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My signature 30 cloves garlic chicken | one pot wonders Ep. 6

Now one of the things that I've been Itching to do for some time especially After learning all these security Techniques and doing French recipe for Years is to start to bring my own little Modification and Improvement to classic French recipes It's time to step up and I'm gonna start Today with the 40 clove garlic chicken Something I've done five years ago the Classic recipe but I thought we could do Something a little bit different so First thing I'm gonna do I'm gonna ditch The butter and oil used to cook the Chicken and replace that with duck fat We're gonna see the chicken we're gonna Use the duck fat to pan fried croutons On which we're gonna spread the braised Garlic on top to serve as a side the Sauce which is normally just a kind of a Broth it's going to be transformed into A cognac garlic and cream sauce because Cream just improve all the flavors and We're going to serve all Latino plates And I'm gonna be digging in that whole Thing and let you know how it tastes Like I can't wait let's go No Foreign So what's the plan of action first thing That I'm gonna do is to reduce the Amount of garlic clove the recipe goes For 40 cloves but garlic is expensive Nowadays so I'm gonna use 30 cloves and

One of the great thing about that recipe You have not done it before is that the Clove can be used oh without pitting Them and that is beautiful now you need To take them off uh you know the shell Here and kind of remove any loose part Loose leaves you know you don't want to End up with all these tiny leaves in Your dish okay that's the only thing you Need to do for the rest chicken you can Use chicken tights I'm using a whole Chicken that broken down I've got the Legs the the breast on here and I'm Gonna use here The wings the neck for some added flavor With that or what you're gonna need is a Bit of cognac which is optional white Wine and some cream that is in the Fridge I'm gonna finish that off maybe At the end with a little bit of you know Touch of parsley but most importantly Um A crunchy bread we're going to make some Crouton with this and use some duck fat And this is where all the magic is gonna Happen when we're going to be serving This it's gonna have all these flavors Of garlic cognac cream Be amazing I always like that little step of Flavoring your fat days it's look at This it's risking up it reminds me this Sometimes some Indian style of cooking When they Infuse flavors in studio I'm

Gonna start here straight with The little piece of wings and the neck And color them everything has been Seasoned with salt and pepper now Another thing that is usually done Differently is that you sear your Chicken first then remove it then you Put your garlic now here I find it easy To start with these little offcuts and Immediately I'm gonna add all my garlic Cloves in here You know to feel the pen And let them cook a little bit before I Start cooking my main pieces of chicken When everything is colored that makes my Aromatic garnish so from here all what We're gonna do is take it out of the pan And reserve it in a bowl As you can see my pan is smoking hot Here so I'm gonna add a little bit of More fat another tablespoon and this Time I'm gonna put my chicken on a Moderate Heat But in a different way I've coated my Chicken pieces here with some flour Because I always think it's mixed for Different types of searing when I use a Bit of flour so I'm gonna lay down this Pieces and let them color gently I don't Want to rush anything really let the the Flavor diffuse very slowly and get some Caramelized juices now very often people Ask me why do you add flour where's the Benefit I think it can help thicken the

Sauces but most importantly look at that You see that color that kind of searing That you've got here it's like a nice Little crust that's the kind of thing I Want to get With my chicken look at these colors This really rustic kind of golden brown Love this so it's been what seven Minutes in total and now that I've got This color that I want I'm gonna slowly Start adding back all of these aromatic Garnish that I have into the pan So that means the pieces of chicken fill The gaps where there's no chicken add Some flavors Plus of course after that we're gonna Have the garlic cloves for the garlic Cloves a bit everywhere like that and Boom listen to this The chicken is happy there you know the Pan happiness inner pot Now we have the color we got the aroma Tea garnish but we still want a little Bit of moisture in there but not to get That kind of soggy chicken so I'm just Gonna use a little bit of my cognac here 30 ml and I'm not doing a flambe by the Way it's not always necessary to do a Flombie we are moistening the chicken a Little bit under in the under part Okay just so it bubbles up and we're Gonna reuse the Heat and leave these to Cook covered so I've got a lid here okay That I'm gonna put on and don't forget

