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Priya’s Coconut Saag Is the Easy Vegetarian Meal You Need in Your Rotation | NYT Cooking

You won't believe how many photos I get Sent of like babies with their faces all Green and their hands covered in SOG That is like the greatest compliment I Could ever reive send me all the photos Of your babies eating coconut SOG Please hi we are in the New York time Studio kitchen I am priia Krishna and we Are making coconut SOG it is a riff on What was probably the most popular Recipe in my cookbook Indian ish sag Feta sag feta was a riff itself on the Indian dish s paneer this is a version That riffs on S paneer but Subs the Liquid for coconut milk some of the ghee For coconut oil it's rich and Hearty Without being like stick to your ribs For days creamy luxurious probably the Best way that you can eat a pound of Greens in my Opinion the Brilliance I have always Felt in this recipe is that it's a Recipe for people who hate chopping or Do not trust their chopping skills you Can do the worst Chop on the onions Ginger and garlic and it is all going in A blender and also you don't have to Crush your spices you can literally do Them all whole it is all going in the Blender we're going to start by toasting Our spices a little bit of vegetable oil Cardamom pods and coriander seed it's Going to give you that really beautiful Floral earthy flavor you really want to

Use whole if you can whole cardamon pods Whole coriander seed are going to make a Huge difference in making the end Product that much more flavorful so You're just going to let these toast Until you sort of start to see the Coriander seeds dance around a little Bit you'll see them get golden and most Importantly you'll be able to smell it It only takes like a few seconds for These to go from beautifully toasted to Uh almost BT and we're nearing that Point so I'm going to add the Onions and really all we're doing is Just just letting them sweat a little Bit with the rest of the spices I made This a couple of months ago for my Friend who had just given birth and to Continue on the baby steam she said that Her milk production increased like Tfold and then I asked my mom and she Was like oh yeah Indian food is great For breast milk production all right now We're adding our ginger and garlic and Now we are going to do the magic trick That is turning this big ass full of Mustard greens into a small small amount Of cooked greens I like doing it in Stages basically I put a little bit in I Wilt it and then I add more I feel like This dish could be really heavy really Intense but instead this dish is bright It's vibrant it's sort of singing with Really electric flavors and not

Overcooking your greens is crucial to That for me if I go to an Indian Restaurant and I see that their SOG Paneer is like almost a black color that Is not a good sign that means that you Have cooked Your Greens to the point Where you cannot even taste the flavor Of the green itself you don't want that Every single time I make this I'm like Are all these greens going to fit in the Pot like even now I'm like oh God They'll fit I'm just going to add our Last batch here and look at that a pound Of greens easily managed I've made this With frozen spinach frozen kale mustard Greens o they are the best our greens Have just barely cooked I sort of took Them off the pan immediately and kind of Let them cool down a little bit hot Things in blender can often result in Explosions so just be very careful about That I love watching this blend because The water in the greens just makes it Blend so beautifully and seamlessly I Know we've been talking a lot about baby Food but you're not looking for like a Puree I like having a few little chunks To remind me what I'm eating I guess It's really a matter of personal Preference but I like I like some stuff I like some bits we did it we did not Explode the Blender all right ooh smells so good you Can really like the coriander is Big

Time and importantly it is bright green Is not dark and black this is the color We were looking for so now I'm just Going to dump this right back In I will show you a little trick that My mom taught me for getting all the Crap out of your blender which is to Fill this with a little bit of hot water Like if you have like boiled water from The tea and then just kind of give It Swish Let It Go all up the sides and Then do that can you tell I came from a No waist Family so now we're just going to put This back on low heat and we're going to Add chilies green chilies whatever fresh Fruity chili you have some salt lime Juice and then we are going to add the Best ingredient which is coconut milk in The original version the liquid you add Is water here we're adding coconut milk I feel like coconut milk makes Everything better when I was testing This I was like half a cup of coconut Milk maybe A3 a cup of coconut milk add The full can of coconut milk is what I Say and like look at that beautiful Color I mean my God if you're making This recipe with paneer remember that Paneer is salty but if you're making it With tofu remember the tofu is not salty And salt Accordingly oo now we're going to cook

Our tofu just stick that in there and Again you can use Baner you can use tofu So while the tofu basically just warms Through we we're going to make the chunk So this is the tempering of spices that Goes on top of this this is like sort of The like Mah the chef's kiss the icing On the cake you could eat it like this But why would you eat it like this when You can make it like 10 times more Delicious with the Chunk in the Traditional version in indian-ish you Make the chunk with ghee I'm going to Make it with coconut oil cuz I feel like That last final hit of like rich coconut Iness really just brings the dish home So we're going to toast our cumin seeds First I like to toast the cumin seeds Before adding anything else because you Really want to make sure that they're Nice and brown and you're really Smelling that Smoky flavor cumin seeds And a coconut oil that was like a Revelation for me oh so good these are Getting nice and brown so I'm going to Add some chili powder if you want it you Can also add a dried chili I like doing That for a little extra spice and some Nice Presentation and like oh look look at That just turns this beautiful color you Can really smell the like garlicky Oniony Flavor of the acip petita you can Tell that this Kashmir chili powder is

Very potent it's going to be a nice and Spicy one and then turn the heat off Give it a stir and then dump it over the Top this is like the most beautiful part Of the whole dish is ooh jumping the Chunk on top I like to like make a Little swirls in it it's just looks so Pleasing the hot oil in the green SOG That is literally it that is how you Make coconut SOG it is so easy this over Rice Roy you can call it a full meal It's super filling super green dare I Say like a little healthy for you this Is the best part of filming these Videos like I said I'm just perfect Every time no matter how you make it you Can actually taste the flavor of the Mustard greens the like peppery bite the Tofu is soaked up all the spiced greeny Goodness I will never not love this dish I really think that I could eat this Every day the chunk just brings it to The next level it's like again rich Without being Overbearing oh Beautiful so for this recipe and all my Other recipes you can go to nyt cooking And for the source material for this Recipe you can check out my cookbook Indian-ish

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