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La Bourride Sétoise: the lesser know Mediterranean fish stew you need to try | one pot wonders Ep. 5

There is something fishy going on today In our recipe because we're going to Prepare one of the very special ultimate Thing that is rarely made which is Called the buried sometimes referred to As the buritz it was a lot of you have Been requesting at recipe for some time And because the real recipe needs an Entire piece of monkfish that is hard to Get I thought I'm gonna simplify this And use monkfish fillet instead Nevertheless the recipe is delicious it Is a braised fish in a combo young Served with sauce with bit of cream and Bind it with aioli if you think it's the Same as the bouillabes it's got nothing To do with it so get ready and let's Make it Foreign And now let's talk simplification as I Said before it is something that is not Common and it usually goes into Two Steps step number one in the proper Recipe you need to create a cool young That is white wine with aromatics carrot Snakes I've got some onion some fennel Seed time baby that sorts of things Weave the head of the fish and that Creates a bit of a fish stock you see Now if you can't find a whole fish and You want to make that void you're left With this which are the feeder the Fillet don't have as much taste as the Whole fish okay and this is where the

Problem comes and how we can simplify That recipe so what can we do The answer is right here it is the time Where you can actually use an Off-the-shelf fish stock that won't have Much taste into it and use this as a Base to make our initial broth And this is exactly what we're gonna do Here mix The fish stock with the aromatic with a Bit of wine the time the fennel seed Etc And then you use that to braise how fish The flavor of the fish is going to Diffuse further into this so that at the End we've got something that has enough Quality and enough taste to Warrant to Really kind of match almost the real Thing so this is the little trick we are Going to be playing ready let's go And now let's turn the wheels of flavor How recipe is composed of two things First you've got that corbu young that Broth that is flavored with the Following you'll find anything in the Video description we got some leeks These are celery leaves it's not parsley We've got carrots onions we got some the Little part of the leek and this is Silver beets coming from that leafy Vegetables this is just the stalk we're Gonna have also some little fennel seeds And here the classic Thyme and they Leave you always fine okay I've showed You the fish stock already and that's

What we're going to be using we're going To use an extra cream Some little cream to add some color and For The Binding that I did talk to you About we're gonna make an aioli with Olive oil eggs And some garlic but more on that later Let's start with the broth Oh For Grand so because we're in the south We are not using butter and we're going To use a medium heat and of course use a Little bit like one it's a good Tablespoon of olive oil and add all of The aromatics in now this of course is Not to sear anything but just to release On the flavors we've got the carrots and We've got the silver beets and the leeks In here and the onions and you're gonna Have some also some celery stalks If you want to squeeze in that's a bit Lighter yeah things always like south of France and Provence it's a good place to Start okay so once you've got everything We're gonna mix everything well As always when you make this kind of low Cooking listen to this The chanting the ingredients telling you It is going well we're not really being Harassed yeah yeah you know we're Cooking but easy going So here we're going to add a few What is fennel seeds like fennel seeds Okay

And we're going to leave this for Another minute because what we're doing Here it's only to run this little thing Standard and to start to release the Flavor we're not yet cooking the Vegetables or anything like that when We're ready we're gonna be adding the Stock this is half a liter Be very careful of your cooking stock Mine here is salty a little bit which is Not the best so I'm not gonna add any Salt but rather A grain of pepper And with this I'm gonna add about 100 ml Of wine I did told you that usually it's Only one but he we're simplifying things And if we only had one in aromatics I'm Not too sure it would have something Really great so trust me fish took a bit Of wine we're good and now I'm Gonna Leave This to simmer for 15 minutes That's it now put a little hint anytime You use a cold stock OS first bring it To the boil like this then you reduce to A simmer and you start your timer at 15 Minutes okay that's the way to do it and We have some time let's talk about the Aioli aioli is usually just olive oil And Curry garlic that's it this is the Classic method but it is an absolute Pain to make and trust me if you still Want to have hair at the end of that Video but putting them out trying to Make the original version you rather do

That one we're gonna make the simplified Kind of garlic mayonnaise version using An egg yolk a bit of mustard the pure Garlic and olive oil and let me tell you What a lot of people now even in Provence do this because it is just Simple and it works so let's see how it Is the concept of making an oily is Simple we're going to take a large bowl We're going to start by pressing our Garlic in here okay put that into the Bowl we are going to follow by adding The egg yolk in here A bit of mustard it's a bit it's about a Small small teaspoon a bit of salt and Pepper As you can see Very simple and then mix a whole lot Spend a good 30 seconds doing this look At this we started to create the emotion When you got your base like this with Everything you can take your olive oil And to start with little bit Especially with that one it's like a Mayonnaise Okay and you make sure It binds together and it's going to Start to change color and what you need To do Is bit by bit Add your oil And the mix is going to thicken and Thicken and thicker now to show you Removing the towel I'm almost done I'm

