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My Gourmet Triple Cheese Quiche Recipe

Now if you're someone that thinks that Kishis are easy to like but hard to love I can confidently tell you that I was in The same boat as you until recently Recently the members of our French Cooking Club unanimously voted for us to Create a new Kish course which we Started since I started that course I Have to say that I've totally changed my Mind I am now a convert I've Rediscovered Kish making and discovered That you can make amazing kishes and Today I wanted to share with you one of The early recipe that I've created in Our classic section so we start with the Kishen not going to show this and then We make a kisho fromage it's a cheese Kish but this one I've made a triple Cheese Kish with a handpick selection of Gourmet cheese of my choice that I've Made with my own little twist and this Has become one of my favorite alltime Cheese Kish I've ever taste it it is Absolutely crazy amazing and if you like Cheese you going to want to try that Kish now for the crust and because the Courses are quite detailed there all Kinds of Step I'm going to leave you Three options you can use your favorite Short cross at home okay if you would Have a book here you can use the all one Short cross from there and if you don't Have anything I'll put a link in the Video description for a short crust and

We'll start the video with the blind Baking of the crust then we look at the Ingredients the selection the cheeses The assembly the cooking and the Degustation of that Kish and you will See what I mean how it looks like like And you know how I feel about it now for The course if you want to know about it It's going to be released in a Nell Before Christmas and we're coming at you With seven types of short crust Including a retro short crust classic a Gourmet dafree short crust gluten-free Short crust and more and the course Covers the classic how to make kishes With meat vegetable Seafood then we Tackle dairyfree kishes we got Glutenfree kishes exotic flavors and we Finish with an esier sty Kish never seen Before restaurant style using High Lev High-end culinary techniques uh to make If it's something one of a kind but That's for the course what I want to Show you here is the video let's begin Right now with the blind baking let's Chee up when you're ready to roll uh Your dough take your short cross out of The fridge or even the freezer if you Froze it for inst remember you can Freeze this for several weeks but the Most important always doesn't matter if It's frozen or not you have to leave it There until it becomes really marable Don't start to roll attempt anything

Before then okay now because we've done The rolling and the lining already in Demonstration of the Kish I'm just going To go ahead and we will resume when the Uh the shortcut is going to be inside The dish now this is a 10 in of 26 CM Kish pan is porcelain as I said if you Want you can line a little bit of butter But because we're going to be blind Baking here I'm not I'm going to do it But if you don't feel comfortable with The dish you use please put some butter In there like I said dusting your flour To avoid anything sticking and here we Are so I've rolled my dough I've lined Up my Kish pan on here and this is the Excess of dough that I've got for the Whole for the whole thing one of the Tricky bit here with that sort of mold You see the edges are very very large They're not as as tight as the the other One and the other one that we had before So it's very important to kind of put Your finger with it it each of the DS There to push really at a you know at a Straight angle a little bit to make sure Every edges here all the dent on here That the dough goes totally against here Otherwise again it can shrink but we're Going to be blind baking so same thing As before remember even for the blind Baking we're going to make the holes now When you blind bake by the way you can Also afford to have your crust a little

Bit thick I've left mine a little bit Thicker than usual I like to have a good Cross because it's blind baked so we're Going to be making sure that this has Been Precooked for the blind baking and You're going to put a piece of kitchen Paper parchment paper on the bottom of Your uh you know your kit pan on the Cross touching the cross and make sure Your finger it reg goes flat all along The Edges because otherwise the beads are Not going to cover that surface and this Is not going to cook the same way so Ideally you want to do that first and Then you can use rice or beans or Whatever these are ceramic bead like We've seen before very Handy and I want to make sure they're Really covering all the base all the Edges and everything you don't want a a Loose patch because the dough can Balloon up okay so you want to cook it Evenly hold on I'm going to preheat my Ofone at 200° C and as soon as it's hot I'm going to put that in and we're going To cook this like this for about 15 Minutes and I'll show you the Result after 15 minutes the blind B is Finished I've removed uh the ceramic Beads and the paper and this is the Result as you can see the crust has got A nice color this is precook there was