That after 20 minutes total time you Need to take these breasts out and Continue to cook the other ones now that We've got some time I've put two Tablespoon of fresh duck fat and I'm Gonna make these Duck fat croutons we're going to make Garlic toast to serve the chicken Let's have a look The duck fats twice again Let's not overdo this A bit too hot in the pan but you see a Nice coloring as soon as the croutons Are ready use a paper towel and you Drain the excess fat all right I think It's time for the breast The vapors Wow That smells good see all the Cognac and Stuff I'm going to gently scoop out the Breast here and we're going to continue The cooking for the legs and everything Make sure we've got the the cloves in The liquids Very important so that they can really Cook in the garlic cloves so we're going To make some space And you see it's very tight it's not too Much liquid what I usually do For you put this in your oven at 50 Degrees keep them warm the time is up And we've just reached carbonization Point to get this everything is almost Dry so you know what I'm gonna do I'm

Gonna take my chicken I'm gonna reserve it in a pan and put The breast in there and I show you why In a bit okay and we're gonna discard All of the little bits here and take all The garlic and scoop it off in a bowl Now as soon as the chicken is out you're Gonna have to make your sauce and you'll Note that I've left some of this garlic These were all the overcooked garlic and Something I'm gonna do here to make it Like so I'm gonna press with a fork Extract and remove the skins and leave The garlic flesh behind they're gonna Mix with my cream so make sure you take Everything out and you do the same for Whatever garlic you've left in your pan There now would you look at this this is My garlic puree I've put my hint back on Medium you can put to medium high Concentrating The Taste and immediately Oh what I'm gonna do is to use cream And cream as good that power of Capturing flavors and enhancing anything So massage with a bit I'm going to use 200 mL here Look at us half of it and I'm gonna add The rest Oh look at this color is just what I Wanted bring the rest of my cream in And that is gonna be our sauce And now we're gonna reduce I'm gonna Taste That of salt

A little bit Hint of pepper And I'm gonna be a bit naughty here But adding the rest of my cognac in There And then that is to reduce for just a Few minutes my sauce is Already look at the consistency it's Really thick it's really coat the spoon I'm gonna add it that of parsley as I Said turn the heat off mix that in And that's it I'm gonna be ready to Serve crisp up the chicken and we're Done So as I said for the chicken once you're Making the sauce you can put this into a Pan and keep this warm in the oven while You make the sauce and then either put The chicken straight into the sauce or If you want to kind of climb back some Of that crispy enough even though it's Pretty good I'm gonna put this in that Pan under the broiler very briefly to Crisp up everything on a very very high Heat so that's an often proof kind of Frying pan it's super handy sweet Restaurant style and here we are so I've Got here the chicken some of the garlic And the toast you need to take the Garlic that's here and extract the Flesh And spread it on the bread of course I Haven't done The last touch that I'm gonna do now in Front of you which is to add

That lovely sauce now this is my Signature sauce in fact that I've just Decided to create and this is really What makes the dish Instead of a dryish kind of thing now I'm covering the chicken With this and adding a touch of again Extra parsley on top We have a look Oh it tastes No No the sauce I mean look at that You know and you can press you see this Garlic clove if you press the garlics You can extract all of these extra Garlic flesh and put it on the chicken Like that bathe it in the sauce okay you Try that Maybe I'm just a sauce lover But For me The garlic with the cream you know that Little technique goes perfectly What people like to do Is to take that toasty and that's what You see in here and usually you can You know have it with more sauce on There and you eat it if you have plenty Of sauce you can even dip it In your sauce like this and then Um I mean Duck fat croutons with the garlic cream

Sauce on it Insanity and here we are my version of The dish the 30 clove of garlic chicken Serve with a creamy Cognac and garlic Sauce if you try the recipe tell me what You think honest opinion 30 cloves I Think it was a bit gritty 40 was better Because they shrink when they cook but For the rest super delicious make sure You get plenty of croutons plenty of Sauce because this is the key in that Dish that's for this video we'll see you Next time for another one pot video We're gonna continue making deliciously Simple French recipes that you can enjoy At home so join me next week again for Another video take care all bye [Music] Thank you Baby

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