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Priya’s 20-Minute Green Bean and Potato Sabzi | NYT Cooking

Hot this is my cross to bear which is I Never wait for food to cool down so I Just live in a permanent state of burnt Tongue it's Fine hi my name is Pria we are in the New York time studio kitchen and today We are making my crispy green bean and Potato subsy subies are like basically The Bedrock of my cooking it is Vegetables that have been seasoned and Flavored and super powered Hearty potatoes Snappy green beans it's Got the spices it's got the acid it's Got the richness if you're a slow cook You can make this in 20 minutes if you Are cruising you could probably make This in 10 minutes that's not a selling Point for dinner I don't know what Is I'm always thinking like how can I Make a subsy feel like a full meal and One day I was at home my mom was cooking Dinner and I tasted the subsy she' made And it tasted like nuttier more filling More hearty and I was like what did you Do and she was like I put a spoonful of Almond butter at the end and it was like Like blew my mind the first thing you Want to do is brown your potatoes so We're going to put the oil in a pan ju That around a little bit add your Potatoes this is really the hardest part For me in cooking which is putting Something in a pan and not messing with It why is that so hard the key to these

Potatoes getting nice and brown is Literally just like set it and forget it So put your potatoes in make sure your Heat is appropriately high and salt them With half of your salt and then forget About it isn't that the official slogan Of Brooklyn I feel like I've driven Along the BQE and seen that Sign just going to let these cook for Like a couple of minutes yeah you're Just waiting there's really nothing you Can do maybe cut your green beans Mince your garlic mince your Ginger pans Sadly have hot spots so you might need To just these are great oh look at that Beautiful Browning by distracting Ourselves for just a few minutes we got That nice crust all right add our green Beans the rest of the salt and I'm going To add a little bit more salt cuz it Doesn't seem like this is enough Salt give those a toss oops water and This is just to like create a little Bath for the Beans let these cook for a couple of Minutes we're in the home stretch folks Okay I have a feeling this will probably Be Done yeah they're good this is all Cooked I'm going to give it a little bit More Salt and now we're going to add our Spices in aromatic Peppa Cumin Coran ER and I would strongly

Recommend if you can Mash these in a Mortar and pestle and get a nice coarse Ground that's going to be better than Than the powdered stuff starting with Whole always better I'm just an Evangelist for whole spices ginger and Garlic be generous I like adding the Ginger and garlic toward the end of the Recipe cuz I find that it gives like a Little bit more brightness and freshness Rather than garlic that you cooked at The beginning and then layered flavors On top of that I'm now like I'm now Adding my ginger garlic toward the end Of cooking and I'm I'm into it this is Nice and mixed and now for the magic Ingredient our almond butter I'm using Almond butter you can use peanut butter You can use probably cashew butter um I Think any Nut Butter will work I've only Used peanut butter and almond butter but Try the other Butters let me know you Think pistachio butter might be a little Weird but you know that could Al it Could work and then you're just going to Basically melt the nut butter into the Subzi it'll sort of just Wilt and submit To the subzi and you want to just slowly Toss it and let it coat everything it's Going to make this like really nice Crispy delicious coating the almond Butter just goes like whoop in the pan I Also love that the almond butter creates These like clumps of flavor so you get

Like a clump of ginger and garlic and Coriander as you're eating it all right So I'm just just going to give this a Little taste for Seasoning I'm going to add just a touch More Salt give this toss lime juice if you're Me you'll add the full half if you are More acid averse do as you please if you Taste a subsy and you're like oh man This is a little more lackluster than I Thought just add CH Masala J A CM that Is my cardinal rule for sort of spicing Up anything that just like needs a Little bit of energy if you're not Familiar with chat Masala it is one of My alltime favorite spice Blends it's Funky it's salty it's got a lot of depth I like it cuz it gives you kind of salt And tart flavors and spicy flavors all In One and that is pretty much it all Right it's delicious cut wrap it we're Good to go We've Cooked our green beans we've Plated them I've added even more chopped Masala you can eat these with Roy or Rice I love fresh Roy Swip with some Butter or ghee that is how I grew up Having the subsi and that's how I'm Going to eat it now let's take a little Piece give me a Minute this is just such a good standby You literally could make this your

Entire dinner if you wanted to one thing That I have done that I think would be Really great is to turn these leftovers Into breakfast tacos scramble some eggs Little salt and pepper wrap this up a Little salsa salsa verde would taste Delicious with this m anything else all Right for more recipes like this and a Trove of other brilliant ways to solve Your week night dinner dilemma you can Head to nyt Cooking

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