No holes or whatever and this were like This crust because it colors well and Most of all again if you look at here it Did not shrink and is the common problem Uh with a lot of crust but the one with The eggs I like it because it really Does not shrink at all look at this Hasn't barely moved and it is now ready To receive of course the filling now Before you can put the filling you're Going to have to leave this to cool down For a good 10 minutes until it's Uh just lukew even cold this is way way Too hot but we're going to use this time To look at the cheese we're going to be Using and the ingredients for the mean Which is the mixture of cream and eggs And now let's talk about the fing for Our Kish which is of course the cheese Now let me put this straight if you want Your Kish or your cheese Kish to stand Out the only way to achieve that is to Use use good quality cheeses if you go In the supermarket and pick a random low Quality cheese your Kish is just simply Not going to be good going to have this Very basic basic kind of cheese taste And you want some layering this is why I'm using a triple cheese kind of this Is a bit of a cheeseboard I went out and Bought different cheese and you've got Here the Conte cheese which is a hot Cheese kind of nice and nutty a little Bit salty the guer cheese similar from

Switzerland you've got the blue deoa Which is a very uh creamy cheese but With some blue veins into it this is an Italian cheese a gonzala dche so it's The sweet version because I found the Other sharp version a bit too sharp for The Kish and this is the famous Fontina Cheese from Italy which is a great Allrounder now there's no rule when it Comes to which cheese you want to use I'm going to be using here a mixture I'll show you exactly what I'm going to Use we're going to be making the Kish But it is is really up to you to pick up The one that you want I always recommend Try to have at least a good base of hard Cheese even if you use a cheddar for Instance a good quality Farmhouse Cheddar or anything like that and then You can freestyle with other cheeses Okay but it is super important to use This very classic in French Italian Swiss cheese to really achieve a great Results my selection of cheese is made They all here I decided to use the con Because is nice nutty and salty I'm Going to use the fonty nut cheese Because it's a little bit milder it's Got that soft creamy texture that can Really melt as well and for the top as a Little touch of decoration I'm going to Have little cubes of the blue dafa this Cheese here the con is going to be Grated because that's a hot cheese and

Think that's a hot cheese you going to Need to grate it while these ones we're Going to cut them in little cubes Because you don't want to try to grade This okay so you don't have to grate Automatically anything that's soft you Make cubes anything that's harder you Can grate it for the rest the Mig same As before we get the 400 m of cream and This time we're going to do the classic Technique just using the four whole eggs I don't have any extra EG salt and Pepper we're not going to be using any Nutmeg but that's it for the fing and Now let's make the m so the me remember The cream and the Egg so 400 mil of Cream and the cream lots of you sometime Has me in the club it looks like the Cream using is like a cream fresh almost Very very thick because it's an organic Cream but today I've got a standard Supermarket uh pure cream and look That's very liquid so it doesn't matter As long as it's pure cream even if it's Liquid like this it is not a problem We're going to be adding straight the Egg I've bitten the eggs already so That's four whole eggs B bitten into an Omelette okay I'm going to give this a Little whisk being Careful so you would note that because I Didn't have this extra egg yolk it's not As yellow next we come the seasoning so Pepper absolutely necessary a gr of

Black pepper and the salt here you have To be extremely careful because the Cheese is extremely salty so a little Bit of of salt and that's it what I like To add when it comes to a cheese Kish it Is this this very Finly about one or two Tablespoon of Thly uh Dy so chopped ch Fives okay and that give the whole thing It's a great flavor I think with with Cheese because cheese can be really uh Very strong and it's always the same Kind of taste you know all that cheesy Taste so it's a welcome addition to have A little bit of choice it is optional Okay it is really up to you but that's About it for the Megan now we're ready To assemble H my Kish crust here is ready it's got The right temperature and now we're Ready to assemble so we're going to go In a bit of a different way here you can Use a pair of tongs but we're going to Start by putting the grated cheese now Remember that the cheese I'm using you Don't have to use this per se I would Say the best use one hard cheese one Soft cheese and maybe a blue cheese okay So first this is me I'm putting a Layer of con okay and I make Sure that everything in There is placed like this and this is Going to be my base then we're going to Have the ponut

