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Never Fail a Potato Dish Again!

Now when it comes to side dishes Potatoes are the go-to vegetables but Knowing how to cook potatoes is actually Harder than it looks because you know Potatoes they look simple right you You're just going to peel them cook them But when you do you start with that Picture in your mind beautiful Graton With the cheese or the sauteed potato And you can see the potatoes rolling in The pan when you make them what it turn Into a crumble or a mush or why is my my Mash into a glue or why my roasted Potatoes shrank and hard as rock you Know that kind of thing and you know the Answer to all this is because potatoes Are actually much more complicated than They look okay and we've just completed A new course that is entitled cooking Potatoes like a chef this course is all About giving you all the information the Skill the cooking technique that you Need to know in order to successfully Cook potatoes beautifully and Consistently every single time okay You're going to be learning the variety The type of potato which one to pick for What dish and then 20 recipes starting From the potato salad the classic French Dishes the classic techniques also some One pot plus signature Chef recipe it is A unique course fully dedicated to Potatoes it's been live already with our Student group and it's been super well

Received absolutely don't want to miss Out Link in the video descript deson let Me tell you one thing you know away from The course and breaking around potatoes There's no middle ground there's there's Really two options is or you know how to Cook potatoes or you don't and that Creates two life scenarios the first one Is that anytime you're going to be Mentioning the word I'm making a potato Dish people going to be running to the Table oh when you can you make that dish Again you know it's all happy and stuff The other Camp is the opposite anytime You mention the word potatoes people are Going to be running away from your table And you've been there right that Picnic Garden Party you know gathering with Friends when everybody brings the dish And you got the distance a relative or Friend or neighbor on the phone G hey I'm going to make my potato salad again You're like oh my God you want to bring This potato thing again can you bring Something else you know we've all been There I've been there we all been there And it's not the person's fault okay Most of the time we don't have the right Information uh because we don't know Which potatoes to to to pick which one Work what dish and that is the problem And this is what this course is all About to give you all this information But let me not brag about this because

The proof is in the pudding I'm going to Take you through one of the recipe from The course which is in our one pot Section and the Comfort crowd pleases Which is a recipe for my childhood and Is a version of the pom Banger called The pom Thea where chunk of potatoes a Saute mixed with caramelized onion Chunky bacon and braced with either Stock or white wine one pot style in the Oven what I want you to do to watch the Video make the recipe don't don't say Anything at home to you know you just I'm going to make a side dish put it on The Table and wait for the magic to happen Let me know in the comment section what Kind of Praise or comment you are Getting and that is truly going to help You make a decision so remember the Course is available now it's called Cooking potato like a chef we're Launching an early bird prom motion Amazing value 20 recipe technique Chef Recipes and it is a unique course do not Miss out and check it out but for the Time being let's start by making a Beautiful potato side dish let's go so To make my home version of the pom Bonger it's going to be extremely simple You find everything on the recipe C I'm Going to use here all R potatoes I would Not recommend using flowery potatoes Definitely the all round is good because

They will absorb some liquid while still Keeping their shape we're going to use Some some onions so quarter potatoes Sliced onion a slab of bacon I'm going To cut them in slices and thick lardons And I'm going to be using lard here for The fat because we got lots of pork in Here lard we' you know is going to work Nicely and bring some nice flavor just a One pot I'm going to use a saute pan Make sure you get something that can go On the stove and the oven and you're Going to need a lid on top and of course We're going to need some stock now I did Mention just before that we can use wine And yes it's an old practice that you Can use if you want you can mix your Stock with wine so half stock half wine Or if you want simply use all wine to Have very distinctive taste now I'm Going to go for the Mison plus and then Show you the result and now for the Mison plus are very simple going to peel And wash the potatoes you cut them in Quarters like this it's medium siiz kind Of chunks not too big not too small keep Them in water the onions sliced not too Thinly because that's going to have to Cook for 40 minutes and the bacon nice Chunky kind of L on and this is what I Like to have because they're visible They're going to be noticeable they're Going to diffuse the flavor during the Entire cooking process the stock you can

Buy a tboard stock like here or make Your own for chicken stock but if you Want you can also use white wine instead Of nice dry white wine is going to go Perfectly with these potatoes and that's About it the rest is just a large salt And pepper so let's go on the stove and See how we make this now for the process Simple I'm using my pan saut pan medium To high heat and I'm going to melt about A tablespoon wor of lard as soon as the Lard remember the lard by the way is Pork fat as soon as it's melted we're Going to start with the Onion and just spend a good five minutes To precook them so nice and Translucent so mix them through the lot And we add a bit of salt and pepper bit Of salt bit of Pepper we just my heat a bit so it's a Medium heat okay I'm mixing regularly 5 Minutes After 5 minutes as you can see I've got A little coloring that starts in here And that's enough I'm going to take this Off and put them back in the bowl that I Had and we're going to follow up with The bacon now for the bacon we going Want to have some color in there so I'm Raising my heat too high I'm going to Put anything in here Up wait for the fat to Rend a little bit And get some coloring in here and I'm Not doing this with the onions because

