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My Madeira Braised Short Ribs (stop using red wine, try this)

Welcome to the French Cooking Academy Kitchen everybody my name is Stefan and Remember on this channel we're rotating Every month with the recipe we begin With the starters and we have a main Then a side and or desert today it is The day of the main and we're going to Be learning how to brace short ribs These are beef short ribs and not any Types of short ribs I've got my hand Here on some amazing quality beef from a Local producer a cattle farmer is not Too far from us and I want to make the Best out of this because I've the utmost Respect for these guys working you know Making all these meat and trying to Bring quality stuff in your kitchen it Is so important so I'm going to be using Really classic French culinary methods To cook this really by the book I'm Going to show you all this little Technique of course yes there's going to Be a marinade there's going to be a Homemade stock but for the flavors I'm Going to take this big time to the next Level I'm going to ditch the red wine And use something else if you're curious Let's get started now when it comes to Brazing the first step in French cooking Of course if you're using things by the Book is to marinate your meat let's talk About the meat for a sec look at these Beautiful short R you can see the Marbling here the bone the color of the

Meat and this is Dexter cattle it's a Dexter type of it's an Irish breed and It provides really something that an Intense beefy taste that almost kind of Resemble aged beef you know when you Have aged beef is really expensive Except that is not that expensive and I Absolutely love this and I think it's Going to go perfectly with with all the Rest of the ingredients we're going to Be using for the marinade carrots onions Or shallots I've got garlic bay leaf and Thyme and here this is some what we call The fat B sometime in America this is The fatty part of some penet that I've Got in we're going to roll into parsley Here and you can either use this in the Marinade or insert it directly into the Beef and this is what I'm going to show You now now this action usually happens For a type of meat that is really lean And you're going to be in cting lardons Which match sticks of fat rolled into Parsley inside the M now I'm just going To use it here because I just like the Sound of the the technique here and I Just want to show you how it goes really And this is the reality of the old Fashioned and the old way of of cooking In front so you first roll your low this Is Panetta fatty Panetta is smoked and Cured and then we're going to roll these In little loud on and going to insert Them into the mid I'm just going to do

One to try it out so typically as I said If you were to have another piece of Meat or short that is really lean like You see that part here uh you would Actually do that that Ling technique so All what it is you take a very sharp Knife you're going to make an incision In there it's a little Pocket and then what it is you you Choose any piece of of this pet or Whatever if it's the the match stick and You're going to insert it inside the Meat like this it's like a little Presence I'm going to put another one Here this is totally over careful this One because there's so much much fat but I just can't wait to have these flavors Look at that little pocket in here oh Put this in there now when it comes to Bra short ribs what you will find 99% of The time on every single recipe is Always the same bra short ribs in red Wine but red wine is not the only thing You can use when you braze meat it is The cheaper option of course is what It's popular because you know white wine Red wine but it pays sometime for an Occasion to use something else today We're going to be using Madera wine Madera wine is one of my favorite I like To use sport as well but Madera wine is Good we're not going to use the same Quantity as wine though because of Course it's more expensive it's more

Intense so for uh the marinade what I'm Going to do here is to add the elements First at the bottom of the dish here so Some of the shots I've got here I'm Going to put my B Leaf a bit of of the Time in here dry times and a few carrots In there and a few paper corns a few jip Juniper Berries okay and then we got your base And then I'm going to put my meat here And try to pack it in there in terms of Quantity how much are we going to be Using well I'm going to try to 15 to 200 Mil uh compared to the usual kind of Half a liter of wine that you usually Have and what I'm going to do is I've Got a big glass of it here these colors And because it's so tight in the dish It's not going to require much to really Saturate the meat and go over so I think I need a little bit more I've had barely 150 and it's almost there so I'm going To add a little bit more so usually you Can put a bit of oil on top to avoid the Meat from drying but you can use like a Plastic wrap a piece of parchment paper And I've got a lead on there the most Important we're going to leave this to My you can wait for like five hours or 6 Hours I'm going to leave it over night Not a problem with a LD I'm going to Cover with some pment paper andom lid on In there and we'll see you the next day But before I go let's talk about the

