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Quick chat over a coffee before getting back to cooking

All right look at this I've got my Coffee here Smells great and it's all set so that we Can have a welcome chat we're back in The kitchen but not yet cooking because I think it's a good thing to have a chat You know before we start diving into the Pans and stuff and what have you been Doing all this time we've been away for Quite some time and it feels like it's Been forever haven't been in front of a Camera talking and I'm curious to see What you've done December January New Year resolution have you left the Cooking behind have you started cooking More tell me everything in the comment Section now last year 2022 was a bit Patchy a bit slow This year is going to be the total Opposite there's so much stuff coming And it is going to be a super eventful Year Starting with the launch of our first Cookbook in six months time August 23 is Where how cookbook is if nothing changes Is supposed to be hitting the shelves so If you haven't heard the announcement That I've made a few a month ago Yes there is a cookbook coming and it's Called French Cooking Academy 100 Essential recipe for the home cook but More on that later the book is actually Not The only thing we're working on

There is another project That is under up a bit of a bombshell of A project that we're working on that is Not like an external thing like the book But something that has to do absolutely With the content we're making cooking Videos tutorial etc etc this year I'm Going to be able to talk about it Showcase the thing to you and it's going To be launching this year as well now That's for the new to announcement so we Are not cooking today but we're starting On Thursday and as part of these new More organized worth making videos we're Going to be starting with a series of Videos where I'm gonna be simplifying Some French recipe and turn them into One pot recipe because Many people when I was on a break I keep On hearing are French cooking use Millions of pans our French cooking is Too complex there's too many steps and Stuff like which is absolutely true you Know if you're cooking by the book so What we're gonna do in that series of Video starting with a chicken fricassee A very simple it's how to take these More convoluted recipes simplify them Without breaking the recipe and just Making them with that one pot fashion so This is going to be in line with what we Call a Cuisine de Minaj and which is the Pure style of home cooking and I think To define the cuisine manage really is

You know when we say a bit of this and a Bit of that in French cooking or I can't Be bothered to make a stock now this is It this is the type of of recipe we're Going to be making in this series and if You haven't been motivated for cooking Don't worry we're going to start easy With this one pot stuff a nice series of Three or five videos to get you going You know and I know the time things are A bit expensive like to go out it's Becoming more expensive so I think Cooking at home is really a good thing If you've been thinking about it when You're automatically now it's a good Time to start so join me First day or Friday depending where you Live when the video is gonna land and This is where we're gonna be resuming All the cooking and the fun to be had so I look forward to see you all as I said Comment section tell me all about your Holidays your question whatever you've Done in the year in these two months has Passed and I will see you all on the Kitchen next time take care

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