Cheese but these are cubes okay and I'm Going to place them Everywhere now for the fur cheese the Blue cheese we're actually not going to Put it now we first going to put all of The mixture over we're going to start to Cook the Kish and only when it's partly Cooked we're going to put the cheese try To have it at the very very top okay so First off actually I think I can be Generous oh we got at that oo thing just Enough that's nice and I'm not going to Put the blue as I said H because I think I want the blue cheese to stand out a Little bit so I'm going to make sure all The cheese is under and that's it so we Are done with this we're now going to Put this in a preheated oven this time At 180° on the third rack starting from the Top I'll just show you in a sec exactly Where it is and we're going to cook this We're going to start at least for a good 15 maybe 20 minutes until that remelts And set and then we'll add a the last Minute the blue cheese for final Coloration so the cooking time is almost The same as the Kish except the Temperature here is much lower so I'm Going to take it very very easy and we Know the crust has got the color already So we don't have to worry let's go in The oven for the oven sorry about that Bad VI you got four racks there's four

Elements so top one so one two three and This is the one and not totally at the Bottom for this one so the third Starting from the top I call this Usually the middle Rock but actually It's not exactly middle but that's where You want to place your Kish okay it's Been 15 minutes so you see it's uh start To cook well and I've placed all the Pieces of blue cheese that this is Optional if you want you don't put the Blue cheese and you can leave it just With that patches of the uh of the CHS In there it's good as well and that goes Back in the oven now I'm going to cook This for another 15 maybe 20 minutes now In case it colors too much it starts to Color and you cheese you can cover this With a foil don't make it too Brown Always it's going to bit hot it took me 30 minutes exactly and this is the Result of how free cheese Kish and I've Left it here to rest because it is very Important that when you use cheese and You can't cut your Kish when it's warm You really have to wait until it's at a Minimum kind of lukewarm this is the Right temperature if you wait too long And it really gets cold the problem with Cheese kishes they tend to be really Really firm and not as appetizing so I Always find that a kind of a a sweet Spot kind of lukew a bit less is ideal So what I'm going to do here is try to

Of course cut a slice and we're going to Taste what how creation here the reason I've set up this little table here is to Really to show that this is how you Should present these types of Kish with This nice looking Kish pant you don't Want to take the Kish out of the mold it Looks perfectly fine like this with a Little bit of decoration and uh you know The cross popping up on there so what We're going to do here is to cut a slice Very careful it's still you know what It's still warm I'm a Bit I'm a bit concerned here because I Don't want it to be fall Apart but we need to try it so as I said Remember the porcelain you're not going To make any kind of scratch or Mark when We use a knife and so you can absolutely Afford to cut a slice of Kish in here Look at that and it's perfect we've got Here oh I've got the cheesy the other Style I think that was the um the Fontina cheese and the like I just put It on the side here it looks pretty good That is the interior so you see it's Kind of whitish which is good it's not Too yellow because otherwi to too eggy We would have had it some EG y so I'm Going to go on the side and have a bite The cross is good nice and thick it's a Bit bit thick but let me I'm on the side Here just cutting a little slice and let Me eat

This you know Right I think I've got this right Wow yeah in Total I Think we've got with like 300 G of Cheese and it's really you know what it Really pays off like the um the types of Cheese in there um you can feel the Classic qu very salty and stuff like That But it the welcome addition these are The cheese like the F much Softer much um not as salty and very Soft look at this you see I don't know If you can see see this white bits and That the other style of cheese so it's Almost like Mozzarella a cre is Soft and that with a salad is great I Just buy it on a piece of blue cheese And this is the little nuggets of Pleasure you buy it on a blue cheese Like boom Mo explosion it's a delicious Kish actually very Good now this Kish really got me excited And has to be one of the best cheese Kish I've ever created and I can't wait To start to take you through the other One so that completes that chapter here For the classic and you've learned how To make the Kish laen just with the Bacon the cheese Kish you've learned how To make the short Cross by hand and with The S mixer and you've learned how to do

The blind baking these are all Techniques we're going to be using in The next chapter but the focus we're Going to have on the next chapter is how To handle certain ingredient when you Make different types of fish that means How to use Meats how to use vegetables And how to use Seafood so that you still Have something that looks good that Holds together and of course with new Flavor you surely haven't tried yet so I'll be waiting for you on the next Chapter I see you [Music] Then [Music] [Music] [Music] Wind you My

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