Stock now that your short ribs are Marinating in the fridge is a good time To prepare your stock for this recipe V Or beef stock is the way to go chicken Stock can be used as well so I'm going To prepare my stock beforehand I'm going To then leave it to set in the fridge And when I've got all the elements by Tomorrow for you it's going to come in a Zap we're going to resume the recipe and Start cooking after a night in the Fridge my meat is now ready this is the Result I've just opened my little dish Here look at the color of the Madera one The flavors I've tried a little bit it's Intense it's complex it's nutty and it Will go so well with the be oo's Complexity and flavor it's like a very Very good one the stock I made it the Day before as well free cup wor look at That very wobbly it's always a sign of a Good stock the thing you need to know About the stock don't make something too Reduce or too intense in taste when you Cook with beef because the beef will Further color and further Infuse your Stock with taste if you start with Something too strong here and then cook For several hours with the beef you're Going to end up with a sauce that is way Way too intense that's for the basic the Mison plast is ready we're going to be Using a little bit of flour for the Preparation of searing the meat which is

What's coming next when are ready to Start the cooking the first step is Going to be to take the meat out of the Marinade or the bride and minimize the Amount of juice and remove the garnish As well so you discard and you scrap the Garnish out you put things onto a Separate Plate next once you're done you take a Bowl with a seeve and we're going to Filter the juice from the marinade Through a seeve and you keep all the Aromatics Behind for the meat we have to do Something that is quite unfortunate when You use Madera but we don't have a Choice is to Pat the meat dry to avoid The excess of moisture otherwise you're Going to have that boiled beef effect Once the excess moisture have been Removed of course we're going to go Weave the seasoning so salt and pepper On each side I'm using black pepper on Here My short ribs are not season what I'm Going to do here is to roll them into Flour this is going to help to thicken Our sauce as we're cooking give some Extra flavor and further dry the meat so You want to roll the meat into the flour Like that and then you're going to be Tapping the excess you don't want like a Massive coating okay you want something That is lightly dusted in flour once

You're done with the dusting of the meat We're pretty much ready to go on the Stove so let's recap what I've got got The shorts have been SE season dusted With flour we' Pat them dry to remove The excess of moisture I've got the Garnish from the marinade with the Juices of the marinade on here and this Is some extra fresh garnish of mushroom Celery and shalot this kind of optional We want to have the mushroom because it Is part of the appalation of the Madera Sauce that we're going to do at the end And now for the Searing now I cannot Stress enough the importance of searing Your meat properly when you make these Types of dishes SE ing has to be done Properly your meat needs to be colored On all sides you don't want something That looks like boiled you want a nice Seal typically we're going to use oil But here because we're using all these Particular technique and the classic Methods we're not going to use oil I'm Going to use this large and the pork fat Is going to add another layer of Intensity another types of complexity in Your in your dish you know the taste of Pork a little bit with the fat in here Which is different than standard oils Now I'm going to place my it's not a key When you're searing like this especially At home make sure your burner is Adequate like it's big enough if it's

Too small use the larger burner and Don't overcrowd your pan when you begin So within a few minutes you're going to Have a nice coloring this is what I'm Talking about and the fact of using Flour what I love about it is that Nothing sticks I can take my pieces of Meat turn them around nothing Sticks my last piece of itat have been Seared on all Sid I'm going to take this Out I'm going to remove the fat clean The pan and then back on the stove now You may wonder why on Earth do you want To clean that pan because there was some Pieces of burn garnish that can bring a Bit taste and it's just so much better To work like this but most importantly Because now we're going to use another Type of fat because we need to really Not seal the garnish but let it sweat a Little bit in butter you start with the Fresh garnish after a few minutes we're Done here we're going to follow up with The wet one so you drain it and all what You had everything mixed in there we're Going to be raising the Heat and now Comes of course the marinating juices We're going to reduce by half so bring This to high heat and it's reducing time That's going to be ready I'm going to Reuse the heat let's put the meat on so My meat is here on the side and as I've Said this is the bed of vegetables and We're going to be adding all this

Beautiful stuff in here now once the Meat is in as you can see mine's pretty Cramp in there you're going to warm up Your stock to make it really liquid and We're going to add the stock so it Barely comes a half for minut even a Quarter is enough and we're going to be Adding some extra stock if needed while And the whole thing is cooking now for The temperature of cooking you've got a Choice you can spend 4 hours at 150 140° Cus I'm going to use here 170 which is Kind of a happy medium some Chef use 180 Because I don't want to spend four hours Waiting for this to cook and as you can See there's plenty of meat but it will Shrink and you can see the the juices And the stock is in here so all what Needs to happen now is a piece of Parchment paper to minimize the Evaporation a lead on and it's going to Be cooking for 2 and a half maybe up to 3 hours and every kind of hour I'm going To look and see how much liquid is in There if it's too dry I'm going to add Some more so lead on and that's going to Go at 170° C in my oven put the Equivalent on fite on the screen and I'll show you when it's done after 3 Hours for me the meat is ready look at This color is all caramelized but the Most important for you you want to make Sure that the meat is fully of the bone And that the meat can also be taken

