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Meet the Savoury Palmiers: 3 ingredients and just 10 minutes to prepare

Now today I'm going to share with you The ultimate French party trick there is When it comes to snacking now if you Have pretty new drinks when aparrative As we creating phones and you want to Make something from scratch to impress The guests then the Savory palmy is the Ticket free ingredients 10 minutes of Your time and it can be made in advance Like this you can spend less time in the Kitchen and more crazy time with your Friend let's go Now let's look at the ingredients as I Said three simple ingredients you get a Pre-roll pre-made puff pastry green Pesto and red pesto and if you're Thinking that French people always make Everything from scratch it is not always The case especially for these kinds of Gatherings and operative it's all about Making something nice and quick but most Important this is done from scratch and Now let's see how to make it oh no let's Make the snack this is the easiest thing On the planet so I've got my rectangle Of puff pastry here rectangle is the Best shape that you want and I've got my Two stars of pesto all what you need to Do okay is to take One half of the dough and spread this With the red pesto and the other half With the green so I'm gonna start here With the red Perfect one half is done I'm gonna

Repeat the exact same thing with the Green that you will note That I leave a little Edge free around Because we have to do some rolling okay So now we do the same on the other half With the green pastel And look at this how simple that is now I know this is not a typical French Thing because oh this is not French it's Using pesto but this is not about being French or whatever we're just having Drinks here so the extra touch if you Want a bit of fresh freshly grated Parmesan on top you don't have to do This that's just me just a little bit of Extra flavor and now we have to roll the Pastry like this does it have to be Perfect absolutely not I'm gonna try to Do the best I can okay so you're gonna Fold the edges it's the beginning There's the the hardest here And then try to fold And what you want to do here is to roll The whole thing roughly To reach kind of The Middle And then you're gonna do the same With the other half now make sure your Pastry is cold enough So that you can work with this Okay And look this is it we're done now let's Face it I've been a little bit sloppy Here but what you're going to do here is To put this in the freezer if you want

To use it straight away so I'm going to Cut this in half Here to make it manageable Okay I'm gonna take this I'm Gonna Roll Everything or pack everything into your Parcel so if you want to use it straight Away you put this in the freezer for 10 Minutes to firm up okay so it's going to Be easier to slice at the end otherwise You can leave this in the fridge until You're ready to serve okay so when You're ready I'll show you exactly what Needs to happen it's just slicing and Cooking and you're done As soon as the rolls are ready you're Going to take your knife and slice One centimeter wide little strips like This okay so they detach them it's a bit Messy and you repeat the process for Each of those and you do both of the Roll same thing another one here and We're done you continue So before I put this into the oven this Is the overview you can do one try Another try you can keep this in the Fridge as well and be it ready you know When the guests are coming and what you Need to do is to put this in the oven as I said 15 minutes Is the guideline but depending on your Oven you know it may vary so what we're Going to wait for is for everything to Buff off now it's important to leave Some space in between I don't know how

Big they're gonna grow but you have to Be very careful because puff pastry it Can really suddenly take a lot of space On your tray so let's put this in the Oven and see how it looks like And here we are so once this every pony Already immediately you scoop them out Of the oven put them on a plate like Here you make a presentation and they Are ready to be eaten now remember This what I've done is really what People in France at home make when They're really short on time they just Use Supermarket stuff and it's extremely Fast if you want to make the Gourmet Version you're gonna have to make your Own pesto from scratch that is always Going to improve the taste that's the First thing for the cooking I've tried Two methods here the first one was to Put upon me as they are without any Covering and cook them for it I took Actually 16 to 18 minutes what I found With that technique is that as you can See on the small one the bottom of the Plate The Filling tends to burn slightly And I was not really happy with this so What I've done the second time around Is that I've placed a piece of foil very Loosely on top of the palmy straight From the beginning not halfway through The cooking straight from the beginning And that has really trapped the Heat and Really improved the cooking without

Burning the filling and these are the Three that you can see on the top very Clearly I wanted to show you the green One and the two red one with these nice Shapes and the feeling is just spot on And this is my recommendation if you do Those put a piece of foyo in there just On top and honestly you're gonna get Something much better but that's it for This week how to make an easy snack with Drinks you can call your friend and You're going to be bringing this to the Table and say hey I've made this from Scratch and everybody is going to be Impressed okay I'll see you all next Week anyway for another French cooking Video on the French cook Academy take Care all and have fun for this lovely Sunny days [Music] [Music] Baby you give me [Music] [Music] Baby Thinking baby [Music] [Music] [Music] Everything [Music] But I don't wanna jinx it baby [Music] Foreign

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