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New York’s hottest club is… fake? #newyork

I got the toughest dinner reservation in New York Miron Steakhouse is the top Rated Steakhouse on the Upper East Side And it's been booked out for over a year Why is it so hard to get in maybe Because it's not real this group of tech Employees in their early 20s were living In a house together as a joke they named Their building miron's Steakhouse after Their roommate meron and their friends Left these insane reviews somewhere Along the way this joke got real they Made a website and decided to make the Restaurant real for one night over 900 Actual New Yorkers put their names on The wait list what these people didn't Know is that they were going to be Served Meal made by kids in their early 20s none of whom were getting paid as Sort of a punchline to an internet joke All these friends rented out an event Space decorated it with funny details There was a really awkward staged Proposal 22-year-old dooer struggling to Open every wine bottle most diners Realized that something was up naturally Some of these paying customers felt Annoyed that they'd spent money and a Saturday night on this prank but for the Most part people went in with zero Expectations so they were happy that They got to at least experience Something sort of funny and weird

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