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So Quiet stop looking at Me don't look at [Music] Me hi I'm sui I am a food stylist recipe Developer I'm here to show you how to Make my Neapolitan checkerboard cookies This Neapolitan checkerboard cookie is Inspired by this cake that I used to Have when I was a kid I would get them From these western style bakeries in Taiwan I love the colors I love the Shape of them so much and I wanted to Make them into a cookie form for you Today so what are neopolitan flavors They are vanilla strawberry and Chocolate you're going to end up with a Really really cute cookie that looks Like a cozy sweater because it has just Like a soft warm colors and they're Going to form a beautiful kingham Pattern first we're going to make the Vanilla dough you're going to make each Dough separately I made it it so that You don't have to wash your tools in Between each dough so that there's one Less step for you to do so you want your Butter to be at room temperature this is Key that you want the butter to be able To hold an indent from your finger and Then that would be the perfect room Temperature butter and sugar go ahead And just mix this on Medium until it's fluffy be patient

Usually I'm not very patient so I start To like I stand here and I like stare at The bowl I suggest you walk away I want to walk Away um can I just walk away okay Bye-bye now we're going to add the egg Yolk and the vanilla but first i'm going To scrape down the sides of the bowl I'm Going to ask you to reserve your egg Whites for the Assembly of the dough it Acts as a glue so that the pieces don't Like break off or expand too Much You don't need to mix the egg for that Long it's all good as long as it's fully Combined again scrape down the sides you Should actually whisk together your salt And flour and combine them properly now Let's add the flour and salt mixture and I like to do this which is I cover the Mixer so that you don't get flour Everywhere when you do the first burst Of the mix okay you know you don't need To mix the dough for very long you just Need to mix it just enough so that the Dough sort of comes together and you Don't want to mix a cookie dough for Very long also because it makes it Really tight and not as crumbly when You're bite to it put a big piece of Plastic wrap down on your work surface First if you don't have something this Large you can roll out a regular Home-sized plastic wrap and make a

T-shape which is what I did at home when I made this recipe don't stress about Making it super exact the whole point is Is that you can cut this into the Perfect 5×10 piece the most important Part is I would just love it if you made It into a half inch thick Patty that's Key Okay now you're going to use a rolling Pin to make sure to roll the dough Together and see how the plastic GP has Contained the dough in the correct Measurement the plas wrap is a very Helpful tool because it helps you it's a Little it makes the dough less Intimidating you know it contains all The crumbs in the dough and then you Make a perfect block and it makes you Feel like you've accomplished something Nice let's do another measurement just To make sure so we are at 10 in Perfect 5 and a/4 not so much but that's Okay we're going to trim that okay see Here we go ready to go let's prove in The fridge uh let it chill and then when You're ready to assemble we will take it Out so now let's make the strawberry Dough we're going to use freeze stried Strawberries because one it's a natural Flavor and two has a very concentrated Flavor and can stand up well next to the Chocolate flavor and then once you pulse It you can get it's sort of like a flour Consistency making the strawberry dough

Is really the same method as the vanilla Dough the only addition is that you're Going to add pulverized free stri [Music] [Music] [Music] Strawberries Now we're going to make the chocolate Dough this time you're going to just Incorporate cocoa powder into your Flour we're going to do this all over Again I noticed what I'm doing here I'm I'm I'm feeling very impatient so I'm Increasing the speed and it doesn't make A difference just do it on [Music] Low [Music] As I'm making both the strawberry and The chocolate dough I'm noticing that The doughs feel a little drier don't be Afraid if your dough is more moist or Drier than this it's just depends on the Temperature of your room so don't worry It'll still come together so here we go I have the chilled Do's ready to go they Were made a couple days ago you do want Them to be properly hydrated I prefer to Rest them for 24 hours but if you say Like you made it in the morning and you Want to assemble them at night totally Fine I need you to have 9/ in strips and This measures to be a 5 in piece so know That you'll have about roughly like a/4

Inch trim left over from each side it's Important for you to have a little trim Cuz I want you to have perfectly Straight edges now you take the ruler And you make half inch tick marks on the Top and and on the bottom so that they Match up and these will be your final Strips measure the first the tick mark On top and the tick mark on the bottom And then you just run your knife along It I actually find this part very Satisfying cuz I really like looking at The perfect strips of dough it just it Looks so neat slide these strips not so Gracefully onto this one strip just Broke it's okay you can put it back Together it's not a big deal now work on The other strips during these moments When it's quiet do you guys add music Like stock [Music] Music this piece broke don't worry you Can still take the Measurements and you can still cut them Into strips everything will be okay Don't be Afraid Let's Assemble Yeah you're not going to Use all of this egg white so if you want To like just take out a little bit and Reserve the rest let's start with Chocolate strawberry and then vanilla a Light brush of egg white they stick Together if you just use a little bit on

Top and then the next let's go with Vanilla Strawberry and chocolate [Music] So Quiet stop looking at me you know that's Why I keep trying to make small talk and I'm turning Red here's a log all Around what we're going to do is wrap it Up with plastic wrap and let it chill Let things adhere to each other for a Minute but technically you can just cut This and bake it if you want to assemble This before the holidays you're fine to Just go ahead and make it um and then at This point you can freeze it and take it Out let it thaw and then slice and bake When you're Ready and Cut the doogs have been chilled I'm now Going to slice and bake them I want you To cut about a third of an inch thick Slice and you'll end up with these Really cute little d those it's so cute It's like a [Music] Sweater it seems so satisfying to cut it Is very satisfying to cut here's one log Done and you'll get about 24 per log if It's not perfect on one side like this Just turn it around it's fine nobody Nobody's like watching you make This except right now we're going to

Bake these cookies at 350° one more time so now we're going to Bake the cookies at 350° for 12 to 13 Minutes you're going to rotate the pans Halfway Through okay the cookies are Ready they are super cute you can see That they're ready when the edges of the Vanilla cookies are Golden now we're going to let the Cookies cool a little on the tray let Them F them up a little before we Transfer them to the wire racks to cool Completely it's like a an 80s like Barbie dress p pattern it reminds me of That it's so Cute it's delicious you taste every Flavor here's the Chocolate goes great with the coffee I Have a little coffee aftertaste perfect Let's try the Strawberry distinct strawberry flavor Just now Phoebe so it tastes like a Fruit roll up I like that description Let's try the vanilla Tastes like Vanilla not a bad thing it's I like Vanilla ice cream you know the recipe When you open it up it may read a little Long and it can seem a little Daunting but as you can see here it's Actually not that difficult and the Reward is just so satisfying you get a Giant tray of cookies and I really hope

You make them if you want to find this Recipe and all of the other cookie Recipes just go to to nyt cooking and Leave me a good Comment Please Okay we're done check [Music] Please

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