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Making Millions of Candies at the Smarties Candy Factory | On the Job | Priya Krishna | NYT Cooking

Wow oh wow wow Wow [Music] Wow woo it is 5:30 in the morning and it Is really really Cold looks like we're in the right place Good morning morning it's cold oh I kind Of broke [Music] It hairnet how do I look [Music] Legit we are in Union New Jersey at the Smarties candy factory so much candy Which interestingly enough I have Actually eaten a lot of in my childhood Candy necklace how many of these did I Wear and we are here to meet Ionia who Has been working here for many many many Decades I grew up obsessed with candy I Loved this one show where they would go Inside different candy factories I just Love the whole process obviously that Process has gotten super automated but There are still humans behind it and I Wanted to see the humans [Music] Responsible hi IIA all right hi how you Doing what are you working on every Morning we do paperwork we check to make Sure everything is running in place and You're going to show me the ropes by the End of the day I'll be able to make Smarties Myself eat Them my name is Estonia

Sano I work here for 35 years almost 36 19 years as a lead Person we usually come in the morning And then start all the Machines then I do all my Paperwork by the time people get here I Put everybody to Work okay thank you do you think that You are a good leader I can't get better I always try to get better I teach Everybody anything that you need if you Did it wrong if you don't know how to do It if you think that you're not going to Make it anything you would let me know I Will help [Music] You what is the most challenging part of Your job being a lead person guess a Woman I'm the only woman here as a lead Do you feel like you get the same Respect as the male leaders I make sure That they Will hi Sonia does it just feel like You're working every day at Willy Wonka Yes I love that [Music] Movie here is where the mag start Wo it smells like a child's birthday Party in here right right right right we Have all the colors every time that he Mixes some colors he goes through the Computer this is the mixer everything Got Mixed oh wow okay then they have mixed

In there all the ingredients go the Color goes through the pipes Oh my God everything got into here Wow and this is a com in the candy goes Up and Over the rapping Room the Cy come this way right got all The flavors they pipe in they mix they Go up to the invader and then from there They goes through each machine and they All go into the big Hoppers where they Mix together oh my God this is so Cool the machine sorts and organizes Them like they're coins in a Slot and then they get wrapped [Music] [Music] When it gets full that big bucket it's Transferred with a forklift to this Machine whoo whoo Whoo I feel like I'm actually okay at This Job what was your first day like the Beginning was hard everything has a Number here everything has to be in Place so you have to learn all that and You cannot make a mistake to put this Item in this box because it doesn't Belong and I used to cry I said I had to Learn by the end of the week top two Weeks I will learn all the machines and Then I did but not by myself people help Me out I work with my husband Edwin he's a

Mechanic all Right a look who it is hi Edwin hello How's it going very good how often do You come and visit him Here a lot a lot a do you ever come just To say hi yes I do talk to him about our Kids about the house or whatever and Then I go back to my work and to me it Help meot that he's there with his Knowledge I learn more can you fix any Machine every machine I consider myself A lucky person because having him as my My right hands it's Priceless down [Music] [Music] Go the Mechanic It still going down he Did you see anything right he just Started the machine not even one person Is a team group it requires a lot of Good people that you know that you're The best [Music] Warm warm candy [Music] [Music] It's 9:45 in the morning we've basically Been in every single room in the factory I think what I'm most amazed at here is Like yes this is a candy factory but It's very calm Ionia sets a very chill Non frenetic energy around here also she

And Edwin are so freaking cute as a Couple I'm as entranced by her Professionally as I am of their Relationship the two of them are sort of Like king and queen of this Castle he Makes sure the machines work she makes Sure the people are happy who make the Machines Work it's the ying and the Yang Edwin's In the maintenance side of things Ionia's in the production side of things Her strengths are not necessarily his Strengths and vice versa they're very Sympatico they spend quiet time together Through the course of the work day when They're on the floor together it's all Business Edwin is the mechanic and she Directs him and she's very direct but it Works for Them is it almost time for lunch uh 1:00 1:00 what do you bring for lunch usually Today I got steak oh rice nice and Planting sounds delicious you're welcome To Pro try our food so only you A oh thank you oh oh nice I love the Juice who asked who out first like who Asked who out for a date my friend was His friend and they and they said let's Go out together I was Like you said no why cuz I have two Kids I started working here when my Youngest one 10 months and I was by Myself with my kids it wasn't easy very Hard but there was an angel

I said he was an angel because there was An old man working here he find out what I was going through and every Friday Morning he will knock on my door ring The Bell with $60 so I can feed my kids like a year After that he passed because he got sick And it passed but I never never forget It's not the kind of person you would Forgive no never [Music] After that I met Edwin and our life Changed our life Changed this is our first day with the Kids like how many years ago like 30 Years ago hey look at that handsome guy I remember when he came here he has that Black hair I was like Wow and he was so Quiet quiet he never talked to anybody He was Quiet my daughter she make a book Putting all the pictures that we were by Ourself and then when he came alone to Our life our kids they were never alone They were all together oh my God bring a Lot of good memories look at [Music] This hi Mom hi Ed how are you I'm good How you doing I'm good I left the food On the store for you oh I see the food Okay I'll have that before I go to work Yes what do you feel like your parents

Taught you about having a good work Ethic it isn't necessarily about what They taught me but what they showed me The passion that they have for the People that they work with as well it's Not just them wanting to do good but They want everyone else to do good as Well that helps me a lot in my future Today cuz I like to help other people They don't look out only for themselves They always look out for another person You and Edward seem like amazing parents I'll be honest thank you thank you so Much we did our best to give our kids a Future and not only my my family look at Those kids I talk to the same way that As I talk to my kids I talk to them They're young they came here to do a job They need to know that they're not alone In this country [Music] That my first party of the day oh you Don't tried before no oh I've had a lot Of Smarties but this is my first smarty Of today so as the smarties come out Some of them get stuck Edwin is there Making sure that they keep filtering Down instead of just getting stuck in This little Disc imagine the whole life 35 years Here I never thought that I was going to Make It sometimes you fear to fail to fail Your kids to fail you partnered to fail

The people who looking at you as a role Model oh it works now you fixed it well Thank God that we around the Corner it's three of five it's time to Go home We don't need anything else we have our Family we're blessed we got four Beautiful children we have everything [Music] [Music]

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