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I love this part cuz in my mind I'm like This taking forever and then my hand Kind of hurts but then you guys always Edit it to make it look so [Music] Easy hi it's Eric I'm a cooking Columnist for the New York Times and It's cookie week now we're in year four And this year this is a matcha latte Cookie the base is a really chewy Flavorful matcha cookie and the frosting Is this pomidor of vanilla and milk it's Matcha and Latte it's both it's matcha Latte matcha latte Cookie it was hard to get the flavor of The matcha to come through in a cookie There was one version that was like a Really big like crinkly like chewy Cookie that tasted pretty good but the Concentration of matcha in that cookie Was so high that all of my colleagues Had kind of heart palpitations that week And so we were like no that's not the Way to go I was thinking of it like this In order to make a dessert Taste of Cherries I love adding a little almond Extract cuz that extract kind of mimics The flavor that real cherries provide There's dried oregano to make things Taste like pizza so I was like there Must be something for matcha and then I Remembered one idea our executive Producer Scott very early on in the Cookie process he quietly was like What

If you added a little bit of peanut Butter and I was like that's a great Idea and then totally forgot about it Until of course test like So I love this cookie cuz it took a crap Ton of work but also I think I really Achieved what I was looking for which Was it tastes like a matchat and people Love matches I am going to start with Flour and baking soda in one bowl and Whisking it together the reason for this Isn't just Dispersion dispersal dispersion disperse Dispersion wow that sounds really fancy Um anyway it's also to to sort of irate The flower make sure it's not clumpy now We're going to do the wet ingredients The matcha is important and so because The matcha is is you know it's a Precious commodity I think it's really Important to bloom it in alcohol rather Than calling for an extra alcohol I Figured in the beginning it would make Sense to just blend it with some some of The vanilla extract so and I don't know There's something about this that felt Really good to me I liked the way this Brings out the flavor of the matcha in The end and it smells good that's good That's good matcha Also don't use a whisk for this there's A reason I wrote Spoon you know it's good we're showing This not everything's perfect in life

We're just going to cream the butter and Sugars into this now this is where the Room temperature butter is really Important you also really need um a Little peanut butter I'm telling you it Did not come together it didn't taste Good enough to me until this till this This that's it all it takes is this Sometimes just like one little one Little idea from a Friend this is the part where I'm going To show you how to cream by hand use a Rubber spatula or a wooden spoon Whatever you have and you're sort of Rubbing the sugar into the butter I mean I didn't even whip it but see how Airy It is the sugar grinding up against the Butter like that like those are little Air [Music] Pockets smells good I don't smell it cuz They've like the oh S I thought you came over here to smell This okay enough of that room Temperature Egg the point of the egg Step is to create an Emulsion between The fat and the liquid here it's like Those two things that create a beautiful Like perfectly bound like chewy cookie So I'm always like watching TV or ASMR Or something I'm always like in front of The TV Like and then like when I get tired and Then I like look down and it's like a

Shade lighter you can overdo this but Not by hand that's why I love cookies We're like almost done okay the flour Goes in you might be like oh no it's too Much flour but this will hydrate and Kind of become a nice beautiful dough I Actually do think it's a little easier To scoop when it's been chilled just a Teeny bit while the cookie is chilling You can actually is that in the Recipe sorry oh it Is I should get about 20 cookies here This scoop it's pretty specific it's a Number 40 cookie scoop you can use two Spoons I going to do just 10 per she pin Yay they're so cute 20 cookies and if You can do arithmetic then it's 3 43 Okay 12 Minutes it's funny usually with cookie Baking I often Offer you know AR range but I was really Confident this time I said 12 minutes Yeah they're looking good 1 minute whoa Perfect could not be more perfect you're Taking them out when they look like this So they are no longer wet on top but if You really look in between the cracks There's a little moisture every time I Develop a cookie recipe oh my God this Is heavy um I like to make sure they can Finish baking on the sheet pan so as These cool they they will Deflate now we are going to make the Frosting you could just do some powdered

Sugar over those cookies and they'll be Really beautiful and tastes amazing but The frosting is really special it's the Latte part of the cookie I like the Taste of dairy and I think that's what Um this frosting provides I think some People call it a boiled milk frosting It's also called an hermine icing I like To use sugar as an abrasive here to kind Of break up the flour the sugar will Dissolve so that you end up with a Smooth roof if it's not like perfect Perfect LLY smooth it's not the end of The world either cuz you're just going To whip it all up anyway also a pinch of Salt and then I'm going to stir in the Milk this is all off heat by the way no No heat I just want it to combine first And then we're going to cook It okay medium flame I personally think It takes exactly 6 Minutes 4 minutes to really come to Simmer and then maybe two more minutes To really finish cooking okay so now I'm Starting to smell the flour I'm starting To smell it smells like I don't know Like if I making a bashel or starting a Mac and cheese you know this is like Good enough but I'm going to follow the Recipe it hasn't led me astray so far it Hasn't led me astray yet 8 Seconds kill the Heat and we are good to Go it's perfect no lumps

Wow I know it seems wild that this is Going to turn into a frosting but it Does see the steam rising from the Depths of the bowl wafting as one would Say you're trying to cool it down now so Just let it go you can use a hand mixer But you'll just be standing there for a Little bit maybe like turn on your Favorite television show or your Favorite ASMR video so this next step You're just adding the butter gradually And I like to go a couple tablespoons at A time and again it's your you're kind Of creating an Emulsion right you want The fat and the the liquid to sort of Like come together in a beautifully Bound kind of thing it lets you have Volume without an overpowering richness Or sweetness I want to incorporate like 50% air I'm really working the machine Though it's kind of like making some Sounds but I have yet to break something In the kitchen So I just love the way this looks it's So pretty I don't know how explain it But like it it kind of smells like Butter but also kind of smells like milk And now we just get to frost So uh Transition oh I forgot the vanilla Actually I vanilla vanilla just has that Unknowable quality that makes things Taste of [Music]

Themselves now now we're Talking [Music] Okay so these are Macha latte cookies One really special thing about this Cookie too is I'm going to teach you a Word when there's so much butter spread On it slice of toast and it leaves teeth Marks that's called tansmore I don't Know if I'm saying that correctly but It's a Danish word and it means tooth Butter it will leave teeth marks and There's something very satisfying about That I think the best cookies are the Kinds you need to like lick your fingers In between bites there's nothing like a Frosted cookie that that means special It means like holidays I think that's What makes this Machel latte cookie Worth riding home to that's an idiom Right it's so good that you'll tell your Parents about it you're like Mom this Cookie I had it's so good you can find This recipe and many more at New York Times cooking I love cookie week thank You guys bring here and now we can all Eat These Wow look at [Music] This

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