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Louis XV’s Favorite Soup – only using two vegetables

And we are back in the kitchen if you've Missed my announcement yesterday about What's happening on the channel for 2024 Very quick recap recipe wise I'm going To be creating content on a monthly Rotation with starters Main and either a Side or dessert with room for an extra Video for Soo technique if we have time Like this you're going to be able to Know exactly what's coming next I don't Have to tell you it's not going to be Random and waiting a little bit of order On the channel now we've been away for Quite some times you've been you know Having a break surely so if you haven't Been watching the channel I would Recommend you resubscribed maybe you've Been unsubscribed for some reason and Click that Bell notification icon Because if you don't watch a channel for Some time it just goes off pretty much On its own so if you want to have the Latest recipe coming to you with the Notification subscribe and hit that Bell Button now for the recipe of the day We're going to start of course uh begin With a starter and it's actually a super Potage uh that is a an Ultimate Classic That I've not had the time to do for Some reason after 400 videos I missed This one the most classic the potage Duber a puree of vegetables cauliflower With potatoes with a blend of stock and Perhaps a bit of milk a bit of cream

This potach can be made in three Different version you got the easy Version we're going to do in here okay That's the puree Bas so you just boil All the stuff you can make it with a Creeme that means you're going to have To use a Basham as a base or you can Make a valut with the stock and also Make a different version so these are Kind of level of complexity but we're Going to do the very simple Straightforward version because it's Just the beginning we don't want to have Too many headaches let's go let's begin By looking at the ingredients of course This is called a potage dubar why is it Called a potage many people ask me some Sometimes why is it called potage and Not soup because in France we got many You know variation the potage is based On a puree of vegetables so anytime you Hear the potage it means that is a Vegetable here it is cauliflower and Potatoes that are boiled reduced into a Puree using a stick blender an immersion Blender or even a vegetable meal and it Is mixed with a flavorsome liquid the Original recipe use a clear ve stock That you have to make from scratch but Making your own stock from scratch takes Some time and since we've raed the book I keep on saying you can use good Quality pre-made stock for that purpose Now because

The recipe uses usually a very clear Stock it's called a white stock and These are a little bit brownish as you Will see the color on in there I'm using Milk and I'm going to blend the two to Have a whitish color and this is the Theme of that duari the potage duari White a whitish soup so whitish liquid White cauliflower white potatoes don't Use yellow potatoes these are also Starchy or flowy potatoes the one suited For Mash we're going to add after that Some salt and pepper a bit of Fram and Decorate bit of ply of chal if you have Some and now let's look at some Technicalities I hope it didn't scare You when I said technicality you may be Wondering what is it going to show Something complicated no don't worry We're not going to do anything complex But boiling a cauliflower and two Potatoes not too difficult but there's Always some little things so potatoes First off you keep them in a bowl of Cold water once they're peeled okay you Can quarter them and you always start to Cook your potatoes in cold water the Cauliflower on the other hand a boiling Water each of the water has to be salted Bit of salt in here bit of salt in here So I'm going to scoop out my potatoes Starting in the cold water okay I'm Going to put them in There and once they're in there we're

Going to bring these to the boil and I'm Back for the potatoes the water is Boiling and the general rule with Potatoes when you make a mash or Anything like this once the water starts To boil You Can Count roughly 20 minutes Or more or a little bit less now this is Quartered as not many potatoes so Perhaps within 15 minutes they will be Ready but you want them to be really Cooked my potatoes are now ready I'm Going to turn my heat off we're going to Drain the water out clean the pan and Then make a simple MH so when it's dry It's cooked I've put it back into the Pan we're going to make a puree so in French like puree the legume the Vegetable puree and here La pure the pom Which is the action of mashing the Potato so we're not going to add any Salt butter anything all what we're Going to do is a little Bit of Milk you know just to facilitate the Whole thing and you can use a fork Because there's really not much potatoes You can use a mash if you want and I'm Just going to press down like that okay And smash the whole things smash the Potatoes into P just to prepare them so As you can see nothing special a quick Mash a quick turn and we're just using This as a base preparation so you're not Making something that we're going to eat

So there's no butter nothing no salt no Pepper that's it my cauliflower is ready So it took me a bit more time think Around 1550 minutes from the time it Starts to boil and if you want an easier Way to count count 18 to 20 minutes from Moment you plunge the cauliflower and Will be ready so same thing I'm going to Drain the water and then we're going to Continue by processing it now for the Liquids that we're going to be using as As I can say you can use only stock if You want or only milk and it has to be Clear in color so what I've done here I've got a cup or 250 mil of milk and I'm going to add some chicken stock I Didn't take a ve stock because you see This is kind of clear but not super Clear okay so I'm going to go to you Know about half a lit about two cups Something like that so this is the color I'm getting now the question you may ask Yourself is why are we using a chicken Stock or a ve stock with a potage or you Know a soup that is based on vegetable You would expect it to be vegetarian Right so yes you can use a vegetable Stock but in fact when you make this Classic French soup what's happening a Lot of time is that it really lack in Taste if you only have really kind of Blend dis kind of vegetables if you've Used the cauliflower before you know it Has some taste but not tons potato is