Gonna add a little bit you can push up To 130 mL of oil And within minutes My Kind of fake IO is ready and look It is stiff okay it is not meant to be Liquid like oil that's the consistency We need I'm gonna put this in a bowl and Reserve it the time is now up I've Turned my heat off and what we're going To do here is to discard this untidy Bits here you want to leave them too Long they believe that it could bring Some bitterness into your dish and the Thing you can see Is that it's not super appealing here But don't worry because we're going to Put some cream in here that has got the Flavor but it looks a bit muddy as Always so what do we do the cream Is there usually To really whiten the sauce and make it Give some Taste of course it's going to Help to thicken but it kind of masks the Whole Funny look of that of that broth in here And what I've done here has totally Cooled down the whole mixture meaning We're going to be able to put our fish In before we add the fish I'm gonna add A bit of that That is the French and the reason we're Going to add this because it is made

With these bitter orange and bitter Oranges the dry ones are used a lot in The provence cooking now don't overdo it Usually 20 or 30 ml is enough Because it's delicious but it could Bring a bitter taste to your dish Give that thing a stir And we got our base broth and now bring Four of the fish The fish Okay I'm not gonna actually add any salt And pepper for now I want to leave the Flavors I've got some salt in there Already and I want to have the fish to Express himself without adding too much Stuff I'm gonna add a little bit of Pepper Let's put a little bit of color in there Just before we put the paper lid on We're gonna turn the heat and bring this To a simmer but look at that this My friend is looking good paper lid I'm gonna have everything to touch there I've got a hole in the middle and wait For this to simmer and leave it to cook Gently for 20 minutes now one thing you Must absolutely not do is to leave your Fish in the pan as soon as the time is Up you remove The paper lid on here put it on the side And as soon as your fish is just cooked You're gonna scoop It Off And put it in a plate and reserve it While we finish the sauce so what I'm

Talking about is this look at this Beautiful fish ready I'm adding a little Bit of the sauce over to keep it moist That's what I mean and then you take the Same paper lid you had place this over While you finish the sauce I just mentioned sauce this is not a Soup okay or what we want is to reduce Sizes I put my head back to medium Medium high Maybe And we're gonna give it a light boil to Reduce it a little bit so it thickens Before we can add the aioli all right I Think we're done I'm gonna turn the heat off and I don't Want to go any further than this is the Amount of sauce I've got you can go Further but we still need to bind this With the oily adding the ILY in the Sauce is the last and ultimate test and That recreates the dish and bring Character to that so typical type of Fish dish I don't I'm not too sure how Much I should put in there I'm gonna go Easy let's let's try it a little bit And see what happened so you want to Keep it juicy ah then I want to taste it All the time I'm like ah Spoon come back here uh maybe a tiny bit More but that's it I'm gonna push it That's it last one The fish is going back in And remember No boiling we can warm this up if we

Want but without any boiling making a Mess all right took this off the stove To show you a bit better and these my Friends is the buried You can decorate it with some color with Some of the the celery leaves if you Prefer like this and a little trick that I thought is going to be good is also to Add some grated carrot because carrots Are part of the dish and add a bit of Freshness Into it let's dig in now the Brew it Said to us is meant to be served with Some boiled potatoes absolutely the real Way as well is you need to have on a Plate a toast like this you don't have To But what I like to do a bit like the Bouillabest you're gonna spread A garlicky mayonnaise or aioli at the Bottom and then we're gonna add the fish So for the fish I'm not gonna go over the top I'm just Gonna add one little piece just for Tasting there's a little bit of potatoes In here and then of course the sauce the Sauce you have to be generous of course I think it's salty enough but I'm gonna Still add a little bit more and you know A bit of pepper on there all right just Before I dig in a last look at the Compost dish this is how it looks like You get the Crouton and stuff everything I've added some extra juice and looks

Delicious let's go now let's keep this Casual I just did the one camera setup Here because I'm so hungry let's go so First off oh you know that's sauce I've Added some more of the potatoes It is Tasty again immediately the fish Is going through but what I want to do Is to have a piece of that fish The crouton and a sandwich like Um The sauce with the iodine A garlic explosion Crunchy moist And the fish there is just rightly Cooked what you can do to finish is be Sneaky And it can add more now you know because That garlic him mayonnaise you know what With a piece of fish like this A piece of potato if you want it's like A sandwich [Music] You know what the potato difference And you can dip this Into the sauce like a soup Well it is a special dish this one or What I can say here is that for the Amount of work we've done the Combination of simple ingredients this Is an absolute bomb but that completes The video for this week I hope you like It and next week we're going to go back With some meaty Endeavors and perhaps

Try to do another one pot chicken why Not see you then [Music] You're giving me wind away [Music] [Music]

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