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I'm obsessed with shortbread I think It's the best cookie out there honestly You want a shortbread caet yes my middle Name is [Music] Shortbread I'm yand kesa we are back at The New York Times cooking Studio we're Celebrating cookie Week so these cookies I'm calling them Lemon butter curls another variation of Shortbread if you've ever had those like Danish cook cies in the tin they're like A lemony buttery form of [Music] That so for this cookie in particular I Was going for really melty texture how I Got that is adding a lot of fat into the Dough we're going to start by creaming Our butter and sugar and I'm using Salted butter this is sugar going [Music] In so I'm going to do this until it's Nice and Fluffy the colors changed that's kind of What you're looking for you're looking For like a light creamy texture so my Egg yks go In if you don't want to use lemon I Think grapefruit would be Nice once the eggs go in you don't Really need to beat it as much you're Just mixing in the egg yolks okay so now I'm going to combine my FL flour salt Corn starch the corn starch just helps

With the texture that like dry but melty Shortbread texture so I'm adding all the Flour at Once I'm going to pour in the cream and Just let it Go and that's it that's your cookie Dough so the next step is to put this in A Piping Bag so I'm using using 824 star tip for this because the dough Is a little stiff you want a bag that Can hold that dough so I just put a Little bit at a time it's what I can Manage o did you see That so that's about how much I like to Put in another thing I like to keep on Hand when I'm piping these cookies is a Bench scraper and that's for pushing the Dough further down into the bag so Sometimes like today it's a little cold And chilly in the studio so the butter Is not as soft as when I worked with it At home so I'm just going to kind of Like press it in the Piping Bag to like Soften it up you can do like a Circle you can do just lines or Squiggles so you can have fun with this You don't have to like stick to the Shape that I piping here so I'm kind of Just playing around but I want to show You that you can pipe this out if you Don't like the shape you could just pick It up and throw it in the bowl these Cookies are pretty easy to play [Music]

With I decided on this shape cuz I Thought they were really cute they look Like an s-shaped hook look at that one That's like the perfect one by like your Eighth cookie you'll be piping perfect Shaped Seahorses at this point if I didn't want To bake it off right now I could Refrigerate it it should stay like this For about 12 to 24 hours to bake them Preheat the oven and just pop them In I like to let them sit on the baking Tray for about 1 to 2 minutes just to Set before I move them to a cooling Rack to make the glaze I like to sift The confectioner sugar this looks like a Lot of powdered sugar but once we add The liquid in it's not a lot of glaze so Usually it's really lumpy and I like to Get the lumps out before I stir in the Juice I'm looking for specific texture Of glaze I want it to be runny enough to Coat the cookie and just gently go down The sides but I don't want it to just Like fall down so I can see that this is A little too thick and going to add a Little bit more lemon Juice so like this is still too Thick I like adding the juice like a Teaspoon at a time after it gets to a Certain texture because I don't want it To be too loose I mean if it's too loose You could fix it with more powdered Sugar but it takes like about another

Cup of powdered sugar so I just put in Enough liquid where the glaze is gently Running off the spoon I want a nice Thick coat on top of the cookie the very Last step is to glaze these cookies you Can do this with a Piping Bag but I I Just like to spoon [Music] It these little lines on the cookies From the star tip I'm covering them Because when they get coated in the Glaze like it just makes them pop a Little more it just adds a nice layer of Shine to [Music] Them I'm going to leave some unglazed cuz I Actually like them that Way so I have this um sanding sugar That's going to go on the cookies but I'm going to let the glaze set a little Bit because if I put them on while the Glaze is still really wet it just sinks Into the sing sugar and I want them to Be sort of more of a [Music] Surface [Music] That is it my Friends lemon butter [Music] Curls so I like the acidity of the of The glaze I think it just adds like a Little bit more Sparkle and brightness

To the cookie I like the crunch of the Little sanding sugar the decorative Sugar add some Texture I like the way they [Music] Snap it's a good Cookie these are simple straightforward Bang them out pipe them out glaze them Frost them eat them but yeah just try to Enjoy the process that's what it's Really About so these recipes and all the other Cookie week recipes can be found on nyt Cooking.com I got a little Delivery it is a box of holiday cookies That we all made Ohow these were amazing I think these Were Melissa's matcha I think this is Eric's Marshmallow thank you guys this is so Sweet what a nice [Music] Surprise

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