab off those and eat them already Yes so here we are the benefit wine all Its Simplicity is very very easy to make But inside we've got Cheese which is not really the usual and I just wanted to share with you And show you how does it look inside Whoop look at that and it's actually Quite dense you see that color it's Really doughy I like the moisture but I'm so curious Hmm Okay no It should be dense and doing But you don't feel the cheese that much At all I'm so surprised What I like about it it's not like the Classic donors you get a contrast Because the cheese you know is not that Sweet So you got that The Best of Both Worlds A bit like a cake batter slash donut Almost like a custard anyway no with the Eggs wow it's really good Now honestly like I said at the Beginning of the video These has to be

The easiest way to make a donut kind of Thing and three ingredients in the fryer That was really amazing Now The Taste I'm sure will absolutely vary with the Cheese you use but I think you can even Add things like you know zest of lemon In there oranges liquor you can flavor These things and there's no end to the Creativity so go ahead have a bowl try All kinds of version of this venue and Tell me what you think in your comment But that's it for this video for this Week I'll see you next time for another Video and if you're celebrating the 14th Of July I have lots of fun like video in France for but stay there I'll see you Then Oh [Music] Myself [Music] [Music] [Music] Don't leave me [Music] [Music] Foreign

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