Marinate with mayo! The more you know 🙌 #recipe #cooking #food #chicken #dinner
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Marinate with mayo! The more you know 🙌 #recipe #cooking #food #chicken #dinner

Why you should be slathering Mayo on Your meat if you've ever done this thing Where you buy like a bottle of like Teriyaki sauce and you try and marinate Chicken in it and then you put it on the Grill and it just burns because it's so Sugary if you cut that teriyaki sauce With mayonnaise first it'll prevent it From burning it'll get the flavor to Sort of distribute nicely and evenly Over the chicken what I'm doing is I'm Taking Mayo here and to that I'm going To add some of my chimmy Cherry if you Were to say make a marinade with just Oil it would kind of run off and drip Off the chicken whereas the mayonnaise Is emulsified so it's thicker so really It gets all the flavors from that Marinade to stick exactly where it's Supposed to be so you get a lot more Flavor in there in the end let it sit at Least 4 hours up to 24 hours if I were To just marinate the chicken just in the Plain chimmy cherry and try and cook it On here it wouldn't have really stuck to The chicken but because the mayonnaise Is more viscous and because it has those Egg proteins that help everything firmly Stay in place get this really nice sort Of crusty coating on the chicken that Browns nicely keeps all the flavors in Place all in all a flavorful piece of Chicken

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