The same thing you know it's got some Taste but it's got its limitation so When you use a meat based stock it Really provide a huge boost in flavor That's said it will work with vegetable Stock but honestly the real version is With a veil or chicken stock to have This nice flavor in your soup I've Drained the water out of the cauliflower I've rinsed My Pan and the last thing we Need to do here is to warm up that Mixture of milk and stock and just to Sanitize it and then we're going to be Ready to assemble we're going to use a Stick blender so get a stick blender if You have and we're going to do this on The bench I'm going to show you exactly How to proceed so there we have it we Have the components I've got my cooked Cauliflower I've got my potato puree on The side now let's talk about ratio Because this is very important when you Make the potage duari there is a very Strict ratio to respect so you have nice You know nice balance of cauliflower Against the potato you don't want to Make a cauliflower soup you don't want To make a potato soup so as per the lus Gastronomic the world reference in Cooking the ratio is one qu of the total Weight of cauliflower I've got 500 G of Cauliflower okay that means I'm going to Have to use 125 G Of potato to dilute in there to have

Just the right consistency to create the Potage very simple step one you get the Cauliflower that are still warm you take All of that first mix of liquid you pass It through SE because it's some skins With the milk on there and then we're Going to use a stick Blender and then Slowly process Everything once the Flor right have Disappeared can go around and you smooth The whole thing once we're here you're Going to have something quite smooth but Not totally but quite fixed so we're Going to start to add a little bit of Stock or milk I'm going to use milk here It's easier okay before adding our Potato mash okay and then we're going to Give it a blitz again I'm using a low Speed this time once everything has been Blended you end up with a nice uh you Know a nice potage and this is the kind Of consistency it's a Pur of vegetables But we're going to be adding some some Cream but that's going to be the Finishing Touch so what you're going to Do you're going to taste you're going to Add some salt I've tasted already you Can use white pepper don't use black Pepper a little bit of salt and I'm Going to finish off the potage in Another pan by adding the cream if you Want you can filter this for a seeve to Make it really thin but I'm going to be

Making a home version we're just going To transfer this into another pan add Some cream and we're going to be Done as usual I've changed my mind and Decide still to pass the the potach froy Because it just much better presentation I think like you don't have any bits or Whatever I'm warming up this on a on a Low heat very slowly and I can see it's A very white soup and there's nothing You can do about it because you know It's white potatoes cauliflower which is White the milk and what I want to do Here is to have a first taste I'm going To add the cream after but before the Cream is in I just want to see the that Balance between the potato and the Cauliflower interesting so you can feel The cauliflower already it's like a 75% Cauliflower and the potato behind what I Can notice here is really that the stock That you're going to be using really is Going to define the taste of the soup so Here with the half stock half milk you Can you know there is some taste but It's more on the vegetable side and you Lose a little bit of that kind of more Meatiness but I think it will be better With a you know with a St that is Homemade it's always always the case so Anyway I'm going to warm it up and then We're going to add some cream and do a Final taste perfect so it's warm enough And uh I think the cream usually it's

Cream fresh I'm using a double cream a Very thick one today and it's you know Yes it's cream but it also I think Really changes the it fixes the taste I Think it really add a layer of silkiness In any preparations I always like There's always a bit of cream in there Okay so we're going to mix the whole lot And these types of classic soup there's A very fine line to get this elegant Kind of taste we can't use black pepper So what I've got Here is white pepper from Cameroon that I freshly grounded with my pel and water And that is going to add really that Kind of Touch of Elegance in there That's going to and people going to Wonder what is this taste so it adds a Bit of a grayish color and I think You're going to need this so mix that at The last minute throughout so the Flavors are going to Disperse everywhere where take a freshh Spoon in here you can see the Consistency still semiliquid But yeah nothing we're there so you Definitely need enough salt bit of Pepper at the end and that's it and We're going to put this on the plate Decorate and we're done and there we Have it so as soon as the soup is really Warm and seasoned you're going to serve It in bowls or plate and all what it Needs is a little topup of Crouton if

You want some parsley or some chel some People like to add also mini florides of Cauliflower that are par cooked into the Soup as a steer fruit with a little bit Of texture and some little bits of Cauliflower if you're really into this But that's all it needs now if you want My personal tips what is really Important with that potage the potage Duar being such a classic is to get First off the texture right so the right Balance of cauliflower and potatoes and The addition of cream to really get a Nice and silky mixture the seasoning in Here is key there's not many ingredients So obviously the quality of the stock is Going to play a huge role a good sea Salt and as I said a freshly ground Grounded white pepper makes all the Difference if you want to go a step Further without complicating the whole Thing too much before adding the cream You can mix the cream with one or two Egg yolk to make a volut style of Binding agent and steer that through the Soup but you don't want the soup to boil If you're doing this but that's it for The video of this week I hope you enjoy And remember next week of course we're Going to continue our rotation and after The starter we're going to make a main I See you all there take care all [Music] Bye-bye

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