Then the onions going to start to Brown The bacon is not going to seal properly On some parts so I like to you do the Things individually and then we combine Everything before put this into the oven I mean just in a few minutes look at This I mean you got a love bacon these Nice chunky bits like this and remember Lot of bacon because these are really B The bacon potatoes okay so that's going To be enough I'm going to take Everything off I'm going to reduce my Heat to Low Dry my potatoes I'm going to Stra them out of the water dry them very Well and then we're going to put them in Now of course before doing this what I'm Going to do I'm going to scoop out my Bacon here okay into the bowl with the Onions and I'm leaving the fat behind I Get all these flavors in here that I Don't want to lose all right ready so I've got my Potatoes straighten There okay if there's not enough fat you Can add some more because you don't want Anything to Stick and I'm just going to start to Have this potato to kind of color Slightly in my pan in here so I can Raise my heat to medium and let's go Same thing here salt and pepper because Potato can be don't don't put too much Salt because there's the bacon but Always a bit of

Seasoning So within a few minutes as you Can see all the carameli start to detach And it sticks to the potatoes the potato Start to color nicely we get some nice Coloring and this is the beauty of Copper pans they retransfer the heat Very very well and I don't even need a Huge burner look at the size of my Burner it's tiny and yet it's cooking a Kilo of potatoes searing everything with Have no problem and next here what we're Going to do is the Del glazing so for The Del glazing think of it exactly the Same when you're making a pan sauce and The reason I was telling you that you Can use wine because the technique here Is the same with uh SE some onion we've Got the caramelized juices from the pork Bellry that sticks to the pan with Plenty of meat juices in here and you Could use wine in here to detach Everything now here I'm going to use Stock but you could use a bit of wine to Start with okay so I'm going to have my Stuck and like a de glazing okay a Little bit hear that noise Up it starts to detach and slowly I'm Going to shake everything and you know Lower my head slightly and make sure I'm Detaching all the juices and mix Everything together before I'm adding The onion in the bacon in so my stock is Now boiling and all what I'm going to do Here I'm going to take all my mixture of

Bacon and onion and everything put this Back in and then slowly can reduce my he A bit TOS everything very carefully and Mingle all these lovely onions and bacon With the juices and the potatoes sorry I Was a bit messy before some onions on The side of the pan but I'm going put Some baves so two small Baya in there and I had about 250 mil Maximum 300 M of stock and what we're Going to do here is the easy method is Turn the heat off I'm going to pre it my Oven now at 180° C you can do this Before I did it I'm going to put it it On and just put this into the oven and We're going to leave this to cook for What about 35 40 minutes until the Potatoes are cooked and this is the easy Way that's what my mom used to make like No a little bit like five or 10 minutes On the stove then in the oven and then Yes it's ready so pretty much that's About it I'm going to put a lid put this In the oven and then boom we're ready to Eat so it's been 40 minutes took me 40 Minutes always make sure you use it when You handle because some forget it's hot And so to hold that thing here and when It's cooked basically there's two two Styles that people like so here you have A little it's a little bit wet at the Bottom you can see it's still wet There's not much liquid it's been Absorbed and I like to have a little bit

But the top like this which is just been Kind of almost steam it's reminds me of Kind of a stew so what I like to do Personally is to spend five minutes Under the grill just to kind of crisp up A little with the potatoes just for the Presentation just before I put this on The table but away from that really uh It's C so what you can do uh just in Case of course is is to check and you Take a knife or anything like this every Time you check the potato but you see That goes through no problem at all it Starts to break it's not a problem I've Tasted this it's it's perfectly seasoned So salt pepper plenty of taste of bacon And onion it is exactly just what we Want so I'm going to do that last five Minutes and then we'll have a real taste Yes the potatoes are Already you can call them the pom B if You want the P theer pot whatever you Like uh I know already uh let's let's Say I've had this a few times but that's What it looks like so you get it's a Really simple dish it's it's a family Thing and but the juice is what I want To show you you see it's kind of just Glossy and caramelized so it's brace Almost like this BRAC potato with these Large chunks of bacon and for me really That's what I I like is absolutely and I Want to have this pieces of bacon on him Because it's beautiful the potatoes look

At that so see they cooked and the O Potatoes now this is infused you know What this is my it's one of my child Favorite the taste of the the bacon is Totally fr the Potatoes with the stock it's it's all Simplicity simple flavors and look at This honestly large chunks of Bacon you delicious potatoes But let's not forget That you got the onions and you can see They're totally disintegrated but the Adds another layer of Complexity I could eat this by the Bucket so there we have it this is my Childhood version of the Pomer it's Called actually the pom the bacon Potatoes now what is the difference with The real thing well the real thing in The classic where sometime there's no Bacon first off and you would just like Pan Fred the onions and you layer layers Of potatoes with onion just in the Baking dish but you don't really see the Potatoes like I've done and you just Cover with the stock what I kind of Don't really like with the old the Classic version is that you get Something that's a little bit can be a Little bit soupy a little bit chewish so Here I like the fact that we pan fry the Bacon will release the flavor with the Onions with the bacon sorted the potato You can use some L you can use some du

Fat so you're really bringing some some Good flavors in there and then you put This into the oven and at the end Honestly it is something that I'm Sur I Dare to say it's almost better than the Classic way you know there's just more Taste to it and if you add one well You're going to be on do something Extremely good but that's it for this Video I hope you enjoy it and if you Make it please let me know what you Thought in the club

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