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Ho ho ho y'all welcome to another Episode episode Another amazing video That's going to blow your mind because It's cookie week Bas it's cookie week Uhoh Baby It's Cold Outside welcome to Cookie [Music] Week hey everybody I'm Von and welcome To cookie week a God I mean it's my Favorite week of the year this year I am Continuing on with a theme that I have Had in cookie weeks past of a beverage Turned into a cookie I'm going to be Making a Mexican hot chocolate cookie Normal hot chocolate is just a little Bit it's fine but Mexican hot chocolate Brings a little something a little Something extra to the table it will be Chocolatey it'll be spicy it'll be a Little crunchy on the outside but it's Going to be really soft on the inside And the best part about these cookies is That the center has a molten marshmallow Surprise which is also my drag name I love a cookie that comes together very Quickly so I'm going to start with just Some allpurpose Flour you could probably use any type of Cocoa powder you want I always have dust Processed cocoa powder and test with Dutch pess cocoa powder just makes it a Little bit of a richer chocolate flavor Mexican hot chocolate a lot of times uh The flavor profile is chocolate cinnamon

And chili of some sort today I'm going To use ground cayenne and when I was Testing this I played around a lot with Spice levels at first I made them way Too spicy whereas Stefan would say For me I've got a very high tolerance For spice not everybody does and so Especially something that kind of Develops more in flavor as it sits I Didn't want anything to be too Overpowering so really it's got like a Half teaspoon in there and that's enough To notice it but it's not going to knock You on your feet the nice thing about The cinnamon in this is that you do do Taste it in the cookie itself but it's Also going to get rolled in a cinnamon Sugar which also means that when these Cookies bake oh baby in the oven it's The holidays great I'm just going to set That to the side oh So so this cookie can definitely be made With a hand mixer but it might be harder For the overall dough to come together This is going to cream the butter and The sugar together it's going to like be A little bit more of a a smoother more Luxurious consistency so it's just stick Of butter at room temperature honestly When I'm baking at home I like always Forget to take the butter out so I just Put that stick in the microwave for About 15 seconds per side until it's Perfectly softened or at room

Temperature this cookie just uses brown Sugar because white sugar is something That helps like with spread and crisps Whereas brown sugar really helps them Maintain a good Structure Perfect after adding the egg and the Vanilla you can really see that this has Started to kind of come together as like A kind of a beautifully creamy mixture I'm just going to reiterate like using Room temperature Egg room temp butter is Important especially for this stage Right here if you just take your egg From the fridge your mixture is probably Going to split it's not the end of the World you can typically always bring That back together but this just really Ensures that everything is nice and Emulsified and homogeneous you know if You have dry ingredients going into like A butter mixture like this a lot of Times it can cause a big cloud so cover This and let it start to go for a sec You could literally hear a difference in The mixer and that's when you kind of Know that it's all together so ready are You ready what if I open this and there Were like dubs that flew out okay so It's like basically all together I'm Going to chill this because I want to Bake it from cold meaning that I want it To kind of help keep a little bit more Of its structure in the oven and I also

Don't want my marshmallows that I put on The inside to warm up too much this is a 1 oz cookie scoop now if you go to like A baking supply store or something like That you may have the option of a 30 or A 40 you can use any of these Scoops It's not going to matter just know that I say in the recipe the yield is about 24 cookies you might get a little bit More you might get a little bit less Depending on how shy your scoop is Feeling that day if you if you get a lot Less because you're using a bigger scoop Just know that that's why it's a cookie It's the holidays honey pour yourself a Cocktail take a load off and I'm not Going to bake them this close together This is just for the purposes of Chilling you could bake these off and They would be delicious but a better Hydrated dough is going to be easier to Work with no matter what little chef Snack wow Okay nobody's going to be mad about an Extra cookie so now I'm just going to Cover this and put it in the fridge Minimum of 2 hours which is actually a Really great amount of time to stick Your marshmallows in the freezer so in The time that your marshmallows freeze This stove can also chill and hydrate Relax a little bit and will be primed For bacon how fabulous is That so this is swap that we prepared it

Does take a little bit of time to form Them and you don't want the dough to Warm up too terribly much so what I'm Going to do is I'm probably going to Take maybe half of the dough and I'm Going to keep the other ones in the Fridge so the marshmallows I actually Got this method from a blogger the brown Butter Blondie I found that when I made These with like marshmallows that I had Just bought at Run temp they kind of Didn't achieve that same peekaboo Molten Marshm marow look that I was going for So by freezing them you kind of help Mainly maintaining that marshmallowy Structure while it bakes in the oven I Love a cookie especially if it's like a Soft crinkle cookie like this that gets Rolled in Sugar because I love the Texture of a soft cookie but if I really Want some nice textural variance it not Only gives them a little bit of a a Little bit of a sparkle but it also Gives you a nice little crunch to form These you basically just want to flatten This out a little bit and then then you Put about four to five of your mini Marshmallows on the inside and then you Wrap it up and then you're rolling it in The sugar so that's going to also help With that kind of peekaboo thing that We're going [Music] [Music]

For so these just go into the oven for Like 10 Minutes great it smells so good in here Uh they're done let's go get them oh Shley get that get that get that oh wow They're like they're Googling what you Could do is if you have like a cookie That is looking a little bit off-kilter You could either take like a lowball Glass or like a little offset spatula or Even like a regular spatula and you can Just kind of work it back into a circle A oh my God so many options wa they look Crinkly and gorgeous and you can kind of Get that marshmallow peeking through These have been cooling on the sheet Tray for just you know a a couple Minutes you don't want them to stay on There for too long cuz you know the Residual heat that's like in the metal Of the sheet tray they will continue to Kind of set up on there now because of The marshmallow sometimes the edges may Stick a little bit you may be tempted to Bite into one of these hot you know the The Marshmallow will burn the you know what Out of your mouth so do let them cool They are also a cookie that really they Get better as they sit so highly Recommend being as patient as you Possibly can which honestly is a very Short amount of time like 15 20 [Music]

Minutes [Music] Oh my God these look so good this one Right here is kind of like the Emoji Version of these cookies to me you are Perfect they're all perfect they're all My children I love them so much what's Cool about them is that not all of them Are going to behave necessarily the same Way like this one kind of got almost Like creme brulee Vibes which is cool Like you don't get as much marshmallow Peeking through but you get it on the Side and it's really crispy I mean I Mean how fun is that yeah they're really Nice and soft on the inside you can tell They've got like a crispy crunch on the Outside I could eat a bunch of these Honestly I have eaten a bunch of these I Made myself a little Maca as they say in England like rich flavor of the espresso With the hot chocolate and this cookie Couldn't be Better I think you should always have as Much fun in the kitchen as you have Eating and sharing food with people so You know just find those things that Make you happy that's it love you can Find this recipe and all the other Cookie week recipes over at New York Times Cooking happy Holidays oh my God ah there's mine oh my God these look

Amazing [Music] K

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