Apart very easily with fork this is the Sign it's ready you don't want to go too Far otherwise it's just going to be Shreds everywhere but I think this is The Sweet Spot and now I'm going to take The meat out and put it in a tray I've Taken the meat out it's on the tray and Would you look at this colors it is Sticky it is caramelized it is seal and So tempting to just pick one up and hit It right away what I'm going to do here I'm going to put the parchment paper on Top put this into the oven keep it warm While we're making the sauce now to make The Mera sauce it's actually very very Easy but you can't do this in there Because look at the states of the pan And it's tons of fat what I'm going to Do I'm going to pour all of these juices All the caramela juices in there filter This frive into another bowl and then We're going to use a n of hand to make The sauce if you want you can just clean That one and do it in there but it's Just easier to take another pan now Chances are that you're not going to end Up with much stock in your pan after the Short trips are cooked so what I usually Do I add about half a cup of water into The pan steer the whole lot through and Then pass acid FR to have a bit of more Base juice okay so this is the f bra and The Really concentrated sauce with the Madera taste and this is just the fat

That I've scooped off from the top this Is just beef fat you can use this to Cook steak sauteed potatoes and so on And so forth and now to the stove to Make the sauce to make the M sauce as I Said very simple all what you need is The f bra meaning the cooking juices From the meat about 40 or 50 gam of Finly sliced chalot three or four Buttter mushroom Finly slice about 20 Gram of butter three tablespoon of fresh Madera to really boost the flavor and I've got one cup of the stock that I Prepared earlier at the very beginning I Had three cups remember I use two cups And I've got one cup fresh stock ready And that is going to be ready to give a Nice taste to the sauce let's make this Sauce it is super straightforward all What you need to have is a bit of butter In your pan and we're going to put the Shots and the mushroom and like we did Before we're going to let them sweat Just for a few minutes so medium Heat Just a little bit of coloration now if You wonder why we're doing this because The mattera sauce the appalation is Always like this bit of Shallot a bit of Mushrooms and then you get the rest of Your stock to be added to it so I'm Going to use my font braz and just over So you can see we've got a beautiful Coloring I'm going to raise my Heats and What I'm going to do here is to add some

Extra stock in there and the reason We're doing this typically is because The font braz is always a little bit Intense and strong so having an extra Clean stock on the side really kind of Dilute the sauce a little bit and tone Down the flavor and just balance the Whole thing out and all what needs to Happen now is a reduction if you want More sauce you know what I'm not going To be gray I'm going to use most of my Stock and now we're going to reduce the Heck out of this so high heat and big Reduction my sauce is now reduced as you Can see it's just that semi syrupy Consistency that's all what you want you Can reduce it more if you want and what We're going to do from here is simply to Add a dash of fresh Mata that's the Whole little trick okay the Final Touch Of course always you going to be tasting And checking the seasoning so I'm going To taste and of course to check if there Enough Mad wow that touch of M by and that's The explosion of flavor looks like not Much when you look at this when you Taste that it's a bomb bit of pepper and We're done that's it the sauce if serve We can take the meat out put it on the Plate pour the sauce over and we're Going to be ready but before we go I'm Going to do a little tasting of course Now I was aware that the Dexter beef was

Darker in color but now when you brace It for 3 hours it looks absolutely Sticky SL Caramelized and we've got the sauce to Go over so I'm just going to drizzle Some of That I mean It's that is insane can we talk about Like Candi Meat M definitely an intense flavor a Sweetness and that nuttiness from the Madera melting in the mouth and you know What the sauce the Sauce the sauce is crazy the M sauce is Like oh this one is little bit a bit Little bit tough let me Try M I need to stop this Oh Wow that Is exceptionally Tasty I think my palette here went on an Adventure of discovery of new flavor and I love Madera sauce but I've never Really tried it in that context with the Beef and this beef the Dexter is so dark Sticky caramelized with the Madera it Really comes together the meat itself What I would say really when you eat it It is intense but and sometime there's a Kind of subtleness to it this is not the Classic beef flavor that we always have But when you add that M wine with the

Hint of mushroom and that Nuttiness it's an explosion of flavor It's really like almost candied beef That's what we can think about so it Tak Sometimes to make but again making a Recipe by the book you know really Brings your dish to the next level and This is how we make bra short ribs with Madera one instead of the classic red One in my view it's a welcomed I but I'll leave this to you you can try it Out let me know what you think in the Comment section and as for me I will see You next time with another video on the French Cooking Academy take care all Byebye [Music] [Music] [Music] I don't want tox it baby [Music] [Music]

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